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Zattera Apparel

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:13 PM
I attended my cuzin's wedding reception last week. Was seeking for a suitable dress to match the theme color. Thanks to Mira, boutique owner of Zattera Apparel for sponsoring my outfit. She totally solved my problem and the headache caused by searching high and low for THE DRESS. ME LOVED IT!

Cik Fira on the left and her cuzin who flew all the way from Spain to celebrate the event. Head wear (Pashminas bought from Berjaya Times Square, Clutch bag from Asos )

And not forgetting THE SHOE to complete the look

5 inch peeped-t0e platforms with bow details (spt tak kelihatan bow itu.hehe). From Asos too.

Definitely not made for walking/dancing.



Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:58 PM
My BIB number

My 4th running event this year

Event: BHP Orange Run 2009
Venue: Piazza, The Curve, Selangor
Date: 25th July 2010
Time: 7.15am
Distance: 11KM

Anyone else joining?. Put your hands up high in the air if u are!

New Loves

Posted by Fira Tirona at 6:04 PM
The 3 things im in love with right now

Advanced birthday give from the boyfie . An 8GB purple iPod nano

Peep-toe laced up oxford heels from Ferriswheel and fuschia pink peep toe platforms with bow detail from Asos

RAWR! Haha


Running makes me happy (besides shoes)

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:10 AM

At SCKL MARATHON. Before the incident

Gosh, i think it has been a month since i really feed my blog with my ramblings and thoughts. Have been pretty busy with the family and my thesis. But all are going fine (i hope). I was suppose to wake up earlier on today join a charity walk at Kiara Park@TTDI but i had this really back pain and decided to just sambung my sleep.

Regarding the title of the post. Before running makes me happy. I used to hate the idea of waking up very early in the morning or getting ready later in the evening (because the weather might me scorching hot) to go for jogs/runs. Not only that, i also hated the fact that wasn't as fit as today to run and that i'll be panting not even 3KM of running. Looking at other runners at the park doing their things made me envious of them.Due to this, i was discouraged of course. It was last year that i really joined my first running event which was the Ekiden Run. It was a relay run so i was excited as we only had to run 3KM each. (In my head..ala..3KM only). That was first experience running with pro runners and such. Again...masuk 3rd Km i was already panting and i was really upset. From that event onwards, i vowed to start running to built up my stamina as i thought that if those runners can do it, i could to. I signed up for more runs after that. Next was the DUKERUN which was a 5KM run. Did better as i got to run more (although i had slower my pace by brisk walking to catch my breath). I got 35th place, got a finishers medal and a certificate. IT WAS GLORIOUS for me i tell you. The feeling of finishing the race. This kinda event got me addicted. I signed up for Putrajaya night marathon (7.7km, finished at 98th place), Setic Eco Marathon (10km, finished at 1 hour 6 mins, 7th place. A good experience for this one as it rained the moment i reach my 9thKM). Oh, i got to monitor my pace and time during this event as i was already using my Nike+ Sportsband. Good stuff and it has always been my running "companion" since the 1st day i got it. The limelight event after few months of training was the SCKL MARATHON last month. The run was good till i tripped, fell and sprained my right ankle 100m away from the finish line. I wanted to quit but i told my self to finish it. I stopped and sat for awhile. A fellow runner pat me on the back i said "Get up!". It was really nice of him to do so. At that point, i was feeling crushed. I was running limping all the way to the finish line. But nevertheless, i managed to to cross the finish line with pride but not with style. Hahah. I clocked at 1 hour 16mins and ranked 360 out of 3000+ 1oKM women runners. Not bad right?. Hehe So yeah, the feeling of completing the race is out of this world. It's just priceless. It feels better when you have push yourself to your best ability. As a fellow runner/blogger Edan Syah says

"RUNNING teaches me to challenge myselves. It teaches me to push beyond where I thought I could go. It helps me to find out what I am made of. This is what I do. This is what it's all about. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING"

I definitely agree on that Edan.

My next running event will be the BHP ORANGE RUN (11km) and SHAPE/MEN's HEALTH RUN (12.3KM)

Hope to start running again by tomorrow *prays for no more sprained ankle*
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