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Running with the snow all over

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:16 AM
End of the 1st week

It was a sunny day today accompanied with the clear blue sky. It reminded me of the nice mornings or evenings back home (light wind would be a bonus). Just the perfect weather to go for a good run or LSD. But today was different back home as the temperature was -5 degrees when i went out running at about 12.15pm. The road to the park was quite slippery so i had to go slow with my pace. So yea when i got to the park, saw few kids playing around but no one running. I was the only one running this afternoon though. Hahha. I noticed that i didnt feel tired while running. I guess that the air was dry unlike back home where the air was more humid and that i had to breathe in more moisture which makes me feel tired easily due to that. Overall, i enjoyed my 40 minutes slow run today. In fact, i think i enjoy running in the cold more.

Running uphill. Notice the blue and bright sky. LOVES!

My pink custom made ADIZERO ACE AGAINST the white snow

Headed to Tesco after that to get some food ;). Would definitely go out for runs again if the bright sun is out again :)


sugarmouse on December 21, 2010 at 9:26 PM said...

i like running in the cold too (:

what does "lsd" stand for?

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