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How Time Flies

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:54 PM
Gosh, how time flies. It's the mid year already and at this particular time, i've noticed that many of my friends are busy attending weddings, getting married and getting engaged. As for me, i've been invited to quite a number of weddings and NO, i am not eager or planning to get hitch that soon. To those who are stepping to a different phase of life, congratulations! and mudah-mudahan kekal ke anak cucu :).

Speaking of anak-anak and cucu-cucu...Two (out of four) of my god children will be celebrating their birthday this month. They are; Mohd Rizq Haikal who is turning 5 this 21th and Arra Batrisya who will be turning 4 this 29th. Earlier last month, these 2 siblings had celebrated their 3rd brother's birthday, Mohd Ziqr Uzayr. He is 2 now. And as for the youngest of the lot, Mohd Rayd Ruzayn, he will be celebrating his birthday in October (Not so soon tho..Phew! ;) )
As the title of my blog says; these kiddos are growing up too fast. Each of everyone of them have their own character and personality.
When i got to know that my FGS was pregnant with her 1st, I WAS SO SO EXCITED. I will go online everyday to find and choose cute cool name for him. And when my FGS decided to name his Rizq Haikal. I was like ok. Rizq means 'Rezeki'. So yeah, budak tu memang pembawa rezeki. Then tak sampai setahun rizq tu lahir, there came Arra Batrisya (ni lagi excited sbb baby girl!), meaning "berpendirian" and god, she really is a matured little girl..Just guess what she wants for her 4th birthday? ...She wants an ALL GIRL BDAY. Meaning, no boys allowed, even her Baba..So funny!. And when we asked her again about her plan, (and thinking she just might just forgot about it), she will tell us the same thing..See told you she is very "berpendirian".U go girl!... Pls do grow up like your Ninang ok?... Hehe..And yes, she is my pride and joy of my parents as they just adore baby girls.(perasan jer my parents tu..hihi).

Tho these two can really get me on my nerves, i just simply adore them. My heart just melts away when they come and kiss me on the cheek and embrace my tightly and how they will ask me to get them chocs/ice cream/sweets when take them to the shop. To Mohd Rizq Haikal and Arra Batrisya, please do know that Ninang sayang u both! I really wished that i could throw awesome themed party and get cool pressies for you both, tapi nak buat macam mana..i can't afford it now..But i do hope someday i could throw both of you your 1st teen party. Sure cool gila!..Hahahaha!.Looking forward for more birthdays to come with them :). And yes i am saying it again..HOW TIME FLIES!

With lots of love,
Ninang Fira



Posted by Fira Tirona at 4:07 PM
Ha!...Jangan fikir bukan-bukan k. I'm down with food poisoning.. :'(. Had to face the same problem last month.And yesterday kena balik...What is happening with the food here in KL?.. Don't they use clean and fresh ingredients to prepare food?..Unacceptable!

What happened to me last month was when i ate yesterdays' satay. Well, i really thought i was still ok as it was kept in the fridge and that it was heated up the next day. Still, with all the precaution taken to keep the food good...IT DOES NOT DO GOOD TO ME anyway...

So what happened to me yesterday was:

1) Went to the curve with the osom fosom to celebrate sha's graduation
2) Decided to eat at thai express
3) Was excited as faiz belanja.Yeay. So we ordered seafood tom yam. Yellow and green curry, mango salad and chicken.
4) When the food came, kami makan dengan gembiranya. Buat lawak sana sini.
5) Headed to BnR, for dessert.Again, buat lawak sana sini.
6) Got home at around 10pm. Went online till 11.30pm. Felt nauseous all of a sudden. Ignored it and went to bed
7) Couldn't sleep. cold sweat. Vomited like more than 4 times..Arghh...H A T E IT!

Lesson learned.I've got to becareful with what i eat now.
I'm still feeling nauseousness. Oh pls god..make it go away!
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