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Wishes and hopes for 2009

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:34 PM
Hello all.Ever wished and hoped for something good the next year?.Ever wished and hoped that you will be able to afford that dream handbag/mp3 player/shoe/camera or whatever the next year?. Terima kasih kerana berfikiran begitu.Anda berada dalam zon yang sama bersama saya..ahaha.

Things i wish and hope to achieve in 2009:
1) Hope to get laptop baru
2) Hope that dad will get me that Nikon D60
3) Sony Mp3 player (must save on that)
4) Segulung ijazah (Insya-Allah. Amin)
5) Kesejahteraan jiwa and kecekalan hati all through the year (Insya-Allah.Amin)
6).....more to come i guess..hehehe

What is wished/hoped/dream this year.banyak tak menjadi. The Al-Mighty is testing me. It's ok. Will work harder for next year.

So what's your wishes and hopes for 2009?. Wishing all of you the best of luck.

P/s:.Pencinta kasut berikrar to not spend unnecessarily but to save more! (s0 that means no more buying shoes?..tsk tsk)


Merry Christmas Ya'll!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:34 AM
To all my family and friends...MERRY CHRISTMAS!. Guess that everyone is busy shopping for christmas gifts as the YES (year end sale) is currently going on. I noticed that year end sales are the best but too bad i'm already BROKE!..What i could do is just 'gigit kuku' looking at the shoes that i was eye-ing for (It's now half the price mind you) and the bags and clothes that are on good bargain (again..sabar2)....and the Ipod Nano i was looking..and the Wii i saw at the game store..and the Nikon D60 as well ....Isshhhh!!!!...(geram mode..ahaha).

Tomorrow i'll be going christmas-ing. Will be visiting my relatives. (My family is 'campur', so i get to have the feeling of Christmas a little). My nenek's family are eurasian (ok2.serani..ahaha). so yeah, that explains it. Thats tomorrow's plan. On friday i'll have to teman my dear to Sunway pyramid to get some stuff for himself. On saturday on the other hand, I've got 2 wedding to attend weekend ahead!

I'll post more later. Got to get back to my research work.

P/s:. No more shoes for pencinta kasut.*for now..hehehe*


Demotivation and the flu invasion

Posted by Fira Tirona at 2:37 PM
I'm feeling demotivated today. Having bad cold. I just wished that I'm could escape for reality just for awhile. Craving for the fettucine i had at California Kitchen Pizza last week. Comfort food i must say. And oh oh..teh o ais lycheee...HMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm...Bestnya.....

Just no mood to blog all of the sudden

P/s: pencinta kasut is depressed


The long weekend is here

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:42 AM
It's saturday already.

Celebrated adik's and parent's wedding anniversary few days back.We had a nice family dinner at KLCC.Nothing fancy though. Was supposed to shop for nice tops but nothing that i liked. So disappointed!. but i saw nice shoes on sale.arghh!!!... but tak beli coz i bought a few pairs last month.bad fira!

Yesterday was Friday. Didn't do much. Was at home printing journals and reading a few. Rained heavily in the evening and that made napped. Hehehe. Had early dinner with the family then headed to my nenek's house. Slept there.

Oh well. I'm still here at nenek's house. Wanted to go jogging earlier this morning but i woke up with aching joints and runny nose. Ala!..spoil la...tkpela.i'll rest kejap. Maybe i''ll head to the gym later this afternoon. time flies.its almost near end. I'm done with 2 presentations for my research project. Next week will be another. After that i hope to start collecting data. Bila nk habis ni?..hmmm..Sabar..sabar.. Hm...i wonder how my friends are doing now?. Some are already married, going to get married, doing thier masters, finishes their masters, have good jobs and getting big fat cheques.How bout me?. I want all that too!!!

I miss school days, matriculation days and college years. Fun FUn!. Endless assignments, exams, quizzes, battle of the bands and music nite that friends and i organized during college. Not to mention few crushes here and there (hmm..time skola pun dh start kot.ahaha). Tho i have my ups and downs during these periods.i still had fun. Oh jimi, if u are reading this. i miss our jamming session dulu! Seronok.. :)

So i'll guess that is it for now. Selamat hari raya haji to all muslims out there and happy long weekends to the rest!

p/s: Pencinta kasut was thinking to get a pair of crocs soon :)


An Evening With 3 Married Ladies

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:55 PM
I was out with 3 married ladies:
1) Abby-newly wed
2) Leena- mummy to be
3) Ami- mummy with 2 kids

I had fun with them. They talked bout their married life, life before marriage and not to mention gossips. I was all ears and laughing all the way. Had early dinner at MFM. All of us thought that the portion was big but eventually habis juga.ahah. Thought of karaoke-ing but tak jadi. So we decided to just walked around to digest our food before heading to Haagen Dazs for dessert. Dessert was superb! We had that chocolate fondant thingy.Sedap hingga menjilat jari..Ok..that doesn't sound right does it?..Hahah..

The mega sales is on..Can't help myself looking at the discounted goods at most shops. Was looking at this leather loafers in pink and apple green..Sgt comel!!!.. I like I like!. Tak tahan. I just love shoes!.

Overall, i had fun..lets to this more often girls!!

P/s:. A pencinta kasut will always be a pencinta kasut. ;)


Visit my flickr

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:08 PM

My best friend's wedding

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:40 PM

Alone again.....sighh....boring!...btw,my weekend was one of a kind.Was in JB.No no...not really was there to meet him...but was there for my dear friend, Abby's big day. Ina attended the wedding as well. Both of us took the bus to JB. Abby was so terkejut that I actually took the bus to come over her place. (Hahahaa..there's a reason to this of course). Bus trip was fun but tiring. Can't stand long rides (leg cramps, butt cramps). And to overcome those psychologically, i chatted with Ina the whole way..Hmmm...

Overall, the wedding went well. Abby looked stunning. The whole hair and make up do made her looked so caannnteekkk!..I Like!. Kudos to the mak andam. She's so good. Got her namecard.Hihihi. Loved the wedding reception. Simple and nice. Photo session was fun..Will upload pics at my flickr. My nite ended with me , Ina and Ita borak2 about cartoons and books we used to watch and read when we were kids and pre teens. So kelakar.especially when Ina started with the Tomato Man cartoon theme song..LOL.

Last day in JB. My dearest brought Ina and I to Jusco Tebrau to just lepak before we head back to KL. Decided to watched Madagascar II to kill the time. Ina and I bought a pair of shoe each from Primavera. Best buy! I got mine for RM39 (NP: RM109)..What a steal!. Was contemplating at first.but those shoes was screaming my name!...

Boarded the bus at 5.30pm. Had fun at the wedding and happy with the new pair of shoes. Sigh. my dear friend is now someone's wife. Will always pray for her happiness.

p/s: Told ya i'm a pencinta kasut =p


I'm Not Single

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:57 PM
Am alone at home. Did some house chores. Thought of resuming my research work but still TOO lazy..aduhai..ape la nak jadi dengan saya ni.tsk tsk. Had lunch at home alone. (gila bunyi mcm loser)...tsk tsk..(again). Then online membuang masa. Felt bored, switched on the tv.Going through the channels than decided to see what channel 122 (Astro Kirana) has to offer..Pushed the info button."I'm Not Single". Read the synopsis...Hm.and thought.'mcm cerita cinta melayu cam tak best jer'..but hey,i watched it also la.and....practically was crying over the movie..ahaha..lawak2.dunno why but i did.the story line was deep for me i guess. What i learned is that it doesn't mean that if you are totally in love with that person you will end up marrying him or her. You might end up with someone who is better of than the one you are in love make sense ker?. Itupun if ur parents plans ur marriage with someone you don't know while you are in love with someone else (the jalan cerita is like that la). Anyway.go watch the movie,you'll understand what i'm talking about.

Hm..being in love ain't that easy.

P/s:.will always fall in love with shoes and love!


Looking forward for 2009

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:36 PM
It's almost the year end.lots have happened to me.from problems faced during studies to personal glad that i could handled all well (tho sometimes tak boleh.tsk tsk). What i look forward to is good 2009. Having already some new resoultions in mind, i seriously hope that it will all be accomplished..hmm..would like to add more new resolutions but i guess that i'll just stick to those that are to get reality-checked at all times.Hehe. But most importantly i got to learn how to deal with stress as i can pretty out of control sometimes when faced with..hmm. things that i can't face?.ahahah

Can't wait for this Friday. My best friend during college is getting married.Congrats Abby!. And of course, can't wait to see him as well in JB. ;)

Had a long day today.woke up real early.went jogging, then to the gym.then to ikano for dinner with a-a and foot massage too.was so rilexing!

Will wrap up for now.Hope that i'll get a good nite's Zzzzssss..Got to wake up early tomorrow!

p/s:.will always be a pencinta kasut dan beg
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