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One Kopiesatu please! :)

Posted by Fira Tirona at 4:32 PM
It was just supposed to be a lunch and gossip session at sushi zanmai with a dear friend of mine. Bukan calang-calang, she's a lawyer mind you and single too ahaks! ;). Drove to one-utama for our japanese delight and ordered our fav which was the grilled unagi along with other yummies on the conveyor. Upon finishing our lunch i asked my friend what will she be doing next and she said that she was free the whole day. At an instant i asked " Pegi Jln Tar nak?...I teringin iced calypso la". She agreed on the Jln Tar part was vague on the iced calypso part.Nevermind i told her. Jom pegi Jln Tar.

The main plan was to get the iced calypso from Kopiesatu. Kopiesatu is a local brand name which sells iced and blended coffees on a lorry. The lorry is like a stalled kiosk next to Semua House. If u people ada around that place. Sure tak miss la. Anyway, we decided to go jalan-jalan first instead of getting our sweet treats. Told myself while walking NOT to get anything but the temptation was so great that i bought 5 pasang tudung selendang for myself.Tsk Tsk, bad Fira. Feeling "guilty" i told Sha to lets get out of the place before i start splurging more. Hahah.

So got ourselves our sweet treats before leaving home. I got myself the iced latte calypso (It's milk coffee, just that the coffee is in the form of ice cubes, melts slowly in the latte mixture to get that sweet and bitter taste). Divine!. Sha got her self iced cappuccino with whipped cream on top.Yum too!.

Drove home happily and sempat singgah bird park!. That will be our next plan :)

Tu la dia..the drinks from kopiesatu.Siap promote lagi. (We ought to get paid for this.Haha)

L-R: Zanmai Session-Beli Tudung Session

P/s: No shoes on the rack yang pencinta kasut berkenan.Hmmmm
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