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Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:33 PM
I got up this morning feeling rather funny. It felt that that i missed/was missing something. More like the feeling of that there's was something that i needed to do. Couldn't think of that particular task that i was supposed to do that spur moment and deep down my heart said that that particular task was really REALLY important.

By 9am i was already infront of my lappie. Thesis related files were already opened (Fb, blog, semua pun bukak jugak la kan. Tu wajib. Rutin harian.Haha). Anyway, today i tergerak hati sangat to open up my portal at the School of Graduate Studies website. Was scrolling the web page till i saw a DATELINE that i TOTALLY FORGOT!. I TOTALLY FORGOT that i've got submit my thesis progress report online!. At that moment, i was so worried, upset , my mood for thesis today was disturbed and macam2 la. Macam mana la boleh jadi macam ni? Haihhh

FYI, i tak penah lupa nak submit my report online before the dateline during previous sems. So yea, called up the SGS office. Was asked to write a surat rayuan. To make it short, i type the letter and drove straight to UPM. Was told that the portal will be re-opened again by this week. Felt relieved but then again, this was unnecessary if i was more alert. Yea, to be more ALERT like when my Blackberry go beep beep even when i'm sleeping. Tu lagi satu hal, additive stuff.

I've learned my lesson for today. From today onwards, i've got to jot down everything on my organizer. Takpun, put all important dates on my BB and to check them EVERY SINGLE DAY. Anyway, i'm taking today on a positive note as getting/being MORE STRESS DOES NOT make things easier for me. I guess that a little stress is good to push one's self but NOT TOO much that it can't be handled.


This post is dedicated to you. And if you're reading this, lets finish up our thesis A.S.A.P shall we? I cannot tahan already lar! Haha :)

P/s: i think i need to go run esok as i've not been running since monday, i think i need new high heels as i missed hunting for oh so pretty shoes, and i think i'm craving for that brownie cheesecake at La Manila


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