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Cinta bukan sedekah

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:43 AM

Kalau hati dah tak ada CINTA

I was having a conversation about love with a friend. Not really close. But i guess sometimes it's best to talk to someone yang macam ala2 stranger. Ada orang cakap kalau bercerita tentang ape2 je to someone dalam bus ke dalam train ke kat taman mana2 ke, u will feel relieved for a moment plus after that you won't see that person anymore kan? Tapi lagi best kalau bila bercerita kat orang tu pasal whatever is in your mind and that he/she understands you. Ala, cerita je, lg pun after that you won't be seeing that person anymore kan? Confirm la lps tu dia lupa. Tapi in my case orang yg share cerita ni i akan jumpa gak la...tapi not often.

I was talking (chatting on fb would be more appropriate i guess) to this person. Asked for some opinions and all. And suddenly this statement popped out.


Oh damn, tersentap sekejap. Am i already in that stage?. My mom kept on asking on what's wrong with me. But i know that she knows. But she did told me that to think about it properly and she asked me to keep my options open and to open up my mind.

What is wrong with me? Maybe it has been too long la. Sometimes i just need the space for myself. Or maybe i need someone that is compatible like me. A reflection of me maybe. Tak banyak tapi sikit pun jadi la. I definitely one to spend my whole life with someone that could share lots of things with me. Am i asking for too much? Maybe.

p/s:Tapi cintaku terhadap kasut adalah abadi


kaki LARI on November 3, 2010 at 10:52 PM said...

post ni boleh LIKE tak? nak LIKE!;p

fira tirona said...

kaki lari: hhaha.boleh je. LIKE accepted..hehe

Pwincess Farina on November 10, 2010 at 6:30 PM said...

hahaaha me also wants to LIKE this post. saye suke!

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