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Minster Court and City Central

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:41 AM

Hye peeps. It's almost 4am while i'm blogging this. I still have this funny sleeping time here since kat sini 5pm dah gelap. So mindset kalau dah gelap means time utk tido. So yea, i slept at 645pm and now i'm wide awake. My brother cakap i ni pelik. Hey! I'm still adjusting ok! (ok mainly sebab dah tak tau nk buat ape kan smlm since there's only one broadband usb and the the boys smlm used it sebab nak tengok Man U v Arsenal. So i on the other hand just read the running mags i bought then terus tertido). And the only time i can use the broadband is when the boys are sleeping. Hahah


It's where my brother leaves. It's 5 mins walk to Uni of Liverpool, 25mins walk to the city center and 30 mins walk to his campus. It's a nice place la. Just love the atmosphere while walking to town. I just love the buildings. It's so UK! ahahah. *Duhhhh!*. I tak sempat snap lots of pics yesterday when i was out as my camera was out of batt. Just managed to snap a few but will definitely do so tomorrow!.

City Central

We all "attacked" Primark first!. OMG!, sangat besar and best!. And yea, ramai shoppers kat sana i as Primark was the place to shops from shirts, jeans, tops to winter attire at affordable prices. I got myself the necessary yesterday as i wanted to keep my money for even more crazy bargains as Christmas is coming and not to forget BOXING DAY too!. Ha, jangan sampai aku boxing sebab nak berebut barang sudah. Haha.

Next store we went was Hahah, something like studio R back in KL. Some things were cheap but i guess some were better off bought in KL. I noticed that kedai tu banyak jual last season's stuff. But its ok i guess depending on what you want to get la. To d1, if you are here, i don't think you'll be too impressed. Rasa-rasanya i kena pegi cari tempat lain yang lagi best kot? Hahah. Btw, i didn't get anything from that sportstore. Oh, just that i laid my eyes on that boots and I'm thinking to get it nanti.

Basically yesterday's outing was to like check out on places and survey on things despite on buying the attire we needed to keep ourselves warm. Planning to jalan2 to Manchester and London as few friends "spotted" my whereabouts. Haha. See how it goes and if the budget permits us to do so.

Outside adik's apartment

Amik berkat sikit *ehem2*

walking to city central

Please abaikan the big paperbag held in my hand :p

yawwwns!!! Till next update!


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