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Road Trip-Malacca

Posted by Fira Tirona at 2:13 PM

Thanks to faiz, sha and abu for making the trip a memorable one. The trip was almost got cancelled (boohoo..i was sedih tau) but faiz and sha made it happen! (although Sha was bz with her submission and Faiz cancelled his appointment with his Dr).Sayang korang sangat..Ok2 enough of the cerita sedih.

So we left for Melaka, last Thursday around 12pm. All of us were so so excited. Dalam keter pot pet pot pet je keje..Haha...Tau2 sampai jer Melaka..We went to a few places at Bandar Melaka..Ramai org!.. Was there till 5pm and we headed to Umbai for dinner. All of us saved our tummy for that. Haven't been there for ages. The food was yummy!. We ordered ikan pari bakar, steamed siakap, butter prawns and sotong goreng tepong. The sotong goreng was YUMMY till i didn't care about the other dishes! HAhaha...But yeah..all was good and licin semuanya...**giggles**. Oh yeah we had otak2 as the side dish too. Habis jer dinner. We headed back to Bandar Melaka to meet up a friend of faiz, sha and abu. Melaka town at night sangat happening!.. With the fancy beca and all!. I spotted one with fancy decors and lightings and complete with audio system (ok,most of them had,but the one with the Michael Jackson's song was the best!)

Ok, we suppose to head back for home around 9pm but since all was having fun still we decided to spend 2 more hours. Rasa macam tak nak balik!. So ok. we balik at around 11pm. All of us was singing in the car so that Faiz won't get sleepy while driving.

Pendek kata, the trip was fun and the people i went with was such a sport. Love u all.XOXO. Looking forward for more road trips!


New toy!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:30 PM
Yes.i finally got myself a MP3 player. Nothing fancy though. Just a decent 1 gig player. Happy with my purchase..Nasib baik new toy and not a new boy...LOL...

Oh oh esok..Me going on a day trip to Malacca. Need to get some time off for myself. Will update that once I'm back. I long for this kind of stuff especially time off with friends. I just want to let my self 'free' kejap. Hope esok will be fun. :)

For now, i'm tired. Need some good Zs. G'nite.

P/s: Pencinta kasut wants that shoes frm Bata!


What U don't know Won't Hurt

Posted by Fira Tirona at 12:07 PM
Do you keep secrets from your gf or bf?. Do you tell your gf or bf that your female/male office mates/classmate or whatever u call them that they text/call you to ask how you are or merely to say good night?. Hm......

I'm holding on to this principle. I won't tell if it's going to hurt him. Well i do sometimes and yes we do get into arguments but what the heck...i am/was being honest right? A friend told me that it's best that your gf or bf don't know as what he or she doesn't know won't hurt..But then again...i beg to differ at times tho..

I miss my best friend so so much...ahahaha..tetiba jer lari best friend is a guy and my bf knows about it. And he's cool...Ahahahha

P/s: Pencinta kasut has something to ponder about today.


Love Him or Hate Him

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:37 PM
Love him or hate him. Oh no no..bukan pasal cerita gaduh saya ngn buah hati saya. I'm taking about Faizal Tahir. My bf thinks he's poyo. I don't. Definitely. Faizal Tahir rocks my world!

Watched AJL last night i thought he did great!. Was happy that he went home with 3 winnings.Great performance, powerful vocals.Err, didn't really like the gothic look on him but anyhow...he had the x-factor in a singer that i really liked! (I've been following him since 'One in a million and still wondering why he didn't emerge as the champion). Ermm..tetiba lagu 'We are the champions' by Queen terngiang2 di telingaku...~~we are the friends..and we'll keep on fighting till the end~~...ahahaha..Ngada tul.

He performed during the new year eve at The curve this year. Got to hear him singing live!. I just like the vibe in him when he's on stage. Nad and I were singing along to his songs although kami macam lupa2 the lyrics. Tho i was happy singing but deep inside my heart i hope that he would not do anything silly by like taking off his shirt and spoil his chance of performing during the AJL finals. But of course..he didn't do it. Thank god for that!

U can say whatever you want about Faizal Tahir. But i'm his fan big time!. Go listen to his songs.Cuba and Sampai syurga.Hmmmmmmmm~~~

P/s: Fira Tirona's initials sama ngan Faizal Tahir..Nasib baik tak Faizal Tirona.Ahaks!.(Jangan marah!)


The things u like but.....

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:31 PM
Have you ever been in this situation? E.g.: u walk in to a shop/boutique and there, u saw a bag/shoe/top or whatever that you fancy and when u look at the price tag and you'll go..."Ala!.habis la allowance aku bulan nk?". I have...dozens of times. Result: u put the thing u like and walk away from the store feeling so sakit hati sgt2 and dalam hati u menjerit2." Bila la nk habis blaja and keje with gaji besar ni?!!!!".Ahha..ok..I'm being emotional.Over betul. I have the tendency to fall in love with things with pricey tags. Can't help it la!.

Well, i really like this charm i saw at Isetan KLCC. Thomas Sabo brings in nice sterling silver charms.I was browsing a few and i fell in love with the number 8 charm.It's so nice!. I thought that the number 8 charm would be appropriate as it resembles my birthdate and birthmonth.Hehe..Hm.I wanna ask mom to get it for me la..heheheh **evil grins**. Anyway, go the website and check it out.

Have few things that i have in mind that i want to get but i got to stick to my resolution which is to only spend end of the year. Yes.i repeat END OF THE YEAR. Harus menjadi pembeli yang bijak.

P/s: Pencinta kasut wants to get that Thomas Sabo charm jugak!..hehe



Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:16 PM
I lost a friend today. My friend's 2nd brother to be exact. We went to the same school. Used to come to my house those days since my brother was kinda close to him. He passed away this morning. High fever. And paling sedih, the parents are in Mecca.Will only be back next week.*sob sob*

Al-Fatihah buat arwah. Zaliff Bin Zainal. Moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Amin

P/s:Tuhan boleh mengambil nyawa kita bila-bila masa sahaja.Pencinta kasut has thoughts wondering in her mind right now.


The New Year Eve

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:22 AM
Last night was fun. Was out with sha,nadia,afique,faiz, jepa and yuyu. (later came haziq+gf and qystin). We did the countdown at the curve. Was reluctant to go there at 1st as i was really looking forward to party at mon't kiara with sarah and milia but tak jadi. Nasib baik ada plan B (hm.nasib baik mcm seronok.hahaha). Left the house at 9.15pm

The curve-ikea-ikano 'district' were filled with people. Parking kereta pun jauh gila. But since nak tengok the fireworks and do the 5-4-3-2-1 thingy, i didn't mind at all. So yeah, the place were filled with people. All were excited to usher in the new year. Even the 7-E at the curve was filled with people. That was my 1st time tengok 7-E penuh gila. Good biz for 7-E. Ok, back to the scene.As i was saying, the Curve was filled with people from families, teens, kids, toddlers,indonesian workers (haha). Faiz and I walked around to get a good spot to just lepak and wait but we decided to go to BK 1st since afique and the gang was there to have dinner.

I was glad that i was there..BECAUSE. Faizal Tahir was one of the performers. Aku sampai jer area ikea tu.Tuh dia.Faizal Tahir.*excited gila time tu ok*. He's so HOT HOT although dah kawin and have 2 kids. (2 ker?.or maybe 3.not sure). Oh ya, another Hot guy on stage was Joey-G. He was the host of the night. Oh, Rain also performed. ( u know, that guy in that shampoo commercial.'NAMA SAYA RAIN'.ahaha)..Nadia was so excited to see him on stage.Ahah.Lawak la Nadia.

Fireworks show was just so -so. Sama jer macam last year. While watching the fireworks display, my mind was reminiscing the past, thinking of my sayang, and hoping that 2009 will be good year for me. (Insya-allah.Amin).

I had a nice new year eve with good friends with me. Thanks people. Looking forward for more outings and lepak sessions with ya'll. *hugs hugs*

P/s: Pencinta kasut should be more optimistic in life. To bibik Ina, welcome to blogspot and happy blogging!.. ;)
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