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Up and downs of a Monday

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:28 AM
I was at Uni today. No feeling of Monday blues or watsoever. Went to the postgrad office to get things sorted out and thinking of that running shoe that i've been eyeing for. I was kinda semangat to go hunt for it today after my uni stuffs were settled. But the happy vibes didnt last long. While i was bz getting my forms ready came a text msg from my mom that went like this..

*Adik got his Visa already.Going out now to collect it*

Well, it was all expected already but i just felt my heart dropped at that moment. He's leaving for UK as planned which is on Wednesday night. My parents are tagging along as well. I can't focus my mind right now. Im feeling totally in pieces. My raya wouldn't be fun without them here with me. We planned to go green on our hari raya oufits this year. Looks like its not important for me anymore. The spirit of raya is much dampened already.

Summit Subang-KL

These were the places i was at to hunt for my running shoe i've been eyeing for. But u knw what happens when u r to eager to look for something u like. By end of the day you wil come home dissappointed. And yes i felt dissappointed alright. But i was cheered up by someone and i was told that i could get something better then what i was looking for. Got the link about it and yup, i felt better straight away! So gonna get my running shoes custom made! Woohoo!.

But.. i couldn't get the colors right yet for it. Gotto re-design it before making the order next week

Oh oh,



Blood is Thicker Than Water

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:28 AM

My one and only brother. He can either make me laugh till my stomach explode or he can really annoy me until i could just slap his face off. Haha.

He's leaving for UK in 4 days and i'm gonna miss him BADLY =(

I love you adik. Study hard and make us proud.


Ramblings of inner thoughts

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:16 AM

Sigh, what is wrong with the internet connection lately. It’s so slow. Macam Siput. I bet that siput also can move faster. Tsk. Anyway, below are the few things that are on my mind now so here goes..

1. At this point of time last week, I was running with 25 avid runners. How i wished that I’m THERE with them having fun running. But since i got BANNED from doing so due to some incident last week, here i am now blogging while grumbling to myself on the punishment i have to face.

2. I’m counting days. My brother is leaving for UK to further his studies for 2 years. Mom and dad will be there with him for 2 months to help him settle down. I’m gonna my miss adik. Well, yea, he can get onto my nerves sometimes but i guess i’m gonna miss him so bad *teary mode*. I bet that i’m SO gonna cry at the airport next week when i send him off. Aku ni Nampak je garang but very emotional inside. Like the malay saying that goes “luar je Nampak ganas, tapi dalam hati ad ataman” *rempit style yaw* HAahah.

3. Committed to something serious. Will have to devout myself for 3 months for this. Insya-Allah all goes well. AMIN

4. Treated my brother today for buka puasa. Iriz, A-a and my dear Zaihan joined us too. Had a great buka puasa and dessert session with them. Conversation started off with me being “missing” last week, cracking up stupid jokes to Lady Gaga and the Iluminati society and finally ended up with intellectual discussion . Pure quality time with the people whom i know care about me. Alhamdulillah

5. Sometimes we tend to forget that there are unfortunate people out there. We tend to complain, grumble and being greedy without realising it and that does not exclude me from doing so. Have we actually sat and thought of the ones who are not being able to taste the luxury we have in life? Have you ever shared the luxury you have with the needy ones? I mean like contributing something good to the society? It does not matter whether it is of monetary based but also other aspects. Felt proud of my juniors in MSU for their effort of organizing buka puasa events with the orphans and even distributing food to those living on the streets for sahur. Such a noble thing to do. Keep those efforts going. I think i should do something for the society as well.

6. Only 6km of running this week. Will have to try to run another 6kms more.

7. I’m still vague on my future career life. My heart says to be academician. I’m not sure. Or am I being unconfident about it? I really have to think hard on this one.

8. Had a meeting with my Supervisor last Wednesday. Were discussing on my thesis, my future career plans. He was asking me whether if i was willing to work outside kl. and i said " sure y not?" then he asked me..."when do u plan to get married?" *long pause*.....hahaha

Read something on FB awhile ago. Hm, don't know what to feel now.


In the mood for new shoes

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:27 PM
So in the mood for new shoes now. Nope, not high heels, or ballerina flats or wedges or any of those kinds. But i'm simply in the mood for new running shoes, specifically for race usage. The one i have now i fine but its more for my training purposes.Will go hunt for it maybe 1 week before raya. What I'm having in mind is a new pair of Adidas.I want to get the feel of the new pair for my upcoming running events. Excited ni. ;)

Never knew that running can excite me so much. It's like a little girl getting a new Barbie or a little boy getting a new toy truck. LOL

I think i'm falling in love with this. Macam comel sebab color dia comel. But sure pricey. Sigh.. Gotto save up!

adiZero Tempo

*so gonna dream of you.hahaha*


Retail Therapy and Luahan Hati Session

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:10 PM
I was out today. Was supposed to see my Supervisor yang berjaya but his PA YM-ed me and said that my appointment with him was cancelled as he was not feeling very well. My supervisor yang berjaya is the Deputy Dean of the Medical Faculty. So just imagine yourself having a supervisor like him. You automatically want to be just as successful like him. Tapi sayang la, he's single. Hmm..

Anyway, back to the title of the post. Since the appointment cancelled. I decided to call the person in charge in BLUINC to collect my prize. Oh, i won a 4d/3n stay at a resort in Phuket. It was a contest i got myself into by completing a not more than 30 words slogan. I really thought that the slogan was too cheezy that i would make the reader puke!. Hahah. But i guess it was all worth the effort. Or maybe my postcard was really pretty that the judges had to make me the 3rd prize winner. Hahaha. Nonetheless, THANKS SHAPE MAGAZINE, WOTIF.COM and BLUINC!

Headed to Shah Alam. Made a plan with a dear friend, E.J (bukan nama sebenar). Beliau sgt baik hati untuk temankan me pegi window shopping. Time tu jugak la, sesi luahan hati bermula. I was telling E.J what i felt inside me, what was bothering me and more. I don't know why E.J was chosen to hear all of my ramblings. Guess that we RARELY see each other and i asssume that telling it to a "stranger" was best for me kot?. E.J, if u are reading this, kau bukan la stranger yang macam duduk kat bus stop tu. but the "stranger" word i associate with you comes in a different meaning tau, macam silent reader blog aku la kan. Hahah. Mungin sebab kita punyai niat and hajat hati yang sama. Tapi aku dan kau punyai dua situasi yang berlainan. Lepas raya ni kau kena pegi running dengan aku ok. Outdoor running will rock your socks i tell u!

Bought a new dress today. Tot of changing my style plak. Asik pakai jeans and pants je. My mom sure happy. Hiks. Next thing to hunt is a nice white cardigan. Hmm,maybe a pair of new running shoes too. That one i have to consult/go hunt with the expert..If the $$ permits. then sure...Why not? ;)

To E.J. Thanks :)


Ramadhan and Running

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:58 PM
" Bulan puasa pun u pegi running jugak ke fira"

A normal question asked by my family and friends. And my answer is " Yes, tapi tak la hardcore running".Anyway, since the fasting month started, i've targeted to run 1okm per week which is to only run like 3km, 3 times per week but i guess so far i've run more than that which is to me a good thing to challenge myself. My runs are normally done after iftar normally around 930pm for 1/2 hour. But since it sometimes rain on certain nights, therefore i'll run more to cover the KMs.

Anyway, last Friday's night run was one of THE best ever. 25 avid runner including myself ran for 20km. Hhaha. Tak penah la i go for training sampai 20km, paling jauh pun 10km je. It was pure fun sebab lari beramai2. But then again the weather that night was kinda warm and i got thirsty most of the time. Nasib baik la this people stop by at 7-Es along the way to beli air.Oh ya, this fun run started at 11pm and finished at 2.30pm.LOL. Everyone was so semangat for the 1st 15km of the run.After that semput, i started to walk as i was experiencing cramps at my calves. Otot2 ku terkejut kot sebab tak penah train this far, bulan puasa some more.ish ish.

Got home real late and my family and friends tot i was gone missing.LOL.lawak la korang ni. Sorry la!. I forgot to bring my hp and it was my mistake for not informing anyone about this 20km instead of the 8km usual runs *grins*. And because of this, i am BANNED from joining night training anymore. *sobs sobs*.

Overall, everyone had fun. Thanks to my juniors from my former college for the invitation. I admire the enthusiasm you all have. I am very proud. Keep the running spirit going.

To SA@KR, thanks so much for the support and advice. Being able to run side by side is such a big motivation for me (Sorry la eh kalau my pace sgt slow macam siput for you).Hope to be just as good.

I will never stop running, even i have to run in my heels.I mean,literally.Haha


Bila hati rasa tak kena

Posted by Fira Tirona at 4:00 PM
Today. The 8th day of Ramadhan

Lately tak tau la kenapa rasa always not right. I'm just feeling so mixed up la. Or maybe im just thinking TOO MUCH that i'm feeling so mixed up. Or, maybe i'm under major anxiety that is making me to NOT think smartly. Or is maybe that i'm to friggin' stressed up that i just need to just chill?. SAY WHAT? APE ITU CHILL?

I went running last night 2 1/2 hours after Iftar. 27mins of ME TIME. Ran to clear my mind, my thoughts, my feelings, my soul and to get a figure of MEGAN FOX *tgh berlari pun boleh berangan macam tu..see how messed up my mind is?*. The feeling was good. The feeling 0f 27 mins of running that gave me that "high". But it was just for 27 mins. Should have added up another 27mins yesterday. But it rained soon the minute i reached home. The 28th minute.

Again, why am I feeling so messed up?. I should be calm this holy month. Not to be feeling this way. I think FB stinks. What i see, what i read there sometimes can either be inspirational or will only de-motivate me. I think i should just get disconnected with it. I think life was much simpler when 13 years back. But why 13 years back?. No hps. Public phone je ada kalau emergency. Internet wasnt that advanced as today. NO FB, NO MYSPACE, NO FRIENDSTER. Only MIRC. lagi best. Just chat. Tak payah jumpa. Tak perlu post gambar.Hahah.

Time skola rendah plg tak best sebab selalu disisihkan because i was big and fat.Time skola menengah paling best. Takde sape tau pasal time skola rendah i yang tak berapa best.Bila ada extra koko jer paling excited.2-3 times in a week sure stay back sbb ada extra curricular. Pegi sekolah, balik sekolah. Tu la rutin hari2.Malam pegi tuition. Takpun curi2 tgk tv kejap padahal weekdays tidak dibenarkan tgk tv. Petang kena pegi naik basikal tak pun pegi usha budak2 hot kat skola main bola. Kalau hujan petang tgk drama cina kat tv3. sampai taksub dibuatnya. Takpun tgk citer Lasurpadora tak pun Mis Tres Hermanas

Time skola, saya pengawas. Tapi pengganas.Buat spot-check rampas liquid paper murid2 (tapi bagi balik sebab liquid paper sebenarnya berguna untuk betulkan spelling bila menyalin nota dalam buku rampaian. Bukan untuk conteng kain baju kurung or conteng meja tulis "I love you backstreet boys" or "I love you Cikgu X" dan sebagainy. Takpun guna LP untuk conteng kat dinding toilet dengan perkataan2 seperti "sohai" "cibai" dan sebagainya (opppss, sorry tulis bukan2 time bulan puasa sebab tu fakta dan bukan auta.ahah)

Masuk silat, jadi naib kapten rumah hijau (skuad kawad saya selalu menang.ahah), masuk kelab pencegah jenayah yang ntah pape. Semua jawatan yang atas2 nak bolot je. Yela, sape tak nak jadi femes kat skola..Hahah.. Bila ada event je, suka sgt jadi MC. Cikgu2 suka kot?. Tak kisah la orang kata gila kuasa ke apeHaha. Janji keluar dari sekolah rasa macam cemerlang. Cemerlang ke?. Bila result SPM kluar, baru la tau cemerlang ke tak. Tapi ok la kan, dapat gak masuk U tetiba downgrade masuk College. Dapat keje kejap and now dapat masuk U balik. OK la kan. Tapi kenapa i masih rasa tak kena *ala mode ngomel2?*

Mungkin Pra-simptom bulanan kot?.Uishh..gila melampau

Takpun rasa macam ni sebab umo dah bukan 13, lots of responsibilities. Nak kena jaga hati orang tu orang ni. Tersilap kata and langkah nanti dikata tak kenang budi pulak kan. Tapi nk buat macam mana..Sabar je la kan. Paling kuat nak buat pun is just to put on my running shoes and just go run. Dapat la rasa "high" tu kejap, dapat la 'lari' kejap dari prob.Hmm..macam2 problem yang melanda skrg. Antaranya studies, keluarga, hati dan perasaan. Pastu datang plak feelings on envious bila nampak cousin sebaya/ lagi muda keje gempak, drive kereta yang ada logo VW tu. Amacam? Takpun bila tgk junior kita yang tgh buat masters submit thesis dia dulu dari kita.Amik kauu.Rasa tertekan tak?. Tgh puasa pun rasa macam tak puasa tau. Silap haribulan nak beraya pun tak kuasa tau.Tapi takpe, tu mungkin semua dugaan and cabaran so that i could challenge myself to be the best. *kata2 nak bakar semangat la kononnya*

So tu la dia. tak penah2 la aku nak post blog macam ni la kan. My posts have positive vibes most of the time. But i guess not today and guess i've just poured out what i felt inside.

Bila hati rasa tak kena, inilah jadinya



Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:00 PM


Event: Shape/Men's Health Night Run 2010


Shape/Men's Health Nite Run

Posted by Fira Tirona at 12:03 AM

Run was good. I managed to clock in my personal best for 12.3KM. Made a mistake by setting my Nike plus sportband before stepping on the D-Tag sensor thingy and total distance of running showed by my nike plus wasn't the same as the actual running distance. aiyo..i was so kelam kabut maybe that time. Came late, started late some more. Was aiming for top 75 to get the medal. But what to do la kan, as wat the malay saying goes "Takde rezeki la tu" Managed to run with a pace of 5.45mins/km which i felt happy about as i trained with that pace most of the time. The route wasn't a flat one as we had to run on bridges and a few inclines were experienced here and there. My running was interrupted with the constant thirst i was experiencing hence the short stop for water at each water station (i should have just bawak my hydration belt but was too lazy time is a must!).

Overall it was good. I think i managed to finished 12.3km at 1 hour and 10mins. Yet to find out the official time when SHAPE/MEN'S HEALTH post the results on the website. This run is my last running competition to make way for bulan puasa. But the running routing will not stop today and that's for sure. Insya-Allah :)

Oh, thanks to the boyfie for the support and thanks to Jamie, Taufek and and my running mate for this event for sharing the excitement with me :)

To the organizers, i think you guys did a great job overall *though i think u should more people at the water station*. Goodie bag is sangat best :)

Will definitely join the event again nex year.

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