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One Kopiesatu please! :)

Posted by Fira Tirona at 4:32 PM
It was just supposed to be a lunch and gossip session at sushi zanmai with a dear friend of mine. Bukan calang-calang, she's a lawyer mind you and single too ahaks! ;). Drove to one-utama for our japanese delight and ordered our fav which was the grilled unagi along with other yummies on the conveyor. Upon finishing our lunch i asked my friend what will she be doing next and she said that she was free the whole day. At an instant i asked " Pegi Jln Tar nak?...I teringin iced calypso la". She agreed on the Jln Tar part was vague on the iced calypso part.Nevermind i told her. Jom pegi Jln Tar.

The main plan was to get the iced calypso from Kopiesatu. Kopiesatu is a local brand name which sells iced and blended coffees on a lorry. The lorry is like a stalled kiosk next to Semua House. If u people ada around that place. Sure tak miss la. Anyway, we decided to go jalan-jalan first instead of getting our sweet treats. Told myself while walking NOT to get anything but the temptation was so great that i bought 5 pasang tudung selendang for myself.Tsk Tsk, bad Fira. Feeling "guilty" i told Sha to lets get out of the place before i start splurging more. Hahah.

So got ourselves our sweet treats before leaving home. I got myself the iced latte calypso (It's milk coffee, just that the coffee is in the form of ice cubes, melts slowly in the latte mixture to get that sweet and bitter taste). Divine!. Sha got her self iced cappuccino with whipped cream on top.Yum too!.

Drove home happily and sempat singgah bird park!. That will be our next plan :)

Tu la dia..the drinks from kopiesatu.Siap promote lagi. (We ought to get paid for this.Haha)

L-R: Zanmai Session-Beli Tudung Session

P/s: No shoes on the rack yang pencinta kasut berkenan.Hmmmm


Eight, Lapan,8

Posted by Fira Tirona at 6:19 PM

is the KGS in need to SHED. wish me luck


Yeay!. Esok Puasa!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:37 PM
I welcome the holly month with open arms. And yes, i start wearing the tudung already today!. Tested la Wednesday when i was out with a dear friend of mine. And she asked me this, "ape perasaan kau bila dah pakai tudung ni?". Good question i asked myself. But i selamba-ly (ada ker such slang?..ahah..belasah!)..answered.."I feel covered".LOL.

I remembered when i was in lower primary. My parents would tell us that if my bro and i puasa penuh then the reward would be RM300. So that means satu hari puasa RM10..ahahah.Giving us that incentive made us puasa penuh the whole month.Of course, for only that year. :). As i grew, i began to understand that puasa ni benda yang baik and how you should take the opportunity to make good use of the puasa month by going for terawihs, reading the Al-Quran and Yassin more and not to be tempted and be greedy while buying food for buka puasa. I even encourage my younger cousins to puasa, kalau cannot tahan full day, half day pun jadi la. At least by that way, they know the feeling of being hungry and thirsty.

So, appreciate the holly month and jangan ponteng puasa! :)

P/s: pencinta kasut will go shopping before the sale ends!



Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:22 PM
Hey, people. As i'm writing this, i'm still with flu. Had it since Friday and because of that, the flow of my activities for this weekend are all disrupted.Thanks flu. JUST GO AWAY.

Hadeeja- a cafe i went to this afternoon for lunch with my fairygodsister. FGS told me that ths cafe is owned by Deja Moss and Anuar Zain. Loved the deco of the cafe.But sayang, the signage wasn't up yet. *sesat sekejap*.Memang ikutkan hati tak nak ikut as my fever and flu was still embedded in my system. But kerana FGS, i still got up from bed to take her there. *sniffles*.

Ok since Hadeeja cafe specializes on sarawak food. So we ordered Nasi ayam masak hitam (yum yum, walaupun hitam rupanya, but i loved it), Laksa Sarawak (not to my liking as it was too 'berherba' for me) and Mee Kolok. (Quite nice, macam Wantan Mee) and not to forget the kek lapis sarawak (loved the coffee flavored one). Overall, food was ok, but i hope the management could add up more food into the menu!.That would be lovely! ;)

Al-Fatihah to Yasmin Ahmad. I felt sad. A true talent left the entertainment world and as well the fans of her work. I personally think that all of her movies were really good and that no one could ever replace her. No more hari raya adverts from her as well this year. *s0bs*. ikan di laut, asam di darat...... ='(

I'm feeling dizzy, gonna hit the sack now. Till then. Stay tuned. :)

P/s: pencinta kasut says can't wait for august!


The Change

Posted by Fira Tirona at 7:55 PM
Gosh, it has been awhile since i last blogged. I think that my writing skills are getting bad by the day.It's July now and i can't wait for Ramadhan to come by as there will be some changes in my life. Be it on appearance, habits and my current lifestyle.

The reason of this soon coming change was not influenced by anyone but myself. Once you get the calling, you know that you need to make some difference in your life for the better. I did, get the hidayah one fine morning few months back. The 1st person i texted was my dad as i told hime my intention and he replied to me that whatever you do, I'm all for you and there is no forcing for you to do so. He just advised me that if i've decided for that change, he hoped that I'll stick to it forever. From that day onwards, I doa everyday so that my decision and kata hati is right and my Allah lead me to a better path. Insya-Allah.Amin.

I am done with late party nights and getting home wee hours in the morning. Maybe another one more round won't hurt?.. *giggles*. Yes, I am prepared for the change.

P/s: pencinta kasut is stressed with her thesis.wish me luck!


How Time Flies

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:54 PM
Gosh, how time flies. It's the mid year already and at this particular time, i've noticed that many of my friends are busy attending weddings, getting married and getting engaged. As for me, i've been invited to quite a number of weddings and NO, i am not eager or planning to get hitch that soon. To those who are stepping to a different phase of life, congratulations! and mudah-mudahan kekal ke anak cucu :).

Speaking of anak-anak and cucu-cucu...Two (out of four) of my god children will be celebrating their birthday this month. They are; Mohd Rizq Haikal who is turning 5 this 21th and Arra Batrisya who will be turning 4 this 29th. Earlier last month, these 2 siblings had celebrated their 3rd brother's birthday, Mohd Ziqr Uzayr. He is 2 now. And as for the youngest of the lot, Mohd Rayd Ruzayn, he will be celebrating his birthday in October (Not so soon tho..Phew! ;) )
As the title of my blog says; these kiddos are growing up too fast. Each of everyone of them have their own character and personality.
When i got to know that my FGS was pregnant with her 1st, I WAS SO SO EXCITED. I will go online everyday to find and choose cute cool name for him. And when my FGS decided to name his Rizq Haikal. I was like ok. Rizq means 'Rezeki'. So yeah, budak tu memang pembawa rezeki. Then tak sampai setahun rizq tu lahir, there came Arra Batrisya (ni lagi excited sbb baby girl!), meaning "berpendirian" and god, she really is a matured little girl..Just guess what she wants for her 4th birthday? ...She wants an ALL GIRL BDAY. Meaning, no boys allowed, even her Baba..So funny!. And when we asked her again about her plan, (and thinking she just might just forgot about it), she will tell us the same thing..See told you she is very "berpendirian".U go girl!... Pls do grow up like your Ninang ok?... Hehe..And yes, she is my pride and joy of my parents as they just adore baby girls.(perasan jer my parents tu..hihi).

Tho these two can really get me on my nerves, i just simply adore them. My heart just melts away when they come and kiss me on the cheek and embrace my tightly and how they will ask me to get them chocs/ice cream/sweets when take them to the shop. To Mohd Rizq Haikal and Arra Batrisya, please do know that Ninang sayang u both! I really wished that i could throw awesome themed party and get cool pressies for you both, tapi nak buat macam mana..i can't afford it now..But i do hope someday i could throw both of you your 1st teen party. Sure cool gila!..Hahahaha!.Looking forward for more birthdays to come with them :). And yes i am saying it again..HOW TIME FLIES!

With lots of love,
Ninang Fira



Posted by Fira Tirona at 4:07 PM
Ha!...Jangan fikir bukan-bukan k. I'm down with food poisoning.. :'(. Had to face the same problem last month.And yesterday kena balik...What is happening with the food here in KL?.. Don't they use clean and fresh ingredients to prepare food?..Unacceptable!

What happened to me last month was when i ate yesterdays' satay. Well, i really thought i was still ok as it was kept in the fridge and that it was heated up the next day. Still, with all the precaution taken to keep the food good...IT DOES NOT DO GOOD TO ME anyway...

So what happened to me yesterday was:

1) Went to the curve with the osom fosom to celebrate sha's graduation
2) Decided to eat at thai express
3) Was excited as faiz belanja.Yeay. So we ordered seafood tom yam. Yellow and green curry, mango salad and chicken.
4) When the food came, kami makan dengan gembiranya. Buat lawak sana sini.
5) Headed to BnR, for dessert.Again, buat lawak sana sini.
6) Got home at around 10pm. Went online till 11.30pm. Felt nauseous all of a sudden. Ignored it and went to bed
7) Couldn't sleep. cold sweat. Vomited like more than 4 times..Arghh...H A T E IT!

Lesson learned.I've got to becareful with what i eat now.
I'm still feeling nauseousness. Oh pls god..make it go away!


rasa macam setahun dah tak blog

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:54 PM
lamanya tak blog..but when i ever log in into my account to blog..then all of a sudden rasa macam dah tak nk blog ape..padahal there are lots in my head to shout about.but i guess sometimes i just like to keep it to myself jer kot...
shoottts!.. june is almost here.well, i kinda excited about june but at the same time really worried bout my thesis.......Waaaaaaaaaaaa!...ok2 i don't want to spoil my mood to blog now. So yea June, can't wait for my perhentian trip with my girls...Now now, Fira...don't get too excited all about it..kang lain plak jadinya....uishhh..CHOi!...hahaha..
I was watching The Ophrah show 2 days back and the topic for that day was "things that women do to make themselves beautiful''.some like that la.. In Japan, women (with money) will consume Collagen (powdered form mixed with green tea) to obtain porcelain-like skin and to the extend of srubbing their face with owl's poop (yes people, burung hantu) ..of course powdered form lathered with pencuci muka to get kulit yang cantik tanpa cacat cela. In Brazil, women weigh between 110-125 pounds. uishh...patut la the women there are so cantek and sexy. In Mauritania on the contrary, men LOVE their women BIG!...(how fascinating, aku kalau ternaik badan sket jer,,,bf aku bising2..haih....typical..ahhaa). Women there also practice force feeding to girls who are growing (normal in rural areas and still practiced in the urban society). Kesian, they are FORCED to be fat. The bigger and fatter you are, the more seductive and desirable you will be...Jgn harap la kat Malaysia ni :p
Aku ingat nk ber-diet untuk menjadi kurus la....hik hik ;)..(hahah..tetiba)
p/s: pencinta kasut wants to shop for new tkde pun yg berkenan


Of excitement,fun and fear- Part 2

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:52 AM


The trip was memang berbaloi. Go to meet with a new friend, Jan. To Ahmad and Jan, if u girls,.ehh.ooops,guys are reading this, thanks so much for joining Yan and I yesterday. You darlings were real fun!. Next trip Umbai pls?. Oh tak nak la, lets dine at Paris (Jan, get the airline tix for us. Ok over la tu :p)

We were so proud of ourselves as we worked as a team! Macam amazing race ok. We arrived at the place without getting ourselves in into weird,scary dark roads which does not lead to the place we were heading to. Time tu tiba2 i rasa macam takut. *teringat cerita coming soon*..SHOOT!.

Ok, nak dipendekkan cerita. All were excited sebab selamat sampai ke destinasi. Got a place to seat. Ordered our food. Makan, borak (Aku rasa table kita paling kecoh as people kept looking at our table, mungkin sebab aku cantek..Wahaha...lempang kang!). Balik dengan muka happy. :)

It was all worth it!. Me like!

P/s: Pencinta kasut says: Terima kasih kepada Garmin juga kerana menolong kami ke destinasi.
Note: Garmin tu GPS bukan orang. Tq.Ahahahah


Of excitement,fun and fear- Part 1

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:21 AM
When your parents say this:

"Don't get too excited nanti you'll be dissappointed"

Confirm disappointed punya la...HAIHHHH

I was so excited to go to this particular warehouse sale at cineleisure. 3 famous brands: Zara,Pull and Bear and Massimo Dutti. All the excitement changed into disappointment. All because there were MILLIONS OF PEOPLE (haha..ok...tipu la tu).ok re-phrase that..RAMAI ORG beratur to get in the sale...Aku tau tahu la nak explain cam mana.. But just look at the pic below and imagine it yourself.Pic taken at 11.30am. (Sale starts at 11am).

The que.Note the people in the warehouse sale.RAMAI OK. Mood time tu: FRUST.Tq pls

I told my bf to just get out from there..Padahal tengah sakit hati. So we decided to have lunch. Headed all the the way to sec13 Shah Alam. Had a bowl of ipoh hor fun.Total bliss.Lupa terus pasal warehouse sale kejap. After that, we headed to the pj to have a peep of Adidas warehouse sale. Another round of disappointment. So i told the ever so patient bf to just leave and we headed to one-utama to get our movie tickets. Oh no, we did not watch "He's just not that into you" but we watched "Coming Soon", the Thai horror film.MMG horror. I refuse to put the coming soon poster pic here....SCARY LA!

Anyhow, to reduce the feeling of takut, my bf, ahmad (our friend that we picked up at the lrt station once getting the tickets) and i went to delicious cafe to have some sweet treat. I ordered, chocolicious sundae with strawberries, bf had that peach frangipane with ice cream and ahmad had tiramisu. oh, we ordered chicken patties too. Yum..all pun sedap..berbaloi-berbaloi.

Ok, time tgk movie seram tu. (tp cerita 'SHUTTER' sumpah lagi seram). I was already equipped with my pashmina.Yela, nak tutup mata dikala scene2 yang menakutkan. All of us were like: 'bodo, sial punya hantu, FCUk!, Babi'. Cursing and swearing tapi yang paling over is when Ahmad menjerit. Sgt macam gadis. Tergelak aku dibuatnya. Hiks, seronok.

Had dinner at Hartamas. NOthing to shout about. Food was so-so. Was really hungry.Bedal jer. Sent Ahmad home. Sleepy but takut nak tido sorang2. Sampai jer rumah. Knocked on my parents' room, mom opened the door. Dengan muka kesian i said.

"Ma, can i sleep in your room?"

P/s: Pencinta kasut is in NEED of new clothes


How la to be an avid blogger like this..

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:51 PM
Hye readers, dah lama i tak feed my blogsite with stories, silly ramblings and more. Well, today i have a bit of time to just update this blog of mine (typing while watching ugly betty on fav). Betty Suarez (ugly betty). Although she has bad sense of fashion but she's smart. Actually, her styles are sometimes unique. :)

Ok, what else?. Oh ya, got a new baby Dell, nokia E71, GRF from upm. No new car and no new bf...LOL. Still driving my 7 yr old CLK (not MERCEDES CLK.but my cute little kelise). I call her ROSE. In my earlier post, i mentioned about getting a DLSR but not now i guess. To tight up with my work and i don't think i have the time to go out and snap picture and and paling malas at this point if i get a DLSR is to learn how to use it..Maybe end of the year.

My research project is going ok. i guess. My Super-V want me to get more respondents. Like are u joking? Most corporate companies are tied up with closing of Quarter 1 (reports, annual appraisals....blah blah blah). Bibik Ina, if you are reading this u will understand what i mean..Ina!. mana nak cari respondents lagi ni?.*stress stress*

Speaking of stress, i think i need to de-stress myself. Going for movies do not..i repeat..DO NO de-stress me. It's just a short distraction from the current workload i have now. Half way through the movie my mind will go astray by thinking of my research paper...NOT HELPING!..i think i need to treat myself by going to the spa...pegi massage ker....Hmmm....sounds blissful...ahahah

I'll be 25 this year. Still working hard to earn my Masters degree. Most of my friends are married with good jobs with fat pay cheques and some dah ada babies. Best betul bunyinya. Sighh...Guess i'll just have to wait for my turn..Pray for me ya...AMIN

I miss my bibiks..

p/s: pencinta kasut is slowly updating her wardrobe


The day that made me more paranoid

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:24 PM
I witnessed something that totally freaked me out and this made me more paranoid than ever. A dear friend of mine and i was out for a walk last Sunday and suddenly what i saw was blood coming out from his forehead.I was so terkejut that what came out from my mouth was."Take ur T-shirt off and press it over to your wound.If i ha n't asked him out that evening this wouldn't have happened.His parents brought him DSH to get the wound fixed. My bro, some friends and i went to see him right after his minor surgery.

Thank god he's fine stiches.OUch

But i still feel sorry for him la..TRAUMA sgt!. I told him that, that incident could have happened to me if i have had walked in front of him.Oh, sorry.lupa plak nak citer the details of the freak accident.Macam ni. we were walking and beside us was a Billboard. We all berani sumpah that we did not noticed a jutting palang besi from the billboard la.Bodo punya org, ada ker patut biarkan the jutting besi, patut potong or something la kan. So mcm tu la, tk perasan and hence he hit his forehead. Kesian la.

My dear friend Iriz, i promise you that we WON'T EVER follow that route again to go for our walk Next time kita pegi kiara park ok?.



A day of TOTAL indulgence

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:41 PM
It's almost 12am when im blogging this and 20 minutes before blogging i had a piece of butter naan at Jasema in Ttdi. Mmg best but arghh.....the calories!... i guess u'll be saying "Ala, butter naan jer".LOL. It's not just the butter naan i had today but more than that!. It was a day of pigging out. I so tak sangka i can makan so byk like that.Ishh.Ishh.

My diet for today was:

9am: 1/2 milo kosong with 3pcs of hi-fiber biscuits and 3 biji anggur (healthy breakfast la konon)
1.45pm: Kung fu ying yong
Wanted ice-cream or donuts after that. Tp tak jadi. (Konon nak save the calories)

4pm: Was at one utama, window shopping and i got hungry (that was about 5.30pm). I ordered french chicken set at BK.Sedap tapi sgt high in fat and calories.

11pm: After watching curious case of benjamin button, got hungry again. Last meal for the day was the butter naan


Brrpp.Opps.Alhamdulillah. Moral of the story, DO NOT INDULGE SO MUCH THE NEXT TIME.
P/s: Esok kena workout kaw-kaw and back to my normal diet


Today memang MONDAY BLUES for me

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:59 PM
Was up really early this morning. Haven't had any good sleep for the past few weeks. Been thinking a lot on ways finish up my data collection on time and this keeps on bugging me every single day (and night). I'm trying hard to get it all sorted before the the timeline. Lots to be done after this from key-ing data to analyzing data to writing up results and so forth. Shoott...i haven't start sambung my Chapter 2. *knocks head*

Speaking of analyzing data, i went for an advanced stat class this afternoon. It made me so pening to understand!. I so so wished that i could have someone to help me to analyze me data later. Was really focused for the 1st 45 mins of the lecture, trying to understand the methods used to analyze data but after that terus hilang focus as it was getting more complicated. Shishhhhhhhh....and yeah the lecture when on till 5.30pm. By that time, otak i dah TEPU. Takpe2. will go for more stat workshops in future.

Went home at bout 6pm. Jalan jam. Arrived home at 7.30pm. **Tension2**

Thought right now: "Bila la respondent2 aku ni nk reply email aku ni? SUSAH SGT KER??". Alangkah baiknya if aku buat research melibatkan tumbuh-tumbuhan ker binatang-binatang ker"....Astaga..STOP COMPLAINING FIRA!" *knocks head again*

To add, i got some news that made me felt so down. My dad called during lunch to calm me down. *sob sob*. And to pujuk diri sendiri, i treated myself with a Cornetto ice-cream.

Hope tomorrow will be a good one for me.

P/s: Pencinta kasut got a Nine West sandal for 60% off..and loving my new E71. Thanks mom and dad! Happy ;D


Does it matter if your best friend is a girl or a guy?

Posted by Fira Tirona at 4:20 PM
Anda ada best friend tak??. Tak kisah la. lelaki ker perempuan ker. Orang kata kalau ber-besfriends dengan perempuan nanti boleh gado (Oh yes, i've seen this) dan orang kata kalau ber-bestfriends dengan lelaki confirm akan jadi couple (Nyeh nyeh, betul ker ni?. Mungkin juga).
So sape kata lelaki dan perempuan tak boleh jadi best friends?

I have a bestfriend and my best friend is a guy. We are very close during college till now and i'll always get excited when he come home for his term break. To me, he has the criteria that i want in a best friend. From sharing similiar thoughts to gossiping about the bitches and mamat2 sengal in college (Astaga, laser nyer mulut aku.haha) to telling him "NAPI!!..aku tgh period pain ni tp tgh craving ice-cream!" to listening to my stories bout what the future holds for me and so on. Our lecturers thought that we were a couple then. Kelakar betul. Basically, he was always there when i needed him. See, boleh ape lelaki jadi our best friend.

But then again, kalau ada best friend lelaki ni ada la price that we have to pay. Not literally. What i meant was that he has a gf, of course la gf dia jeles kat aku. Wahai adik Hanis, tak perlu la jeles ngn AKAK. Dah bertahun2 akak kawan ngn abg napi adik steady jer tkde ape2.Boleh bagi AKAK medal for this tau..ahaha..over tul aku ni..Anyway, tu la dia. benda2 ni sure akan jadi jika best friend kita tu ada gf. As for me, my bf doesn't mind napi being my best friend, tapi mula2 jeles gak la...Biasa la tu kan?..Ala, chill la baby..I LOVE U kan?(ayat ni dituju pada kekasih hati saya dan bukan Napi yer) ;)

So there, it doesn't matter if your best friend is a guy or a girl. Yang penting, u know ur limits and boundaries. Tak susah kan?. Kena ada trust la.. To napi, if your are reading this. I just want to tell you that i miss our lepaking sessions at the mamak, our clubbing, shopping and bowling sessions. Kenapa la kau jauh sangat!. Cepat la balik cuti. Oh ya, jaga Hanis baik2 ok?. Can i be your 'Maid of Honor' Napi?.Ahaha..Ngada tul. Go watch that movie!..sgt best :)

  • Hanis in this blog is not 'Miss Hanis the Model' in the blogs i read section.
  • A-a and Ina, if you are reading this, I LOVE U BIBIKS TO BITS!. Takmo citer pasal korang kat sini because you girls are very very close to my heart.Chewah..*sisterly hugs*

Bibik-bibik ku sayang

The best friend- Hanafi
P/s: Pencinta kasut is supposed to be doing her thesis project but instead, she's blogging this...bad fira!!.


Oh Please...Pretty Please!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 4:16 PM
I'm now on the data collection mode. In case u did not know, data collection is where a researcher does his/hers field work (E.g: conducting interviews and assisting the target sample's on how to complete a questionnaire form). It ain't an easy task. As for me, I'll have to get the person's consent to participate in my study and to convince them that the information given by them would be kept confidential (of course they do). It's tiring when I'll have to wait for them to respond to my e-mails as these people are very very busy.But then again, I would be very happy by the end of the day checking through at least 90% of completed of each survey forms that were distributed to these people. Definitely not an easy job.

Hope to get more respondents as i plan to finish up this part so that i could start analyzing and getting results and finally start writing . Guess that i should continue writing for chapter 2. Ahuh! guess i should.

It's the weekend now. I need some relaxation.

Oh God..Oh please, pretty please. Please let my hardwork be a worthy one. AMIN.


The new charm

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:46 PM

I finally got a charm bracelet for myself. Not from Thomas Sabo nor Tiffany and Co. Got it from the weekend bazaar at The Curve. Had four charms on it.

1st charm: The number 8 which represents my birtdate and birth month

2nd charm: The slipper which represents my passion for shoes/slippers/sandals

3rd charm: The handbag which represents my passion for handbags

4th charm: A coach inspired charm. Nothing significant. I just loved the design

I'm LOVING IT!. I think i should get one for my mom too..Hmmm :)
-Pencinta kasut-



Posted by Fira Tirona at 5:45 PM
Have u ever dreamt of being a:

1) Model terkenal?
2) Penyanyi bersuara best?
3) Tv Host yg hebat?
4) Sportswomen?
5) Lead singer in a rock/pop band?
6) Pelajar cemerlang in top universities?
7) Menjadi kaya by the time u reach 30?

Ikutila kisah dibawah:

1) Model terkenal
Well, i don't have the criteria to be a model. I'm short and not slim and lanky. But i've always dreamed that i was like Tyra. Getting to walk on the runway clad in designer clothes and killer
heels. I'm sure people like them dapat kasut free, bag free, make up free. Ok2. kalau tak free pun, sure dapat discounts. And best part, Big FAT cheques..Kaching!. Fame and fortune!

**In my blog read, ada this girl named Hanis Zalikha, our very own local model. Tall and pretty. Smart too. I love models who owns both beauty and brains. Very down to earth girl**

Read up!: Miss Hanis the Model

2) Penyanyi bersuara best
I love singing. Mana2 pun boleh. Dalam kereta, dalam toilet, dalam bilik tapi yang paling syok and feeling, definitely at the Karaoke center la. Have always wanted to try out for auditions organized by any reality tv show. But i just don't have the guts. Kang pegi audition , pastu juri tu cakap "sorry fira, u r not qualified sbb suara mcm katak"..ahahah..sure balik with great dissappointment. But anyhow, i would love to give it a try one day. Who knows right?.Hahaha. My definition of penyanyi bersuara best adalah FAIZAL TAHIR!

3) Tv host yang hebat
My dream since high school. I've always dreamed of being a tv host for my very own talk show. (like Oprah). Memang my dream until today. **hanya mampu berangan**

4) Sportwomen
Ok, i wanted to be a very successful squash player. But i was too fat and lazy to train and exercise when i was younger. Now kalau nak start jadi sportwomen macam tak layak jer. Sure injured kaki la itu la ini la. Right now, my ankle is getting better after a silly fall during futsal 2 weeks ago. Not silly la. More like a clumsy fall. My bro actually laughed at it. He said it was very silly.It was actually.Ahahahah. **bodo gila**.

5) Lead singer in a rock/pop band
Definitely la ada impian tu!.. Not so being in a pop band. But in a rock band. Used to play the keyboard in a band and we supposed to masuk competition but sadly one of the band members demam. I dah excited dah time tu!.Well i guess it was just not meant to be.**loved the jamming sessions though**

P/s: Itu pun my mom dah bising2 sbb masuk band. Oh come one mom, at least i have stories to tell to my kids besides the things i did every Thursday nights during college years.ahaha.

6) Pelajar cemerlang di top universities
Well, am not exactly a pelajar cemerlang. But i have a degree in my hand and i'm currently doing my masters degree. Wish me luck!.

7) Menjadi kaya by the time u reach 30?
I'll be 25 dis year. To be rich in 5 more years?.Boleh ker?. Hmmmmmmmm. Boleh kot. Hehe.**berangan again**

How nice if all could become a reality. But i chew on this. We can't have all in life but we should make use and appreciate what we have in life...HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND PEOPLE and HAPPY VALENTINE'S too. :)

-Pencinta Kasut-


Fortune Cookie

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:20 PM
I like the fortune cookie. You'll get something that reads like ' Accept the opinion of others' or ' You will be properous' once you bite the crispy outer layer of the cookie.

Yesterday was a funny story. My cousin wanted fortune cookies for a function at her office tomorrow. So, she went to the hypermarket nearby but to much dissapointment, this stuff was all sold out. Like Duh!!...CNY dah over kot..OK, nevermind that. She called me up to ask me a favor to find them. So i plak macam kesian kat dia, the whole day mencari tapi tak jumpa. (I even called up the bakery near my house to ask if they have those and my mom wondered where i got the number and i cleverly said 'Kat plastic beg kedai roti tu la").

Pandai kan? ..heheh.. -_-

So, yeah, bakery takde. So sms-ed her and said. Jom pegi Giant kat KD. SURE ADA!. Drove there and 3 of us were praying hard that the FC ada la kan.. (another person was my cuzin Nishta). Ok, long story short of the scene in the hypermarket..FORTUNE COOKIE tu TKDE!. STRESSSS!!!!. So last resort, beli jer la kacang pagoda.

The story didn't end there. As my cuzin was queing up to pay the kacang,i told her that i nak masuk Guardian (one of my favourite store to masuk tgk2 barang)kejap. So i was walking area cokelat2, keropok2, biskut2..sekali tu...hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa...tu dia!.....Aku jumpa FC tu!. Berpeket-peket. Of course la i was excited!..told Nish to run to Donnie and tell her that i found it..She didn't run of course. She just shouted outside Guardian. 'WE FOUND THE FORTUNE COOKIES!".

Ok, pendek kata, we were all excited and happy sgt2!. Each took a small packet each to see what are our fortunes are like. Mind read..."Love will blossom-8911". sweet.AHAHAHAHA

Mission cari FC accomplished!

P/s: Pencinta kasut is thinking to get a new pair of black flats


Far away

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:53 PM
(Big Sighsss)....

I just wanna go far away from here. Out from Malaysia. Stay independent for awhile and see how it goes. Q is...can i?.will i?. I dreamt of the number 27. Oh tuhan ku, berikanlah ku petunjuk, kekuatan untuk menempuh segala dugaan dan cabaran yang ku berikan kepada ku.

P/s:.Pencinta kasut is depressed. WHY NOW??


Bye-bye Futsal

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:22 PM
Was so eager to play futsal last night. Konon-konon nak kick the stress out la ape la. 1st half of the session went fine when suddenly...PRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!..HAAAAAAa..tu dia. My ankle terpele'ot. Siap jatuh terbaring. Deep inside my heart.."Oh NO NO!. this ain't good". True enough i could not get up. Nasib baik my brother and iriz were there to help. I was devastated of what happened. Sprained ankle again???..Aduhh..lemahnya my ankle ni. (FYI, i have sprained my ankle the err..hmm?...**thinking**..lost dah few times). My mom and dad dah pesan to not play anymore futsal..But then again..I'm so degil. So main gak la.I just love the game. Gives me the andrenaline rush. I feels good when you get to score a few goals..Ahahahah..

Now that I'm home. Dad helped me to bandage my ankleJalan pun terjengket-jengket. Adoiii...such injury will only cost my precious time la.Nasib baik la kaki kiri, kalau kaki kanan, I won't be able to drive.

Oh God, I better stop playing futsal for the mo until i finished my study programme. This sprained ankle is really annoying me already. From now on, I'll just head to the gym for a good workout and go jogging during the weekends. Should be sufficient to keep myself fit. Yup, got to lead a healthy living!

P/s:. What will happen to my kasut futsal then?..*sobs*


Road Trip-Malacca

Posted by Fira Tirona at 2:13 PM

Thanks to faiz, sha and abu for making the trip a memorable one. The trip was almost got cancelled (boohoo..i was sedih tau) but faiz and sha made it happen! (although Sha was bz with her submission and Faiz cancelled his appointment with his Dr).Sayang korang sangat..Ok2 enough of the cerita sedih.

So we left for Melaka, last Thursday around 12pm. All of us were so so excited. Dalam keter pot pet pot pet je keje..Haha...Tau2 sampai jer Melaka..We went to a few places at Bandar Melaka..Ramai org!.. Was there till 5pm and we headed to Umbai for dinner. All of us saved our tummy for that. Haven't been there for ages. The food was yummy!. We ordered ikan pari bakar, steamed siakap, butter prawns and sotong goreng tepong. The sotong goreng was YUMMY till i didn't care about the other dishes! HAhaha...But yeah..all was good and licin semuanya...**giggles**. Oh yeah we had otak2 as the side dish too. Habis jer dinner. We headed back to Bandar Melaka to meet up a friend of faiz, sha and abu. Melaka town at night sangat happening!.. With the fancy beca and all!. I spotted one with fancy decors and lightings and complete with audio system (ok,most of them had,but the one with the Michael Jackson's song was the best!)

Ok, we suppose to head back for home around 9pm but since all was having fun still we decided to spend 2 more hours. Rasa macam tak nak balik!. So ok. we balik at around 11pm. All of us was singing in the car so that Faiz won't get sleepy while driving.

Pendek kata, the trip was fun and the people i went with was such a sport. Love u all.XOXO. Looking forward for more road trips!


New toy!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:30 PM
Yes.i finally got myself a MP3 player. Nothing fancy though. Just a decent 1 gig player. Happy with my purchase..Nasib baik new toy and not a new boy...LOL...

Oh oh esok..Me going on a day trip to Malacca. Need to get some time off for myself. Will update that once I'm back. I long for this kind of stuff especially time off with friends. I just want to let my self 'free' kejap. Hope esok will be fun. :)

For now, i'm tired. Need some good Zs. G'nite.

P/s: Pencinta kasut wants that shoes frm Bata!


What U don't know Won't Hurt

Posted by Fira Tirona at 12:07 PM
Do you keep secrets from your gf or bf?. Do you tell your gf or bf that your female/male office mates/classmate or whatever u call them that they text/call you to ask how you are or merely to say good night?. Hm......

I'm holding on to this principle. I won't tell if it's going to hurt him. Well i do sometimes and yes we do get into arguments but what the heck...i am/was being honest right? A friend told me that it's best that your gf or bf don't know as what he or she doesn't know won't hurt..But then again...i beg to differ at times tho..

I miss my best friend so so much...ahahaha..tetiba jer lari best friend is a guy and my bf knows about it. And he's cool...Ahahahha

P/s: Pencinta kasut has something to ponder about today.


Love Him or Hate Him

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:37 PM
Love him or hate him. Oh no no..bukan pasal cerita gaduh saya ngn buah hati saya. I'm taking about Faizal Tahir. My bf thinks he's poyo. I don't. Definitely. Faizal Tahir rocks my world!

Watched AJL last night i thought he did great!. Was happy that he went home with 3 winnings.Great performance, powerful vocals.Err, didn't really like the gothic look on him but anyhow...he had the x-factor in a singer that i really liked! (I've been following him since 'One in a million and still wondering why he didn't emerge as the champion). Ermm..tetiba lagu 'We are the champions' by Queen terngiang2 di telingaku...~~we are the friends..and we'll keep on fighting till the end~~...ahahaha..Ngada tul.

He performed during the new year eve at The curve this year. Got to hear him singing live!. I just like the vibe in him when he's on stage. Nad and I were singing along to his songs although kami macam lupa2 the lyrics. Tho i was happy singing but deep inside my heart i hope that he would not do anything silly by like taking off his shirt and spoil his chance of performing during the AJL finals. But of course..he didn't do it. Thank god for that!

U can say whatever you want about Faizal Tahir. But i'm his fan big time!. Go listen to his songs.Cuba and Sampai syurga.Hmmmmmmmm~~~

P/s: Fira Tirona's initials sama ngan Faizal Tahir..Nasib baik tak Faizal Tirona.Ahaks!.(Jangan marah!)


The things u like but.....

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:31 PM
Have you ever been in this situation? E.g.: u walk in to a shop/boutique and there, u saw a bag/shoe/top or whatever that you fancy and when u look at the price tag and you'll go..."Ala!.habis la allowance aku bulan nk?". I have...dozens of times. Result: u put the thing u like and walk away from the store feeling so sakit hati sgt2 and dalam hati u menjerit2." Bila la nk habis blaja and keje with gaji besar ni?!!!!".Ahha..ok..I'm being emotional.Over betul. I have the tendency to fall in love with things with pricey tags. Can't help it la!.

Well, i really like this charm i saw at Isetan KLCC. Thomas Sabo brings in nice sterling silver charms.I was browsing a few and i fell in love with the number 8 charm.It's so nice!. I thought that the number 8 charm would be appropriate as it resembles my birthdate and birthmonth.Hehe..Hm.I wanna ask mom to get it for me la..heheheh **evil grins**. Anyway, go the website and check it out.

Have few things that i have in mind that i want to get but i got to stick to my resolution which is to only spend end of the year. Yes.i repeat END OF THE YEAR. Harus menjadi pembeli yang bijak.

P/s: Pencinta kasut wants to get that Thomas Sabo charm jugak!..hehe



Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:16 PM
I lost a friend today. My friend's 2nd brother to be exact. We went to the same school. Used to come to my house those days since my brother was kinda close to him. He passed away this morning. High fever. And paling sedih, the parents are in Mecca.Will only be back next week.*sob sob*

Al-Fatihah buat arwah. Zaliff Bin Zainal. Moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Amin

P/s:Tuhan boleh mengambil nyawa kita bila-bila masa sahaja.Pencinta kasut has thoughts wondering in her mind right now.


The New Year Eve

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:22 AM
Last night was fun. Was out with sha,nadia,afique,faiz, jepa and yuyu. (later came haziq+gf and qystin). We did the countdown at the curve. Was reluctant to go there at 1st as i was really looking forward to party at mon't kiara with sarah and milia but tak jadi. Nasib baik ada plan B (hm.nasib baik mcm seronok.hahaha). Left the house at 9.15pm

The curve-ikea-ikano 'district' were filled with people. Parking kereta pun jauh gila. But since nak tengok the fireworks and do the 5-4-3-2-1 thingy, i didn't mind at all. So yeah, the place were filled with people. All were excited to usher in the new year. Even the 7-E at the curve was filled with people. That was my 1st time tengok 7-E penuh gila. Good biz for 7-E. Ok, back to the scene.As i was saying, the Curve was filled with people from families, teens, kids, toddlers,indonesian workers (haha). Faiz and I walked around to get a good spot to just lepak and wait but we decided to go to BK 1st since afique and the gang was there to have dinner.

I was glad that i was there..BECAUSE. Faizal Tahir was one of the performers. Aku sampai jer area ikea tu.Tuh dia.Faizal Tahir.*excited gila time tu ok*. He's so HOT HOT although dah kawin and have 2 kids. (2 ker?.or maybe 3.not sure). Oh ya, another Hot guy on stage was Joey-G. He was the host of the night. Oh, Rain also performed. ( u know, that guy in that shampoo commercial.'NAMA SAYA RAIN'.ahaha)..Nadia was so excited to see him on stage.Ahah.Lawak la Nadia.

Fireworks show was just so -so. Sama jer macam last year. While watching the fireworks display, my mind was reminiscing the past, thinking of my sayang, and hoping that 2009 will be good year for me. (Insya-allah.Amin).

I had a nice new year eve with good friends with me. Thanks people. Looking forward for more outings and lepak sessions with ya'll. *hugs hugs*

P/s: Pencinta kasut should be more optimistic in life. To bibik Ina, welcome to blogspot and happy blogging!.. ;)
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