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The day that made me more paranoid

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:24 PM
I witnessed something that totally freaked me out and this made me more paranoid than ever. A dear friend of mine and i was out for a walk last Sunday and suddenly what i saw was blood coming out from his forehead.I was so terkejut that what came out from my mouth was."Take ur T-shirt off and press it over to your wound.If i ha n't asked him out that evening this wouldn't have happened.His parents brought him DSH to get the wound fixed. My bro, some friends and i went to see him right after his minor surgery.

Thank god he's fine stiches.OUch

But i still feel sorry for him la..TRAUMA sgt!. I told him that, that incident could have happened to me if i have had walked in front of him.Oh, sorry.lupa plak nak citer the details of the freak accident.Macam ni. we were walking and beside us was a Billboard. We all berani sumpah that we did not noticed a jutting palang besi from the billboard la.Bodo punya org, ada ker patut biarkan the jutting besi, patut potong or something la kan. So mcm tu la, tk perasan and hence he hit his forehead. Kesian la.

My dear friend Iriz, i promise you that we WON'T EVER follow that route again to go for our walk Next time kita pegi kiara park ok?.



A day of TOTAL indulgence

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:41 PM
It's almost 12am when im blogging this and 20 minutes before blogging i had a piece of butter naan at Jasema in Ttdi. Mmg best but arghh.....the calories!... i guess u'll be saying "Ala, butter naan jer".LOL. It's not just the butter naan i had today but more than that!. It was a day of pigging out. I so tak sangka i can makan so byk like that.Ishh.Ishh.

My diet for today was:

9am: 1/2 milo kosong with 3pcs of hi-fiber biscuits and 3 biji anggur (healthy breakfast la konon)
1.45pm: Kung fu ying yong
Wanted ice-cream or donuts after that. Tp tak jadi. (Konon nak save the calories)

4pm: Was at one utama, window shopping and i got hungry (that was about 5.30pm). I ordered french chicken set at BK.Sedap tapi sgt high in fat and calories.

11pm: After watching curious case of benjamin button, got hungry again. Last meal for the day was the butter naan


Brrpp.Opps.Alhamdulillah. Moral of the story, DO NOT INDULGE SO MUCH THE NEXT TIME.
P/s: Esok kena workout kaw-kaw and back to my normal diet


Today memang MONDAY BLUES for me

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:59 PM
Was up really early this morning. Haven't had any good sleep for the past few weeks. Been thinking a lot on ways finish up my data collection on time and this keeps on bugging me every single day (and night). I'm trying hard to get it all sorted before the the timeline. Lots to be done after this from key-ing data to analyzing data to writing up results and so forth. Shoott...i haven't start sambung my Chapter 2. *knocks head*

Speaking of analyzing data, i went for an advanced stat class this afternoon. It made me so pening to understand!. I so so wished that i could have someone to help me to analyze me data later. Was really focused for the 1st 45 mins of the lecture, trying to understand the methods used to analyze data but after that terus hilang focus as it was getting more complicated. Shishhhhhhhh....and yeah the lecture when on till 5.30pm. By that time, otak i dah TEPU. Takpe2. will go for more stat workshops in future.

Went home at bout 6pm. Jalan jam. Arrived home at 7.30pm. **Tension2**

Thought right now: "Bila la respondent2 aku ni nk reply email aku ni? SUSAH SGT KER??". Alangkah baiknya if aku buat research melibatkan tumbuh-tumbuhan ker binatang-binatang ker"....Astaga..STOP COMPLAINING FIRA!" *knocks head again*

To add, i got some news that made me felt so down. My dad called during lunch to calm me down. *sob sob*. And to pujuk diri sendiri, i treated myself with a Cornetto ice-cream.

Hope tomorrow will be a good one for me.

P/s: Pencinta kasut got a Nine West sandal for 60% off..and loving my new E71. Thanks mom and dad! Happy ;D
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