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Yeay!. Esok Puasa!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:37 PM
I welcome the holly month with open arms. And yes, i start wearing the tudung already today!. Tested la Wednesday when i was out with a dear friend of mine. And she asked me this, "ape perasaan kau bila dah pakai tudung ni?". Good question i asked myself. But i selamba-ly (ada ker such slang?..ahah..belasah!)..answered.."I feel covered".LOL.

I remembered when i was in lower primary. My parents would tell us that if my bro and i puasa penuh then the reward would be RM300. So that means satu hari puasa RM10..ahahah.Giving us that incentive made us puasa penuh the whole month.Of course, for only that year. :). As i grew, i began to understand that puasa ni benda yang baik and how you should take the opportunity to make good use of the puasa month by going for terawihs, reading the Al-Quran and Yassin more and not to be tempted and be greedy while buying food for buka puasa. I even encourage my younger cousins to puasa, kalau cannot tahan full day, half day pun jadi la. At least by that way, they know the feeling of being hungry and thirsty.

So, appreciate the holly month and jangan ponteng puasa! :)

P/s: pencinta kasut will go shopping before the sale ends!
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