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Setia Alam Eco Marathon

Posted by Fira Tirona at 6:12 PM

My next marathon is this coming Saturday. Excited!

But i fear that i will "pancit" after the 7km of running as i've not been training for the past 2 weeks as i was down with flu and fever on and off. Very frustrating indeed. Was planning to go run this evening but it rained and thus dampened my "semangat" tu run. Furthermore, i dislike running around the neighbourhood in the evenings as banyak sangat kereta la, lori la, bus la. And what annoys me most is that when teen/rempit/mamat2 gatal will start doing that annoying sound...ala..u know, the sound that u make when u call the mamak working at your fav mamak stall tu...It's annoying and not NICE!. I feel sexually harassed.Hahah. I feel much secure running near the neighborhood early in the morning say about 7am as only sensible people wakes up that early to start their day. Jangan marah ok "not-morning-person" people. But then again training at a park filled with health conscious people is still the best! (running with cute boys around is a bonus plus.LOL)

Hope to start running again tomorrow. I need at least 2 runs to prepare myself for this Saturday. Hope that i could run 10km without stopping then.



Posted by Fira Tirona at 5:30 PM

I've not been blogging for so long..OMG Anyway, i was not well for 1 week plus. Not only i neglected my blogging activity, i also neglected my thesis writing. Now that i'm recovering. I'm hoping to start my what i've put on hold as soon as possible (even my jogging sessions) and i'm SO looking forward to watch Prince of Persia this Friday. Hope to be well by then p/s: a new pair of shoe was added into my collection. Will share with u soon :)


Off sore throat, broga hill and Tasya's Ink

Posted by Fira Tirona at 6:30 PM
Cik Fira has bad sore throat

I'm feeling feverish too..

But hey! I managed to conquer broga hills yesterday!


The 1st hike was tak berjaya as it rained heavily. Was 3/4 up already.

Updates on the accomplished mission soon..

Oh oh, pasal tasya's ink tu kan. My friend iriz (who also joined me for the hike yesterday) and tasya (winner of LG MyStarz) was on MHI@ TV3 (11th May) last Tuesday for a short interview. U may want to check them out again on Tv3's webpage. They also performed 2 songs. And it was AWESOME!

Or just check their video Tasya's Ink di studio XFM on youtube

All the best Tasya's Ink!


7th floor, Medic Fac

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:26 AM

I'm right now at my workstation in Uni.

At the same time asking some info from my co-supervisor on FB chat

For what u may ask?

To solve my thesis problems lor...Aiya..Never ending one...

Lecturers go on FB too during working hours?

Tsk Tsk.

But then again, senang right? no need to go to their office. *Giggles*

Oh oh,

me will be blogging about this band called Tasya's Ink tonight "_



Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:30 AM

1996 visitors already? yeay gonna hit 2000 soon!


Thanks to all who have been visiting my blog.

Gosh, i've not been feeding this blog of mine for more than 1 week...Been pretty bz with school and family ties. ( i think being lazy also is another factor.haha)

Will be updating again starting tonight!


Setia Eco Half Marathon

Posted by Fira Tirona at 2:17 PM

Event: Setia ECO Half Marathon 2010
Date and time: Saturday, 5th June 2010; 6.30am
Venue: Start/Finish – Setia Alam Welcome Center
Organizer: Pacers Sport

I missed yesterday's 10km run (Larian Bomba 2010) due to my not-recovered-yet sprained ankle. Was so disspointed :(. However I hope that i could recover real soon (s0 that i could start training again) as I've signed up for another run which will be on the 5th of next month. Pretty excited about it tho. Anyway for you avid runner out there, do register and be a part of the event :)

Details of the run:


A: 21km Men's Open International (age 16 and above)
B: 21km Men Veteran (age 40 to 49)
C: 21km Men Senior Veteran (age 50 and above)
D: 21km Women's Open (age 16 and above)
E: 21km Women Veteran (age 35 and above)
F: 10km Men's Open (age 12 and above)
G: 10km Women's Open (age 12 and above)
H: 4.5km Men's Open (age 10 and above)
I: 4.5km Women's Open (age 10 and above)

I: 4.5km Women's Open (age 10 and above)

Entry Fees:

Early bird - before 7th May 2010
Categories A-E: RM25
Categories F&G: RM20
Categories H&I: RM15

After 7th May 2010
Categories A-E: RM35
Categories F&G: RM30
Categories H&I: RM25

Closing date for registration: 23rd May 2010 or first 2,500 entries


Click the below for more details :)

Setia Eco Marathon 2010


Crocs Warehouse Sale 2010 @IKANO

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:24 AM


*The queue outside*

I arrived at 10.30am and there was already a long queue. Inside the warehouse was already so many people searching for "gold"..err..i mean discounted crocs footwear..ahahaha. Anyway, since mum and I was so curious about it and we thought that we might find something that we liked, so what the heck, just queue also la..But, we were kinda lucky cause we didn't have to wait that long to get in.. But once we got in there...It was madness i tell were all over the respective counters. The crocs staffs had already displayed the shoes on counters according to sized. Thank god i know my shoe size so i don't have to take the trouble to tried it on one by one..Clever right? Haha.. Anyway, i felt that i was in some "Pasar Ikan" and felt sad as the shoes were treated in an "evil way" as in it was scattered EVERYWHERE!. If you would to go to the retail store, where got scatter2 one? All shoes are intact and properly displayed. People were buying in the dozens! Some even held big boxes in their hands filled with shoes!..Sigh...Nevermind that.

*the queue to pay up the items*

But most importantly, mom and I got what we wanted. I also got 2 pairs for niece and nephew. What we got were these:

Got mine for RM130 : Crocs Rio

Mom's was RM40 (couldn't find a picture of it)
Niece's crocs was at RM59: Mary janes

Nephew's sandal was at RM50: Kid's disney cayman
We also got a RM20 voucher from a nice lady standing infront of us as she had a few of it. So nice of her. Anyway do drop over to the sale if you are interested in crocs footwear!
And OMG! i just got to know that the sueded alice is now RM35. DEAD CHEAP!...I wanted those but i heard the staffs saying that it was already sold out! (for yesterday la i assumed). Was happy with ourpurchase tho. Thanks mama! Heheh

So if you are interested to get cheap crocs, do head over to IKANO from 10am-10pm. Last day of the sale will be on Monday (3rd MAy 2010). Happy Labor Day people!!

Kenwooi..Not Kenwood ok?

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:23 AM

*Mr Kenwooi, i "curi" your picture from your blog. Don't marah me ok..hikhi*

Famous blogger kenwooi dropped a msg at my chatbox and said this...

kenwooi: lols.. kenwooi. not kenwood.. i like the phrase! =P

Hahah, that is his nick name on my list on "Bloggers at their best" section.

See, you think KENWOOD only famous ker? KENWOOI also very famous one. Don't believe ar? Go check out his blog la. Some even blogged on how to be famous like KENWOOI. He has almost 500 followers and 805 people following him on FB...Seee!. I told you he was famous right?

*****Crocs warehouse sale review stay tuned*****

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