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The few last days here

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:55 PM
2 more days before ushering in the new year. Today i felt like i'm at the lowest point of the wheel. Like really low macam lipas yang kena pijak sampai penyek. Yes, expression yang sangat dramatic. Although i was feeling that way, i still managed to habis kan my 1/4 meal at nando's. Tengah makan pun boleh fikir macam2 benda.Oh hari ni lunch kat luar sebab malas nak masak plus dah tak tau dah nak masak ape. Lapar babe, dah la sejuk. Nak pegi makan pun kena jalan to the city center. It's like 20 minutes walk. Sebelum pegi makan pun calories dah burned sebab walking, breakfast pun tak. Dahla badan pun memang sentiasa membakar kalori berlebihan untuk memanaskan badan *hm, faham tak?* haha.

At Nando's. Kulit seperti putih and gebu je since I'm here. Tapi hidung tetap tak mancung. Kalau dah berdarah jawa/india/filipino memang dah tak boleh nk buat ape. Tapi cute gak la, err kot? haha

Right after lunch, i decided to go jalan2 before balik rumah. Suka sangat tengok the people here. From the way they dress to the way they behave. Macam style and ragam ada. The toddlers here plak so comel. Semua pun kena balut ngan baju tebal sebab sejuk. As result, bila diorang jalan pun dah macam style barney atau donald duck berjalan. Terkedek2. Cute gila ok. Dah la putih, mata biru rambut blonde. Agak2 nya kalau aku kawin mat salleh anak aku pun mata dia biru kan. Tapi rambut tak nak la blonde. Nak brunette. Cam Suri, anak Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Uishh.. berangan lebih ni. Mat Salleh kat sini pun tak pandang aku kot. Dah ler pendek kan. I'm sure they think that i'm still a school girl. LOL.

Anyway, everytime i go to the City Center, i will always check in kat Primark and Kat Primark barang agak reasonable. The apparel and footwear here agak style and harga pun tak la mahal as compared to Zara, Topshop and all those expensive departmental store. Lagi2 la tengah winter sale ni. Lagi la murah. Just imagine , i got myself a khaki blouse for only
£4 (around RM20). Made in Ireland lagi. Jangan marah k. Kalau pegi Padini Authentics yang Made in Malaysia pun tak boleh dapat quality blouse like that for RM20. Kalau nk RM20 punya blouse kat KL, boleh dapat kat Sg Wang. If you are fortunate enough, you will get a good one, kalau tak, nasib la kan. pun best gila kot. I rasa dah byk kali dah aku masuk kedai tu. Kalau tengok balik kt CCTV, memang confirm muka aku ada. Haha. Got myself running stuff kat sana. Memang berbaloi la. "LIKE" ...ha amik kau, macam format dalam FB tu aku bagi. Another store i suka masuk is Office. Bukan office orang pegi keje tu. But it's name of a shoe store. Macam2 brand ada. That's where i got my Purple Tiger tu la. Sangat puas hati

So today, since i rasa macam sedih, i decided to get one more thing at the sports store. Konon2 last kopek la kan. Harap2 last la sebab duit pun dah depleting, oh no!. Masuk je kedai tu terus i pegi ke the running section and i got my self this for
£4.99 (about RM25)

Karrimor Tech Run Cap Ladies

(nak jugak ada color pink tu)

Basically dah lengkap la attire baru untuk tahun depan. Baju baru, tights baru, kasut baru, cap baru. Kasi semangat sket untuk training. Maklumlah dengan gagahnya dah sign up for 21km run. Pegi training pun kena stylo ok baru la vogue. Vogue2 pun, performance haruslah sejajar dengan tahap stylo and voguenya. Tak sabar nk balik KL and start training. Rindu sangat2. Yeke rindu running? Ke rindu orang slalu pegi running tu. Eh..oooppps. :p
Ok la, nak start pack barang balik dalam luggage. Rasanya macam banyak benda plak i beli kan. Ada yang orang kirim, souvenirs untuk rakan2. Hmm, kasut i je dah 3 pasang. Hmm...sumbat je la. Haha. Till next post!


Resolutions 101

Posted by Fira Tirona at 6:20 AM
It has been 2 weeks plus that I'm here in Liverpool. Gosh, how time flies. As i opened my thesis files I realized that i have not put any effort in finishing up the discussion of my thesis. Must be the holiday mood. Till today (and even this very second) I've been thinking about ups and downs i've gone through these past months (physically, mentally and spiritually). I've got to admit that being here totally calms me down, i feel so relaxed though there were certain things that still bugged me (must be the thesis i guess, haha). I also took time to think about what should i do/achieve next year.

Since I'm at my final stages of thesis writing, i plan to get myself a job by next Feb, part time though as I still have to complete my final semester in UPM (sangat berdoa everyday that everything will go well for my thesis. Tak larat already. Seriously). Main reason of applying for a part time job is that i need to start saving money. I'll be 27 next year i don't wanna be depending on my parents for money. Well not to say that i'm complaining with what they are providing me but it's just that i wanna earn some so that i could save up more and also i could have extra cash to pay up the fee for running events. Some events could be pricey tho. Second reason is that i could warm up myself up to the working life again after leaving the working world for quite sometime. So nanti bila dah dapat permanent job tak la rasa ralat kan? (Insya-Allah, Amin).

I just pray that 2011 will be dear to me. 2010 has been fine just that i think there has been lots of hiccups along the way be it in terms of many things. I'm still thinking the possible resolutions to be listed in my purple diary. So i better think hard and be realistic and responsible for them but definitely not 101 as the title of the blog says. Its just literally speaking. Haha ;)

p/s: Won't leave my running routines and running events for sure. In fact, i've already planned which events to participate *winks*


Purple Tiger

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:44 PM

Loving my new "purple tiger". I've always wished that i could own a pair of Onitsuka Tiger. Guess that my wish finally came true when these pair were on 60% off on Boxing Day yesterday!

Can't wait to wear it when i get back to KL ;)


Fira Tirona Santarina

Posted by Fira Tirona at 2:07 AM

Got nicked "FIRA TIRONA SANTARINA" today from a super junior of mine at my old college. Lawak la u babe. Anyway, it won't be a snowy christmas here after all (snowed 1 week ago tho). I was hoping for a snowy one tomorrow just like in the movies.

Not much to say, so yea. Merry X-mas to all who are celebrating it

p/s: missing everyone back home


Jalan-jalan UK-Manchester

Posted by Fira Tirona at 5:18 AM

Manchester Art Gallery-Old Trafford

Mode of transportation

Bus and Tram

Boarded bus from Liverpool, Coach Station, Norton St, Merseyside to Manchester Central Coach Station , Charlton St, Great Manchester, approx 55mins.

Tram ride from St Petersquare, Manchester to Stretford, approx 10mins

Outside the Art Gallery- Free entrance! Me like ;)

Yes, sangat relaxing dalam gallery tu. Too bad we spent so little time there as we had to head to Old Trafford dulu sebab takut the Man Utd Store tutup. I tak puas tengok all the artwork on display. Guess that we didn't plan our journey to Manchester betul2. Yela, kinda alien to the place. Now that we know our way hopefully to go to Manchester again after Christmas, Insya-Allah.

I love the souvenir store. Rasa macam nak beli semua! hahaha.

Next destination- Definitely NOT for MAN UTD supporters. Thanks :p

The tram to Old Trafford. *kenapa la i nampak macam budak kecik dalam pic ni*

My brother was mumbling the whole time when we got here. Maklum la he's not a M.U supporter. Kesian. Sorry dik, you were at the wrong place. Heheh


I swear that my brother was tensed sebab kena lepak sini lama to take pics of us, the Man Utd fans. Oh i pity you dear brother. HAHAH! *nasib baik la dia jenis tak baca blog aku*

We headed back to town at around 4.15pm. Shorter days here during winter. So hari pun dah gelap as if it was already 8pm. Pegi makan kat McD dulu then boarded the 5.30pm bus to Liverpool. Sampai Liverpool Station, we all jalan balik rumah dalam 20mins cam tu. Since, i got here, hari-hari berjalan. Not jalan-jalan makan angin but as in jalan WALKING. Pegi kedai pun berjalan je. Kalau kat KL, nak pegi kedai dekat pun nak naik kereta. Ngada betul.

Till next post!



Running with the snow all over

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:16 AM
End of the 1st week

It was a sunny day today accompanied with the clear blue sky. It reminded me of the nice mornings or evenings back home (light wind would be a bonus). Just the perfect weather to go for a good run or LSD. But today was different back home as the temperature was -5 degrees when i went out running at about 12.15pm. The road to the park was quite slippery so i had to go slow with my pace. So yea when i got to the park, saw few kids playing around but no one running. I was the only one running this afternoon though. Hahha. I noticed that i didnt feel tired while running. I guess that the air was dry unlike back home where the air was more humid and that i had to breathe in more moisture which makes me feel tired easily due to that. Overall, i enjoyed my 40 minutes slow run today. In fact, i think i enjoy running in the cold more.

Running uphill. Notice the blue and bright sky. LOVES!

My pink custom made ADIZERO ACE AGAINST the white snow

Headed to Tesco after that to get some food ;). Would definitely go out for runs again if the bright sun is out again :)


1st snow experience

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:26 PM
My first snow experience

It snowed heavily last night. It was really nice. I wished that mom and dad was with us. Missing them and missing others too back home. But hati macam deny semua perasaan tu. I don't know why. Konon hati and perasaan kental la..

Malakoff run will be held tomorrow morning. I'm gonna miss that run as i was supposed to end my running events this year with that event. Rasa sedih pun ada. I miss running back home. I miss doing LSDs in the weekends. I miss running at KLCC park and also at the track of UPM stadium. *hmm, dalam diam u r running for malakoff?, terasanya sebab dapat tau pun dari orang lain. Anyway, have fun ya? *

Hm, tadi nampak ada orang running in the snow. I think u should go do that and experience it. Tetiba rasa down, hati tersentuh pun ada. I think i should go out. Till next post!


Running in the cold

Posted by Fira Tirona at 2:50 AM

4th day in Minster Court, Merseyside Liverpool. It's 6 degrees here while I'm blogging this. Didn't do much today as we wanted to just lepak2 at home. But my feet was "gatal" to go run outdoors although tengah sejuk macam duduk dalam fridge. I miss the warm weather back home. Especially the nice evening weather accompanied by the clear blue sky, the perfect set to go out for a good 6-8km run. I brought my running shoes along with me (curi2 bawak as my mom told me NOT to go run in the cold.. Haha). Sorry mom, anak you ni sangat degil! ;). The park was nearby my brother's place which is not so bad. So yea, did 2.45km of running. I didn't feel tired (weather wasn't humid, udara kering so senang nak breathe) and i felt that i wanted to run further but i kesian kat my cousin who tagged along to the park and was sitted at the cold bench waiting for me to finish my run. Takkan la nak run another 5km kan?..Beku la cousin kesayangan saya tu.. Haha. So yea, if the temperature is fine this next 2 days. I'll try and go 5-6km pula. Just hope it wont snow yet la.. Hahah. It was a good experience though.

Lari naik bukit

I miss participating in events. Will miss Malakoff this year. The final run of the year.


Minster Court and City Central

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:41 AM

Hye peeps. It's almost 4am while i'm blogging this. I still have this funny sleeping time here since kat sini 5pm dah gelap. So mindset kalau dah gelap means time utk tido. So yea, i slept at 645pm and now i'm wide awake. My brother cakap i ni pelik. Hey! I'm still adjusting ok! (ok mainly sebab dah tak tau nk buat ape kan smlm since there's only one broadband usb and the the boys smlm used it sebab nak tengok Man U v Arsenal. So i on the other hand just read the running mags i bought then terus tertido). And the only time i can use the broadband is when the boys are sleeping. Hahah


It's where my brother leaves. It's 5 mins walk to Uni of Liverpool, 25mins walk to the city center and 30 mins walk to his campus. It's a nice place la. Just love the atmosphere while walking to town. I just love the buildings. It's so UK! ahahah. *Duhhhh!*. I tak sempat snap lots of pics yesterday when i was out as my camera was out of batt. Just managed to snap a few but will definitely do so tomorrow!.

City Central

We all "attacked" Primark first!. OMG!, sangat besar and best!. And yea, ramai shoppers kat sana i as Primark was the place to shops from shirts, jeans, tops to winter attire at affordable prices. I got myself the necessary yesterday as i wanted to keep my money for even more crazy bargains as Christmas is coming and not to forget BOXING DAY too!. Ha, jangan sampai aku boxing sebab nak berebut barang sudah. Haha.

Next store we went was Hahah, something like studio R back in KL. Some things were cheap but i guess some were better off bought in KL. I noticed that kedai tu banyak jual last season's stuff. But its ok i guess depending on what you want to get la. To d1, if you are here, i don't think you'll be too impressed. Rasa-rasanya i kena pegi cari tempat lain yang lagi best kot? Hahah. Btw, i didn't get anything from that sportstore. Oh, just that i laid my eyes on that boots and I'm thinking to get it nanti.

Basically yesterday's outing was to like check out on places and survey on things despite on buying the attire we needed to keep ourselves warm. Planning to jalan2 to Manchester and London as few friends "spotted" my whereabouts. Haha. See how it goes and if the budget permits us to do so.

Outside adik's apartment

Amik berkat sikit *ehem2*

walking to city central

Please abaikan the big paperbag held in my hand :p

yawwwns!!! Till next update!


Hello Liverpool!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 2:26 PM
3 FREEZING weeks

It's 6 plus am here in Minster Court as i blog this. Temperature now might be 2 degrees i think. It's really cold macam duduk dalam freezer. My cousin and I arrived Manchester Airport yesterday around 12pm (around 6pm Malaysian time). My brother waited for us there and we took the train home to his place. It was like 1 1/2 hours ride. Then walked home for another 20 minutes with our luggages. Dah la penat duduk dalam airplane pastu kena nak train plak. Memang rasa macam nak patah pinggang. Dah la sejuk. Anyway, gotta gagahkan diri for 3 freezing weeks here. ;)

We boarded Emirates Airlines to Dubai first then continued our journey to Manchester. I hate long flights la. Kalau naik biz class takpe gak. Heheh. *ngada tul*. Thank god that there were lots of movies to watch and songs to listen. Movies pun banyak yang latest. So i pun watched la the movies yang i tak dapat tgk back in kl like Step Up 3 and Back Up plan. Most of my time was spent sleeping in the plane. Oh the food served pun was not that bad. Yumss jugak la..Haha.


I'm waiting for the boys to get up from sleep. Kinda hungry but i need to some stretches in a bit. Dah ler dah 1 week plus tak run. Speaking of run. Saw a young lady running near the neighbourhood here. pakai shorts lagi. gila gagah betul minah salleh ni. I plan to go runnin here gak but my brother told me that to do so dlm later afternoons la. So yea, gonna experience running in the cold here. Hehehe ;). Will be going to Primark today as well to get some winter clothes and a pair of boots. Nak pegi jalan2 snap2 pics jugak :)

In the train heading to Liverpool

Will update more soon!


Monkey Love

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:03 PM
Pheww, i'm done with packing the major things to bring for my holidays. So far everything's is in the luggage just that i need to re-check tomorrow before dad start pad-locking all 3 luggages (1 luggage penuh makanan untuk adik tersayang).

Anyway, i've been getting lots of wedding invitations lately. Yelakan, Decembers are always the best time to have wedding receptions and all. But too bad that i could attend them all as i won't be around. Today, i saw pics of my ex-bf's wedding pics on his fb (bf masa high school, monkey love bak kata orang tua). But to my surprise, he got married to someone else. As far as i know he was dating this girl during his Uni days for quite long. Told my mom about it. And she asked me "bagus la dia dah kawin, kenapa? kakak tersentap ke?". Hahah. Memang la tak tersentap. Kisah lama kot. Besides, it was only monkey love. *tapi sebenarnya hati tersentap sket la sebab dia dapat kawin dulu before i do*. Haha. Takpela, jodoh dia sampai cepat. So congrats Mr Z. Thanks for the wedding invite. Would love to come to see you on the pelamin but i won't be around on your joyous day.

Another monkey love i had when i was in matriculation. OMG, only those close to me knows how deeply in (monkey) love with him at that time. We were really close. But too bad that we were not meant to be together. I still remember the one day when he called crying and telling me that i didn't want to fly to Ireland to pursue his medical degree as he wanted to pursue his degree in Architecture. But guess that God knows best and his now a Doctor and yes, doctor yang boleh tahan handsome that orang yang sakit pun nak jadi sakit sebab nak jumpa dia. Haha

During uni days pun i still entangles myself with monkey love. Hmm, kalau nak cerita kat sini, untill tomorrow pun tak habis. But i guess that i'll just keep that to myself and reminiscing it once in awhile will always me chuckle and telling myself that all of these stories and best told to my future kids and grandkids.

So, do you have any monkey love stories to share as well?

p/s: Cause i'm leaving on a jet plane, and will definitely be back!


8 December 2010

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:54 PM
Ran some errands today. Sent mom to the tailor. I went to the bank, to the pharmacy, got more running magazines and then to celcom center. Thought of activating my roaming service and was told i had to pay RM300 for it? Haih. Tak payah la, terima kasih je la. Baik la i beli telco kat Uk je. £15 je. Which is about RM75. Ok la kot. Dari nak bayar RM300. Will only be in UK for 3 weeks not la 3 months kan. Anyway...settled for the £15 sim card that my bro will get me once i reach there.

This past few days rasa macam haru je. Sedih pun ada. 1st reason was that i'll be travelling for the 1st time without my parents. 2nd reason is that i've not been away so far and agak lama from my parents and my closest. I realized that my god sister have not been calling/bbm-ing me for the past 2 days. I'm missing her already and later today i read her fb status which went like this

"My fgs @Fira Tirona will be having a white christmas ...& A Jolly .. well deserve Holiday!Happy Holidays kiddo!"

I felt like crying when she posted that on facebook. It's like as if im going so long. I will miss her and i will definitely miss her cute kids. Wished that all of them could tagged along and enjoy the trip with me. Then come my aunt who commented on the status update. Lagi la made me feel so sedih. :(

I've already packed my things. I think i need to recheck what's in the luggage. Rasa macam banyak la benda pulak dalam bag tu. I'm thinking of bringing my running shoes as well. My bro told me that there are still people running outdoors just that you've got to wrap yourself well la. So yea, i think i'm gonna bring my running shoes. hehe ;). Will bring 1 luggage to store food. Mom beli macam2 la. Maggi la, cube pati ayam la, rempah ratus la, sambal ikan bilis la, serunding la, kerepek la, kuih ros la...haihh..macam2 la ..i dah rasa macam pengekport makanan plak. Hehe

Had cravings for spaghetti carbonara at Murni's. Was there just now with Nana, Sha and Faiz. Sangat happy to get to see them. Good food enjoyed with good company is the best for me. I'm gonna miss you guys...Missing u guy already!. Anyhow, puas hati dapat makan carbonara kat sana and the drink "I LOVE U" is simply awesome!. Next this to satisfy my cravings would be McD's Prosperity Burger and Curly Fries. Tu cari on Friday la since esok my unimates nak treat me makan kat Manhattan Fish Market..I LOVE MY FRIENDS. HAHA. *tetiba*...U people so sweet la, i nak pegi 3 minggu je..Bukannya 3 tahun. LOL ;)

Kenyang perut suka hati. G'nite Ya'll!


The Unproductive Week

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:23 PM
1 week

1 week left before i leave for UK, barang pun tak pack lagi. Rasa macam berat hati nak pegi sebab still memikirkan thesis. But since I've already submitted Chaps 1-4 for the Supervisor to read ok kot?. What i need to do is just to correct my paper (dah bape kali dah buat correction sampai nak termuntah darah) and email it to him by this week.

Tadi, pegi amik some stuff for winter from my best friend. Went out with her and her daughter. Comel tak igt betul anak angkat aku tu. Pipi selambak, peha mcm KFC. Haihh, kalau kawin 2 tahun lepas, confirm anak aku dah nak masuk umur setahun. Siap la aku masukkan TRIKIDZ nanti. Tapi buat masa skrg ni, anak2 buah aku jela akan menjadi mangsa untuk masuk TRIKIDZ nanti.. HAHAH.

1 week juga

I've not been training consistently this week. Tak tau la nape. Rasanya baru 8km je cover. Orang lain HARI-HARI lari 8KM. Haih.. Ape nak jadi la ni. This week rasa macam takde mood. Dah la tgh jiwa kacau. Penat la bercinta ni kalau most of the time nak argue. Lari pun tak letih macam gaduh tau. At least kalau penat2 lari pun dapat air, dapat medal dapat goodie bag. Ni kalau gaduh, dapat sakit hati/jiwa/otak and segala jenis sakit la. Ni i nk gi UK 3 minggu baru la nk baik-baik. Bukan senang ok nak pujuk2 aku. Maybe the best thing to do is just let it be la. Malas dah nk fikir.

3 weeks

The MUCH needed holiday. Dapat main snow, nak shopping masa BOXING DAY, Christmas-ing and New year kat sini. Will be back 3rd of Jan. But im definitely gonna miss my running sessions. So lps balik dari holiday, harus lah training kaw2 utk my 1st 21km race. Borneo here i come!


Congrats FaR on your engagement!. Sgt simple majlis semalam. Rilex and tenang je. Makan pun best.hihihi. After that i headed to Sg Wang to get some magz for me to read on the airplane nanti. KL sgt HAVOC smlm. I bawak kereta pun macam gangster dari kampung mana ntah. Celah sini, celah sana. Potong sana, potong sini. Nasib baik la kereta cute. Haha. Dapat magazine pegi plak my cuzin's house kat keramat. Dalam rmh pun havoc, mcm masuk kidsport plak. yang sorang dok main drums. Yang sorang tu buat aksi acrobatic, yang sorang tu nangis2. Haih, kanak2.

Tapi macam mana pun, my heart was at ease when i got to meet you. I wonder if you felt the same way too?

p/s: sorry la lambat sejam...jam sgt!

(Ehhhh, kenapa tetiba berbunga2 ni? Perlukah?)

Ok, nak pegi tgk CSI jap. Fav tu. Till next post!


What i feel inside

Posted by Fira Tirona at 6:17 PM

My heart is broken

All my scars are open

I feel like running away right now

Let me be and let me heal


Langkah bendul

Posted by Fira Tirona at 12:30 PM
This morning my brother called home to talk to my mom. They had like a 20 minute conversation. I was upstairs doing my work. Went down to have breakfast and suddenly my mom told me this

Mama: Adik kata he wants to get married lepas dia habis belajar. He said dia tak nak kawin lambat *by time he finishes his studies he will be 27, hence i will be 28*

Me: Say what Ma?

Mama: Ye kak, dia nak kawin lepas belajar *with her facial expression yang sgt disappointed*

Me: *dalam hati said* Confirm la adik aku langkah bendul aku ni. -__-''

OMG, what will happen to me if he really gets married first?????


Missed it!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:33 PM
I got up this morning feeling rather funny. It felt that that i missed/was missing something. More like the feeling of that there's was something that i needed to do. Couldn't think of that particular task that i was supposed to do that spur moment and deep down my heart said that that particular task was really REALLY important.

By 9am i was already infront of my lappie. Thesis related files were already opened (Fb, blog, semua pun bukak jugak la kan. Tu wajib. Rutin harian.Haha). Anyway, today i tergerak hati sangat to open up my portal at the School of Graduate Studies website. Was scrolling the web page till i saw a DATELINE that i TOTALLY FORGOT!. I TOTALLY FORGOT that i've got submit my thesis progress report online!. At that moment, i was so worried, upset , my mood for thesis today was disturbed and macam2 la. Macam mana la boleh jadi macam ni? Haihhh

FYI, i tak penah lupa nak submit my report online before the dateline during previous sems. So yea, called up the SGS office. Was asked to write a surat rayuan. To make it short, i type the letter and drove straight to UPM. Was told that the portal will be re-opened again by this week. Felt relieved but then again, this was unnecessary if i was more alert. Yea, to be more ALERT like when my Blackberry go beep beep even when i'm sleeping. Tu lagi satu hal, additive stuff.

I've learned my lesson for today. From today onwards, i've got to jot down everything on my organizer. Takpun, put all important dates on my BB and to check them EVERY SINGLE DAY. Anyway, i'm taking today on a positive note as getting/being MORE STRESS DOES NOT make things easier for me. I guess that a little stress is good to push one's self but NOT TOO much that it can't be handled.


This post is dedicated to you. And if you're reading this, lets finish up our thesis A.S.A.P shall we? I cannot tahan already lar! Haha :)

P/s: i think i need to go run esok as i've not been running since monday, i think i need new high heels as i missed hunting for oh so pretty shoes, and i think i'm craving for that brownie cheesecake at La Manila



Posted by Fira Tirona at 4:59 PM
Terasa emotional pulak today. Thanks to Cik P yang datang sering mengunjungi ku every month. Tu takpe, dia suka buat i craving macam2 benda. Brownie cheese cake la, waffle la, goreng pisang la, keropok lekor la and macam2. Kalau seminggu sebelum Cik P datang lagi la teruk my cravings. aduhai, kalau dah pregnant nanti ntah macam mana la kan. Haha. Ni pun dok tengah typing ni tengah kunyah almond cookies mama buat semalam. Bukan sebab craving sgt pun tapi sebab belum makan ape lagi. Ha, nak jadikan cerita bila Cik P datang first day dia suka buat i tak berapa nak makan, mungkin sebab dia dah bagi i chance bedal macam2 kot? Hahah

Tapi cerita Cik P ni bukan la main topic sgt to today's post. Ok la mungkin sket la sebab emosi harini dipengaruhi oleh Cik P gak sebab dia suka main2 ngn emosi i sampai hormones dalam badan saya ni meronta2. Haih...kau ni Cik P. Pasal kau gak la aku tak dapat nak run 6KM pagi tadi. Dan sekarang emosi aku aku tak stabil macam zarah2 yang sedang bergerak secara rawak tau. Ishhh

Bila dah emosi ni macam2 la fikir kan. Hati pun jadi bunga2, jadi sensitive. Tapi boleh cover lagi la. Kalau kat rumah tak boleh nak cover sgt sebab bila tgk drama sedih, boleh menangis sampai mata lebam. Pastu terigt plak kisah2 zaman lampau. Haihh..overacting sungguh la. Tapi tetiba plak macam terasa macam i might have fallen for someone. Kkdg rasa macam a 17 year old girl plak nak fall2 for someone. Tapi perasaan tu bukan je harini. Tapi sejak 1st day rasa macam tu. OMG. sangat pelik. Hari2 selalu nk deny kan feeling tu.. Tapi makin lama makin.......

Sangat emotional la harini. Tetiba terasa yang trip to Liverpool tu satu idea yang baik untuk diriku. Nak tengok gak sape yang paling concern terhadap diriku yang cute ni.Eh, cute plak. dah.OK nak pegi makan! Bye!


Everybody needs a little time away

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:11 PM

A ticket to Liverpool has been purchased. Leaving on the 13th of dec at 2am. Insya-Allah. Flying on Emirates. A very needed holiday. A time for myself to think about myself. Perlu fikir pasal kesudahan masters, career, activiti2 larian dan kisah cinta. Cant' wait. Mama cakap. "pegi la holiday tu.jumpa adik. Go rilex your mind and enjoy yourself. Lari2 tu semua next year boleh start balik". Baik la ratu hatiku. Kekadang bagus gak bila berjauhan dengan orang yang rapat2 dengan kita ni. Tengok diorang ingat/rindu tak kat kita ni kan? Hahah

However, im so gonna miss my running sessions. Yelah, kat sana nak lari cam mana? SEJOK kot?.Makan2 jelah. Penuh la kamisukamakanbest punya blog page with my posts on good food when i'm there nanti. Confirm team kamisukanbest suka. Hahah. So yeah!. Excited nak pegi. Dan paling excited masa Boxing day nanti..SHOPPING!

  • semalam pencinta kasut pegi lari 22km. Tapi last 5km pencinta kasut terpaksa berjalan sebab kaki cramp sampai terduduk jap kat atas jalanraya. ahaha.
  • Pencinta kasut have been getting weird dreams lately. Oh my!..


Our Food Blog

Posted by Fira Tirona at 2:12 PM
My course mates and i decided to create a food blog since we love adventuring good food at fun places. The blog will be written in Bahasa Malaysia mainly. However, posts in English will also be featured once in awhile. Pardon the layout of the page as it's still under construction. You know la how busy postgraduates are (but in our case, we tend to get easily distracted by the existence of good food.LOL).

Anyways, please welcome our food blog


Which simply means, we love eating good food. Haha

Pilot entry has been done by one of my fellow foodies. Will update on our regarding our Dim Sum feast at Quality Hotel Shah Alam. So stay tuned and do follow our food blog ;)

Sneak preview of the session ;)

p/s: suka kasut, suka lari and suka makan also


Hilang Konsentrasi

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:30 PM
Wednesday it is today

*hm ,kalau time degree dulu hari rabu selalunya keluar pegi tengok wayang ataupun main bowling takpun lepak kat rafi sampai lebam*

Macam biasa la, my day will start off with breakfast with the parents.Makan2, borak2, gelak2, pastu kekadang tu boleh macam argue2 sket..tapi lepas tu baik balik..So lepas tu mengadap plak laptop penuh ngn open files untuk buat thesis. Meja plak bersepah ngan printed articles untuk dibuat reference. Jenuh, letih, nyampah, meluat semua ada. Tapi satu je yang menjadi my motivation sekarang

"bersusah-susah dahulu,bersenang-senang kemudian"

yes, saya nak merasa the sweetness of success tu. Tak sabar rasanya. Jiwa hari2 meronta. Tapi takpe, belum sampai tahap meroyan lagi. Tak kisah la orang nak cakap i ni lambat ke, macam siput ke nak siapkan thesis. Tak kisah la, i WILL reach that finish line soon. Ha, macam bila masuk race berlari la, tak kisah la kalau terstop kejap ke sebab nak kena berlari naik bukit takpun stop kejap sebab naik minum air. JANJI sampai finish line.

Ok, tipu la kan kalau i kata kalau ni sangat focus ngan thesis 24 jam kan. Ni pun dah start blog ni pun dah tanda2 hilang konsentrasi. Kononnya otak tepu la kan..Tak boleh nak fikir the ight and strong words to construct a paragraph (ceh, kekadang, sebaris ayat pun terkial2 nak buat). Oh well, i can be a perfectionist at times. Tapi bila draft dah sampai kat tangan Supervisor yang juga Timbalan Dekan Fakulti, takde la perfect mana pun..Dah tu, hantar pun kat perfectionist kan. Sape la kita ni kan. Haihh..Takpe2, but im learning from the best, so harap2 nanti grad pun jadi the BEST jugak la..Mudah-mudahan.AMIN..

Tapi sebenarnya, hari ni i stumbled upon a few blogs yang menarik. I find their blogs very expressive. I love how they write their blogs. Dalam bahasa jiwa bangsa ada, dalam English pun ada. Nama blog pun menarik/unique.Sangat best kot. Tu yang hilang konsentrasi tu.

tidak tulis puisi
kerana hidup aku
ialah puisi"


Suka sangat line "kerana hidup aku ialah puisi". Mesti jiwa kental tapi hati lembut orang ni. hahaha. jangan marah eh si blogger post ni. Hidup saya juga seperti anda. Tapi bukan puisi la, tapi dramatic. ;). Another interesting fact about this blog is that it is shared by 9 people. So u get to read blogposts from each 9 of them.

"Aku mahu pergi jauh,
Hilang dalam kelam perlahan-lahan,
Tergelam dalam laut seperti sauh,
perlahan-lahan tanpa di tahan..."

Dari blog: Blog Orang Otak Kosong

Saya mahu pergi jauh. Pergi merehatkan minda. Tiket dah beli yeay!. Haih, blogger blog orang tak kosong, awak nak pegi mana jauh2 tu? hehe

"Budu dan Belacan: busuk tapi sedap"

That's her (Su Anna Joe) blog title. Haha. Tapi betul ape, dua2 pun busuk. Tapi bila dah kena nasi panas damnn! sedap kan? lagi2 kalau ada plak ikan keli bakar and ulam...oh my, yum yum. hihi

Blog yang best utk dibaca. Do visit her blog SU ANNA JOE. A blogger mom, a photographer and she is also stylish!

OK!, idea nak writing dah datang balik! Kembali ke reality!

p/s: rindu power rangers merah


Food blog

Posted by Fira Tirona at 12:46 PM

A project by:





Posted by Fira Tirona at 12:40 PM

This is something that i've been searching for all this while. A "running girl" pendant". It's so ME la!...Can someone please surprise me with this? :)




Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:42 AM
How would u feel if there's someone who constantly follows your blog?

How would you feel when someone messages you personally after reading your blog and asked on how you are feeling?

I feel that person is so aware of my happenings, concern at the same time although we don't get to see each other often.

But one thing for sure is when get to see that person, i feel very much happy. Like an adrenaline rush while running

So its all smiles today.

To you if you are reading this, you just made my day



All Cried Out

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:57 AM

Pencinta kasut has never cried so much before


Time Off

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:29 PM
I feel numb today.

Let time tell.

Let time heal

One way to divert the distractions are to focus on what i'm doing and keep on running to clear my mind, clear my thoughts

I need time for myself. I need time to re-analyze. I need time to refresh.

Dear god, please grant me the strength. Guide me to the right path.



Cinta bukan sedekah

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:43 AM

Kalau hati dah tak ada CINTA

I was having a conversation about love with a friend. Not really close. But i guess sometimes it's best to talk to someone yang macam ala2 stranger. Ada orang cakap kalau bercerita tentang ape2 je to someone dalam bus ke dalam train ke kat taman mana2 ke, u will feel relieved for a moment plus after that you won't see that person anymore kan? Tapi lagi best kalau bila bercerita kat orang tu pasal whatever is in your mind and that he/she understands you. Ala, cerita je, lg pun after that you won't be seeing that person anymore kan? Confirm la lps tu dia lupa. Tapi in my case orang yg share cerita ni i akan jumpa gak la...tapi not often.

I was talking (chatting on fb would be more appropriate i guess) to this person. Asked for some opinions and all. And suddenly this statement popped out.


Oh damn, tersentap sekejap. Am i already in that stage?. My mom kept on asking on what's wrong with me. But i know that she knows. But she did told me that to think about it properly and she asked me to keep my options open and to open up my mind.

What is wrong with me? Maybe it has been too long la. Sometimes i just need the space for myself. Or maybe i need someone that is compatible like me. A reflection of me maybe. Tak banyak tapi sikit pun jadi la. I definitely one to spend my whole life with someone that could share lots of things with me. Am i asking for too much? Maybe.

p/s:Tapi cintaku terhadap kasut adalah abadi


Forget and be forgotten

Posted by Fira Tirona at 12:00 AM
Bagai kacang lupakan kulit

Sometime we forget on where we stand. Pepatah melayu kata lupa daratan

Ceh, ni apehal plak tetiba emo ni?.

Hm, teringat kisah silam kot. Sebab tak semestinya orang tu akan baik/ingat kat kita kalau kita terlalu baik hati atau seangkatan dengannya dengan orang tu

I've experienced this lots of times. Tak kisah la relative sendiri ke, kawan-kawan ke or "kawan karib selamanya" a.ka. bff (best friend forever)

Will u know if someone would do that to you?. I can


Saya, CikFiraTirona bertekad untuk tidak masuk apa2 race mulai bulan depan sehingga tahun depan. Sekian.


Rasa macam nak beli spek baru la.. Oh well, i have this long term relationship with this thing. Rasa-rasanya relationship for LIFE!. Kalau rasa2 macam nak ada rupa macam Eva Longoria ke, Kim Kardashian ke, pakai la contact lens yg berkaler2 tu atau pakai jenis yang bagi effect mata besar macam doll tu. Oh well, di sebalik kanta lekap tu semua. Ku tetap NERD. Ala-ala macam cerita Ugly Betty tu.. Haip! .Favourite saya tu ok?!.Hahah.Siap beli ada collection lagi sampai season 4. ;)

Rasa jugak macam nak beli kasut baru. Me wants to get new pair of Wedge shoe la. Yang ada tu tapak macam nak tercabut je ala2 seperti nk say SAYONARA to me. I really like that wedge, kasi effect yang sexy pada diri i..Oppps,, terover plak!. Hahahah

1 NOv 2010

Hello November! Pls be kind to me.. thanks! :)


Kembali pulih

Posted by Fira Tirona at 12:00 AM
Hati dan perasaan

Takde la pulih sgt.Ok2 je. takkan la every minute nak emo2 kan? memang la nak kena ketuk kan. happy2 tu perlu. hidup kena kasi meriah sket.kalau yang terbaca blogpost saya yang tetiba teremo tu before this.sila abaikan ok?. sekian.hihihi :P. Tapi, queen of my heart ada pesan sesuatu tentang hati dan perasaan. Saya akan ikut nasihat ratu hatiku :)

Running routine

Yeah! I could run again. I was at KLCC park tadi. I just so love that place. Sgt best. Ramai runners. Rasa motivated. Tapi sebenarnya motivated bukan pasal runners yang ramai. tapi adalah.heheh.biarlah hatiku je yang tau.. My leg did hurt a bit la while running just now. But i tak nak la manjakan sgt as i've not been running for like almost 2 weeks. Rasa cam karat sgt urat saraf. Run and walked. Takde la gagah sgt berlari all the way.baru baik la katakan. cannot la gopoh2 kan. slow and easy does it :). Sempat la gak i melemparkan senyuman kat mamat seorang ni that was running the opposite direction of me. dah tu, dia dok pandang2 i.. comel kot saya ni..hahah *perasan*. senyum la je la, w'pun sket je. Kata senyum tu sedekah kan?. Tapi yang penting la kan, ada motivator kat sebelah i untuk berlari. Sorry la yer motivatorku, harini cm terlari laju plak. bukan niat nk lari dari u eh, tapi mcm nak lepaskan gian nk lari.maklum la dah lama sgt tak running. Siap kena tegur lagi "fira, asal laju sgt ni?".ha amik...siap sebut nama aku lagi which is very rare.kelakar pun ada. But overall, today's run was nice altho just 4k. Sgt best la klcc park tu. Its so gonna be one of my fav spots to go the track. So from now on if i happen to be in Uni, i can just drop by in the evening, go run.chill and then go home. by the time sampai rumah sure terus FLAT.ahah.macam best


Kembali on track. SKET JE LAGI FIRA OII!. FOCUS! You'll get to taste of success once u r done with it (walaupun lembab macam siput). Insya-Allah. Got to SPEEED THINGS UP!. Haih, esok nak kena jumpa Supervisor. Confirm la akan dengar bebelan yang membina dia tu. Sempat lagi i ni kan. tgh dok writing thesis. sempat lagi nk blog. Tkpela,therapy minda. (ha yela tu, nak sedapkan hati). ahahah

1 month

Nak membawa diri. konon2 cam cerita Eat Pray Love la kan. Ngada tak?. Harap2 plan jadi. Will be doing Christmas and ushering the new year English Man's style.hohohoho :P. i wanna end the year with my dear brother. Rindu u dik! sob sob


Me prays for a good one for me. AMIN! Oh, lupa plak kena buat reservation hotel nk pegi phuket bulan feb tahun depan. Rasa macam nak pegi India gak. Tapi mesti ada yang tak puas hati nanti. ahahah :P

p/s: All of this are all bebelan dalam hati brought to life dalam bentuk blog. Rasa macam lega sket sebab not all things are best expressed in words but sometimes are best expressed by writing it down. tak kisah la dalam diary ke, kertas A4 ke mahupun dalam blog.

Ok kembali ke reality!



Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:46 AM

It's just complicated

Ignoring it hurts me more


No running for a month

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:17 AM
It has been 1 week since i fell sick and it has been 2 weeks that my left leg (actually the thigh) is causing me pain. Before i went to seek medical advice, i kept on with my training routines and even allowed myself to compete in the Nike KL City 5km run. Hati saya sangat degil ok. I kept on complaining about the pain but what i did was just go see my pharmacist, told her my problem-she gave me some meds-told me NOT to run for at least a month-yada yada-...but yeah i still did. Till today the pain is still here. PADAN MUKA!

Anyway, a day before Mizuno Wave Run, i was feeling rather unwell, i started to get muscle strains on my upper back. I tot it was just like "ala, maybe due to long hours doing work on the laptop kot?".That very night, i suddenly felt a sharp muscle pull on my chest and I know that very moment that I was in DEEP trouble. True enough, i couldn't get up the next day. Bye2 Mizuno run. I was devastated.

Dragged myself the next day to see the doctor (2 kali jumpa). Doctor diagnosed (2nd time jumpa doctor lain, same diagnose also) "over train and over stress, your muscles fibers might be torn. please rest and NO RUNNIN for the TIME BEING.". What can i say? I just kept quiet. Was given painkillers, muscle relaxant tablets and analgesic cream.

Here i am now. at home. resting, hibernating while my friends are all busy gearing up for PowerMan and PBIM. Of course la rasa sedih. hari-hari tengok je my running shoes tapi cannot pakai. :(. But its ok, i hope to recover fast so that i could run again!

Meanwhile, i should just concentrate on my never ending thesis and go dig on other runner's blogs to get some INSPIRATION.hahah

Have a great weekend!


Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali

Posted by Fira Tirona at 5:55 PM
I've been unwell for a couple of days. Tengah sakit2 macam ni pun still kena ngadap thesis yang never ending. Prof pun call soh buat corrections, dengan suara orang sakit dengan nada yang sangat kesian. i jawab "ok Doctor". With my aching body i walked into my room to see check out what was wrong with my paper. Tapi otakku blank sangat. Thus, decided to read on people's blog konon nak amik sedikit inspirasi. Tetiba i stumbled upon something yang menarik. I was like kinda smiling (effect orang demam, so cam weng sket kot?) while looking at it.

First look, terus jatuh hati. First look, terasa macam dalam cerita Eat Pray Love (yang i tengok 2 kali. 1st time tgk tak berapa nangis sebab nak cover ayu, 2nd time pegi nangis tak ingat punya sebab pegi sorang. plus kat TGV kepong time tu 5 orang je kot tgk EPL?haha).. OMG!, sangat nak pergi!!!

Click on the link below

Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali

One word to describe this: serenity

Check out the pool design. omg!.

the spectacular view: blue sky, really green forest. oh so fresh. loves

romantic candle light dinner *ehem2*

So cantek rite? click on to the link. Confirm u all terngaga tengok this place. Sebab i myself pun was like clicking onto the pics again and again and again while imagining myself there having fun relaxing, soul cleansing and enjoying nature. Nak kumpul duit la macam ni.

Ok! back to reality! Mana la i letak calculator i ni. Sighhh

p/s: pencinta kasut sgt merindui seseorang ketika ini (haha.sempat)


A poem. No reason.Just cause

Posted by Fira Tirona at 12:05 AM
Until I Met You

Before I met you,
I thought I was happy,
and I was,
but I had never known
the rich contentment,
deep satisfaction,
and total fulfillment
you brought to me
when you came into my life.
Before I met you,
I felt a lot of things,
good things,
but I had never experienced
the indescribably intense
feelings I have for you.
Before I met you,
I thought I knew myself,
and I did,
but you looked deep inside me
and found fresh new things
for us to share.
Before I met you,
I thought I knew about love,
but I didn’t,
until I met you.

-found this while googling for something else-


My new love

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:25 PM
Oh I'm so in love right now!!

To my new custome made Adidas Adizero Ace of course!. After days of getting the colors combo right and after getting it revised 2 hours at Adidas Pavillion before i decided that it was to my satisfaction... Here she is!

In fuschia pink, sunny yellow and lime green

With my name embroidered on it to keep me motivated la kan.. hahah

Thanks to D1 for getting the Adination Card for me. If not i've got to pay this shoe full amount but instead i got 50% off. Jangan marah ok?He got himself a pair too...Gonna try out this shoe tomorrow

Nak pegi admire kasut baru saya sekejap. Bye!. Haha


Run Fira Run!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:21 PM
I've been running for almost a year now. Been participating in events here and there. My fairygodsister is calling my Forrest Gump while some of my friends are impressed with what i'm doing right now. Some will go like "omg! aku nak lari 1km pun boleh semput" haha. Well, i myself pun tak boleh lari as well as now. Even now pun i still have this withdrawal symptom where i can be SO MALAS to go out for my runs every alternate mornings/evenings. I've experienced bruised ankle, strained hamstring and the muscles on my thighs. But then again, it never (so far) have stopped me from running. Family and friends have asked me what motivates me to run? Well, i definitely have my own reason/s on why i started running like seriously till today. Some even asked me if there is SOMEONE who motivates me to run...Haha..Of course la ada..But generally, I'm doing this for myself, for my health and for me to de-stress myself. The people/things that motivates me are secondary. These factors push me to be a better runner.

I've run in various races. The latest event was McD Olympic Day run. It was a 7.7km route. The route that i normally run during the weekends with my running mates but that event made me disappointed about myself. I strained my hamstring 2 days before the race due to "hardcore" training. My mistake la..Shouldn't have. Anyway, i managed to complete the race. got the finishers medal (52nd place). Heheh.Ok i guess?.

Next event would be the Nike Kl City Run. I registered for 5km instead of 10km. Tot of just challenging myself on how fast i could run for 5km. Kinda nervous. My left thigh still hurts tho. Hope that it will recover soon. Excited bout this run tho. :). A week after this event will be the Mizuno wave run (11km) at uni. I've got to study the route before the event. Just to get myself familiarize with it.. Takde la kalut macam anak ayam berlari kan.ahaha

Sweetest moment for me was during a charity run organized by Stamford College. Altho only 300++ participants. But i managed to be in the Top 10. And being the only Malay babe in the Top 10, i felt so good bout myself!. Never tot that i could be in the top 10. The route was hilly. Weather was HOT and there were so many cars on the road. If this event did not clashed with Newton's 12km and 25km challenge..jangan harap la i will get into the top 10 kot? ahaha.. takpe2, my rezeki for that event. Better still, the achievement got me more motivated :)

Bib number 170 is number 10. ;)

More running events to come. Planning to register myself for 21km run next. The furthest i have ran in a race was during SHAPE/ MEN'S HEALTH 2010 which was 12KM++. Oh, oh, my custome made Adidas running shoe will be ready this ThurdaY!. Can't wait.

Who says that i only love high heels and ballerina flats?. Haha.
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