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Does it matter if your best friend is a girl or a guy?

Posted by Fira Tirona at 4:20 PM
Anda ada best friend tak??. Tak kisah la. lelaki ker perempuan ker. Orang kata kalau ber-besfriends dengan perempuan nanti boleh gado (Oh yes, i've seen this) dan orang kata kalau ber-bestfriends dengan lelaki confirm akan jadi couple (Nyeh nyeh, betul ker ni?. Mungkin juga).
So sape kata lelaki dan perempuan tak boleh jadi best friends?

I have a bestfriend and my best friend is a guy. We are very close during college till now and i'll always get excited when he come home for his term break. To me, he has the criteria that i want in a best friend. From sharing similiar thoughts to gossiping about the bitches and mamat2 sengal in college (Astaga, laser nyer mulut aku.haha) to telling him "NAPI!!..aku tgh period pain ni tp tgh craving ice-cream!" to listening to my stories bout what the future holds for me and so on. Our lecturers thought that we were a couple then. Kelakar betul. Basically, he was always there when i needed him. See, boleh ape lelaki jadi our best friend.

But then again, kalau ada best friend lelaki ni ada la price that we have to pay. Not literally. What i meant was that he has a gf, of course la gf dia jeles kat aku. Wahai adik Hanis, tak perlu la jeles ngn AKAK. Dah bertahun2 akak kawan ngn abg napi adik steady jer tkde ape2.Boleh bagi AKAK medal for this tau..ahaha..over tul aku ni..Anyway, tu la dia. benda2 ni sure akan jadi jika best friend kita tu ada gf. As for me, my bf doesn't mind napi being my best friend, tapi mula2 jeles gak la...Biasa la tu kan?..Ala, chill la baby..I LOVE U kan?(ayat ni dituju pada kekasih hati saya dan bukan Napi yer) ;)

So there, it doesn't matter if your best friend is a guy or a girl. Yang penting, u know ur limits and boundaries. Tak susah kan?. Kena ada trust la.. To napi, if your are reading this. I just want to tell you that i miss our lepaking sessions at the mamak, our clubbing, shopping and bowling sessions. Kenapa la kau jauh sangat!. Cepat la balik cuti. Oh ya, jaga Hanis baik2 ok?. Can i be your 'Maid of Honor' Napi?.Ahaha..Ngada tul. Go watch that movie!..sgt best :)

  • Hanis in this blog is not 'Miss Hanis the Model' in the blogs i read section.
  • A-a and Ina, if you are reading this, I LOVE U BIBIKS TO BITS!. Takmo citer pasal korang kat sini because you girls are very very close to my heart.Chewah..*sisterly hugs*

Bibik-bibik ku sayang

The best friend- Hanafi
P/s: Pencinta kasut is supposed to be doing her thesis project but instead, she's blogging this...bad fira!!.


Oh Please...Pretty Please!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 4:16 PM
I'm now on the data collection mode. In case u did not know, data collection is where a researcher does his/hers field work (E.g: conducting interviews and assisting the target sample's on how to complete a questionnaire form). It ain't an easy task. As for me, I'll have to get the person's consent to participate in my study and to convince them that the information given by them would be kept confidential (of course they do). It's tiring when I'll have to wait for them to respond to my e-mails as these people are very very busy.But then again, I would be very happy by the end of the day checking through at least 90% of completed of each survey forms that were distributed to these people. Definitely not an easy job.

Hope to get more respondents as i plan to finish up this part so that i could start analyzing and getting results and finally start writing . Guess that i should continue writing for chapter 2. Ahuh! guess i should.

It's the weekend now. I need some relaxation.

Oh God..Oh please, pretty please. Please let my hardwork be a worthy one. AMIN.


The new charm

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:46 PM

I finally got a charm bracelet for myself. Not from Thomas Sabo nor Tiffany and Co. Got it from the weekend bazaar at The Curve. Had four charms on it.

1st charm: The number 8 which represents my birtdate and birth month

2nd charm: The slipper which represents my passion for shoes/slippers/sandals

3rd charm: The handbag which represents my passion for handbags

4th charm: A coach inspired charm. Nothing significant. I just loved the design

I'm LOVING IT!. I think i should get one for my mom too..Hmmm :)
-Pencinta kasut-



Posted by Fira Tirona at 5:45 PM
Have u ever dreamt of being a:

1) Model terkenal?
2) Penyanyi bersuara best?
3) Tv Host yg hebat?
4) Sportswomen?
5) Lead singer in a rock/pop band?
6) Pelajar cemerlang in top universities?
7) Menjadi kaya by the time u reach 30?

Ikutila kisah dibawah:

1) Model terkenal
Well, i don't have the criteria to be a model. I'm short and not slim and lanky. But i've always dreamed that i was like Tyra. Getting to walk on the runway clad in designer clothes and killer
heels. I'm sure people like them dapat kasut free, bag free, make up free. Ok2. kalau tak free pun, sure dapat discounts. And best part, Big FAT cheques..Kaching!. Fame and fortune!

**In my blog read, ada this girl named Hanis Zalikha, our very own local model. Tall and pretty. Smart too. I love models who owns both beauty and brains. Very down to earth girl**

Read up!: Miss Hanis the Model

2) Penyanyi bersuara best
I love singing. Mana2 pun boleh. Dalam kereta, dalam toilet, dalam bilik tapi yang paling syok and feeling, definitely at the Karaoke center la. Have always wanted to try out for auditions organized by any reality tv show. But i just don't have the guts. Kang pegi audition , pastu juri tu cakap "sorry fira, u r not qualified sbb suara mcm katak"..ahahah..sure balik with great dissappointment. But anyhow, i would love to give it a try one day. Who knows right?.Hahaha. My definition of penyanyi bersuara best adalah FAIZAL TAHIR!

3) Tv host yang hebat
My dream since high school. I've always dreamed of being a tv host for my very own talk show. (like Oprah). Memang my dream until today. **hanya mampu berangan**

4) Sportwomen
Ok, i wanted to be a very successful squash player. But i was too fat and lazy to train and exercise when i was younger. Now kalau nak start jadi sportwomen macam tak layak jer. Sure injured kaki la itu la ini la. Right now, my ankle is getting better after a silly fall during futsal 2 weeks ago. Not silly la. More like a clumsy fall. My bro actually laughed at it. He said it was very silly.It was actually.Ahahahah. **bodo gila**.

5) Lead singer in a rock/pop band
Definitely la ada impian tu!.. Not so being in a pop band. But in a rock band. Used to play the keyboard in a band and we supposed to masuk competition but sadly one of the band members demam. I dah excited dah time tu!.Well i guess it was just not meant to be.**loved the jamming sessions though**

P/s: Itu pun my mom dah bising2 sbb masuk band. Oh come one mom, at least i have stories to tell to my kids besides the things i did every Thursday nights during college years.ahaha.

6) Pelajar cemerlang di top universities
Well, am not exactly a pelajar cemerlang. But i have a degree in my hand and i'm currently doing my masters degree. Wish me luck!.

7) Menjadi kaya by the time u reach 30?
I'll be 25 dis year. To be rich in 5 more years?.Boleh ker?. Hmmmmmmmm. Boleh kot. Hehe.**berangan again**

How nice if all could become a reality. But i chew on this. We can't have all in life but we should make use and appreciate what we have in life...HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND PEOPLE and HAPPY VALENTINE'S too. :)

-Pencinta Kasut-


Fortune Cookie

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:20 PM
I like the fortune cookie. You'll get something that reads like ' Accept the opinion of others' or ' You will be properous' once you bite the crispy outer layer of the cookie.

Yesterday was a funny story. My cousin wanted fortune cookies for a function at her office tomorrow. So, she went to the hypermarket nearby but to much dissapointment, this stuff was all sold out. Like Duh!!...CNY dah over kot..OK, nevermind that. She called me up to ask me a favor to find them. So i plak macam kesian kat dia, the whole day mencari tapi tak jumpa. (I even called up the bakery near my house to ask if they have those and my mom wondered where i got the number and i cleverly said 'Kat plastic beg kedai roti tu la").

Pandai kan? ..heheh.. -_-

So, yeah, bakery takde. So sms-ed her and said. Jom pegi Giant kat KD. SURE ADA!. Drove there and 3 of us were praying hard that the FC ada la kan.. (another person was my cuzin Nishta). Ok, long story short of the scene in the hypermarket..FORTUNE COOKIE tu TKDE!. STRESSSS!!!!. So last resort, beli jer la kacang pagoda.

The story didn't end there. As my cuzin was queing up to pay the kacang,i told her that i nak masuk Guardian (one of my favourite store to masuk tgk2 barang)kejap. So i was walking area cokelat2, keropok2, biskut2..sekali tu...hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa...tu dia!.....Aku jumpa FC tu!. Berpeket-peket. Of course la i was excited!..told Nish to run to Donnie and tell her that i found it..She didn't run of course. She just shouted outside Guardian. 'WE FOUND THE FORTUNE COOKIES!".

Ok, pendek kata, we were all excited and happy sgt2!. Each took a small packet each to see what are our fortunes are like. Mind read..."Love will blossom-8911". sweet.AHAHAHAHA

Mission cari FC accomplished!

P/s: Pencinta kasut is thinking to get a new pair of black flats


Far away

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:53 PM
(Big Sighsss)....

I just wanna go far away from here. Out from Malaysia. Stay independent for awhile and see how it goes. Q is...can i?.will i?. I dreamt of the number 27. Oh tuhan ku, berikanlah ku petunjuk, kekuatan untuk menempuh segala dugaan dan cabaran yang ku berikan kepada ku.

P/s:.Pencinta kasut is depressed. WHY NOW??


Bye-bye Futsal

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:22 PM
Was so eager to play futsal last night. Konon-konon nak kick the stress out la ape la. 1st half of the session went fine when suddenly...PRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!..HAAAAAAa..tu dia. My ankle terpele'ot. Siap jatuh terbaring. Deep inside my heart.."Oh NO NO!. this ain't good". True enough i could not get up. Nasib baik my brother and iriz were there to help. I was devastated of what happened. Sprained ankle again???..Aduhh..lemahnya my ankle ni. (FYI, i have sprained my ankle the err..hmm?...**thinking**..lost dah few times). My mom and dad dah pesan to not play anymore futsal..But then again..I'm so degil. So main gak la.I just love the game. Gives me the andrenaline rush. I feels good when you get to score a few goals..Ahahahah..

Now that I'm home. Dad helped me to bandage my ankleJalan pun terjengket-jengket. Adoiii...such injury will only cost my precious time la.Nasib baik la kaki kiri, kalau kaki kanan, I won't be able to drive.

Oh God, I better stop playing futsal for the mo until i finished my study programme. This sprained ankle is really annoying me already. From now on, I'll just head to the gym for a good workout and go jogging during the weekends. Should be sufficient to keep myself fit. Yup, got to lead a healthy living!

P/s:. What will happen to my kasut futsal then?..*sobs*
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