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8 December 2010

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:54 PM
Ran some errands today. Sent mom to the tailor. I went to the bank, to the pharmacy, got more running magazines and then to celcom center. Thought of activating my roaming service and was told i had to pay RM300 for it? Haih. Tak payah la, terima kasih je la. Baik la i beli telco kat Uk je. £15 je. Which is about RM75. Ok la kot. Dari nak bayar RM300. Will only be in UK for 3 weeks not la 3 months kan. Anyway...settled for the £15 sim card that my bro will get me once i reach there.

This past few days rasa macam haru je. Sedih pun ada. 1st reason was that i'll be travelling for the 1st time without my parents. 2nd reason is that i've not been away so far and agak lama from my parents and my closest. I realized that my god sister have not been calling/bbm-ing me for the past 2 days. I'm missing her already and later today i read her fb status which went like this

"My fgs @Fira Tirona will be having a white christmas ...& A Jolly .. well deserve Holiday!Happy Holidays kiddo!"

I felt like crying when she posted that on facebook. It's like as if im going so long. I will miss her and i will definitely miss her cute kids. Wished that all of them could tagged along and enjoy the trip with me. Then come my aunt who commented on the status update. Lagi la made me feel so sedih. :(

I've already packed my things. I think i need to recheck what's in the luggage. Rasa macam banyak la benda pulak dalam bag tu. I'm thinking of bringing my running shoes as well. My bro told me that there are still people running outdoors just that you've got to wrap yourself well la. So yea, i think i'm gonna bring my running shoes. hehe ;). Will bring 1 luggage to store food. Mom beli macam2 la. Maggi la, cube pati ayam la, rempah ratus la, sambal ikan bilis la, serunding la, kerepek la, kuih ros la...haihh..macam2 la ..i dah rasa macam pengekport makanan plak. Hehe

Had cravings for spaghetti carbonara at Murni's. Was there just now with Nana, Sha and Faiz. Sangat happy to get to see them. Good food enjoyed with good company is the best for me. I'm gonna miss you guys...Missing u guy already!. Anyhow, puas hati dapat makan carbonara kat sana and the drink "I LOVE U" is simply awesome!. Next this to satisfy my cravings would be McD's Prosperity Burger and Curly Fries. Tu cari on Friday la since esok my unimates nak treat me makan kat Manhattan Fish Market..I LOVE MY FRIENDS. HAHA. *tetiba*...U people so sweet la, i nak pegi 3 minggu je..Bukannya 3 tahun. LOL ;)

Kenyang perut suka hati. G'nite Ya'll!


Musang on December 9, 2010 at 4:59 PM said...

selamat bercuti bik!!

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