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Langkah bendul

Posted by Fira Tirona at 12:30 PM
This morning my brother called home to talk to my mom. They had like a 20 minute conversation. I was upstairs doing my work. Went down to have breakfast and suddenly my mom told me this

Mama: Adik kata he wants to get married lepas dia habis belajar. He said dia tak nak kawin lambat *by time he finishes his studies he will be 27, hence i will be 28*

Me: Say what Ma?

Mama: Ye kak, dia nak kawin lepas belajar *with her facial expression yang sgt disappointed*

Me: *dalam hati said* Confirm la adik aku langkah bendul aku ni. -__-''

OMG, what will happen to me if he really gets married first?????


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