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Resolutions 101

Posted by Fira Tirona at 6:20 AM
It has been 2 weeks plus that I'm here in Liverpool. Gosh, how time flies. As i opened my thesis files I realized that i have not put any effort in finishing up the discussion of my thesis. Must be the holiday mood. Till today (and even this very second) I've been thinking about ups and downs i've gone through these past months (physically, mentally and spiritually). I've got to admit that being here totally calms me down, i feel so relaxed though there were certain things that still bugged me (must be the thesis i guess, haha). I also took time to think about what should i do/achieve next year.

Since I'm at my final stages of thesis writing, i plan to get myself a job by next Feb, part time though as I still have to complete my final semester in UPM (sangat berdoa everyday that everything will go well for my thesis. Tak larat already. Seriously). Main reason of applying for a part time job is that i need to start saving money. I'll be 27 next year i don't wanna be depending on my parents for money. Well not to say that i'm complaining with what they are providing me but it's just that i wanna earn some so that i could save up more and also i could have extra cash to pay up the fee for running events. Some events could be pricey tho. Second reason is that i could warm up myself up to the working life again after leaving the working world for quite sometime. So nanti bila dah dapat permanent job tak la rasa ralat kan? (Insya-Allah, Amin).

I just pray that 2011 will be dear to me. 2010 has been fine just that i think there has been lots of hiccups along the way be it in terms of many things. I'm still thinking the possible resolutions to be listed in my purple diary. So i better think hard and be realistic and responsible for them but definitely not 101 as the title of the blog says. Its just literally speaking. Haha ;)

p/s: Won't leave my running routines and running events for sure. In fact, i've already planned which events to participate *winks*


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