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Running in the cold

Posted by Fira Tirona at 2:50 AM

4th day in Minster Court, Merseyside Liverpool. It's 6 degrees here while I'm blogging this. Didn't do much today as we wanted to just lepak2 at home. But my feet was "gatal" to go run outdoors although tengah sejuk macam duduk dalam fridge. I miss the warm weather back home. Especially the nice evening weather accompanied by the clear blue sky, the perfect set to go out for a good 6-8km run. I brought my running shoes along with me (curi2 bawak as my mom told me NOT to go run in the cold.. Haha). Sorry mom, anak you ni sangat degil! ;). The park was nearby my brother's place which is not so bad. So yea, did 2.45km of running. I didn't feel tired (weather wasn't humid, udara kering so senang nak breathe) and i felt that i wanted to run further but i kesian kat my cousin who tagged along to the park and was sitted at the cold bench waiting for me to finish my run. Takkan la nak run another 5km kan?..Beku la cousin kesayangan saya tu.. Haha. So yea, if the temperature is fine this next 2 days. I'll try and go 5-6km pula. Just hope it wont snow yet la.. Hahah. It was a good experience though.

Lari naik bukit

I miss participating in events. Will miss Malakoff this year. The final run of the year.


kaki LARI on December 16, 2010 at 3:58 PM said...

waahhh..best2.. ;)

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