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Monkey Love

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:03 PM
Pheww, i'm done with packing the major things to bring for my holidays. So far everything's is in the luggage just that i need to re-check tomorrow before dad start pad-locking all 3 luggages (1 luggage penuh makanan untuk adik tersayang).

Anyway, i've been getting lots of wedding invitations lately. Yelakan, Decembers are always the best time to have wedding receptions and all. But too bad that i could attend them all as i won't be around. Today, i saw pics of my ex-bf's wedding pics on his fb (bf masa high school, monkey love bak kata orang tua). But to my surprise, he got married to someone else. As far as i know he was dating this girl during his Uni days for quite long. Told my mom about it. And she asked me "bagus la dia dah kawin, kenapa? kakak tersentap ke?". Hahah. Memang la tak tersentap. Kisah lama kot. Besides, it was only monkey love. *tapi sebenarnya hati tersentap sket la sebab dia dapat kawin dulu before i do*. Haha. Takpela, jodoh dia sampai cepat. So congrats Mr Z. Thanks for the wedding invite. Would love to come to see you on the pelamin but i won't be around on your joyous day.

Another monkey love i had when i was in matriculation. OMG, only those close to me knows how deeply in (monkey) love with him at that time. We were really close. But too bad that we were not meant to be together. I still remember the one day when he called crying and telling me that i didn't want to fly to Ireland to pursue his medical degree as he wanted to pursue his degree in Architecture. But guess that God knows best and his now a Doctor and yes, doctor yang boleh tahan handsome that orang yang sakit pun nak jadi sakit sebab nak jumpa dia. Haha

During uni days pun i still entangles myself with monkey love. Hmm, kalau nak cerita kat sini, untill tomorrow pun tak habis. But i guess that i'll just keep that to myself and reminiscing it once in awhile will always me chuckle and telling myself that all of these stories and best told to my future kids and grandkids.

So, do you have any monkey love stories to share as well?

p/s: Cause i'm leaving on a jet plane, and will definitely be back!


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