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Genting Trip

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:30 PM
I was at Genting yesterday. Bought 5 tickets (for my brother and hi gf, and my cousins nishta and shakel) 3 days earlier. Ticket were priced at RM41 inclusive bus ride (to and fro) and whole day pass to the outdoor theme park. We departed from one-utama. Main purpose of going there was to run away from the heat in KL (sejuk kat genting and as well to have fun at the outdoor theme park (nak main roller coaster and space shot tu). Sangat seronok semalam samapai hilang suara sebab dok terjerit2 sebab naik roller coaster and space shot tu.ahahahha...*gila*

Ahh...Breathtaking view

The genting crew yall!.Hahah

The rides

The roller coaster ride that made me scream!

The space shot ride...Gila scary ok. it was 50 meters high.. i think la...

Managed to go for 3 rides jer coz it rained heavily after we had our lunch..BUMMER!. Oh, and lunch was SO expensive ok!. I had nasi campur for dinner (Rm14) and kFc snack plate for lunch (rm16).CEKIK darah betul..I might as well gamble at the casino to get money for my food.Hahahha. *crazy thought*. There were many shops at the indoor theme park. Felt like i was at a mini Berjaya Times Square.

Left genting at 8.3opm . Nasib la we asked the people working there (not very friendly) about the buses whereabouts. If not, we sure to be stucked there that night. It was cold and wet due to the heavy rain earlier on.

Overall, everyone had fun

Tomorrow's post will be on my experience during Crocs Warehouse Sale 2010 at IKANO Power Center. So stay tuned. Have a good weekend bloggers/readers!


Got tagged

Posted by Fira Tirona at 6:18 PM
Got tagged by fellow blogger fatin fatihah

This is for you :)

how tall should he be?
definitely taller than i am

what hair colour should he have?
black/dark brown

what kind of personality should he have?

older or younger?

what film actor should he most be like?
johnny depp (fatin, kita ada same taste.hehe)

do they need to cook?
kalau boleh.simple2 pun ok

what car should he drive?

ape tajuk quiz ni babe?..i letak "ciri-ciri lelaki idaman" boleh?..hihihi

Kepada si dia saya yang membaca post ni..jangan marah k...kau tetap pujaan hatiku...HAHAHAH

Cik Fira was spotted!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 2:01 PM
I was reading a report on Kelly Clarkson's Live in Malaysia on MSN entertainment.

Was looking through the pictures as well and i suddenly found this on the webpage

I saw me! Hahahah. I had a funny facial expression. Still can's spot my tiny face? (in the picture la..hahah). Let me help you then...

Sila lihat gambar yang dibulatkan merah....Haih...why was my facial expression liddat one? So not charming..Hahahah

*still can't stop laughing about it*


Kelly Clarkson's Live in Malaysia

Posted by Fira Tirona at 12:10 AM

*Billboard outside the stadium*

One word to describe her show


Me and my other half TOTALLY enjoyed ourselves. But i enjoyed the most kot as i was singing to her songs all the time. She is good..if you think she sound good in her Cds/Music videos..she sound waaaaaaaaaaay better LIVe!.Gila best ok!!! And the cutest part is that she was Shoe-less when performing..Yes people. Kelly Clarkson berkaki-ayam.

Anyway, the show started of with Jac of Malaysian Idol singing a medley of malay songs. Loved her voice. Then Suki of Malaysion Idol too came out to perform (but only one song? y la suki?). Then everyone scream when a Silver Alphard drove in the stadium and Kelly Clarkson was in there!. At that point her band mates were already on the stage getting ready...and then...

She came out...

in a black outfit and without shoes on, singing energetically to her new number..

"All i ever wanted.....All i ever wanted was a simple way to get over you"


followed by her famous songs like "Breakaway", "Behind these hazel eyes", "Impossible", "Because of you", "Already gone" (very nice tau..acoustic rendition)"I do not hook up", "Since you've gone" and more . She also sang songs by Kings of Leon's "Use somebody", Kylie Minogue's "can't get you out of my head" and "Seven nation army" by the White Stripes to name a few.

She ended her hyped show with "My life would suck without you".I was already putting my hand up in the air by that time and stood up to give a big round of applause after the song was over. Haha, i know macam over sikit. Tapi excited dohhh. :P

Enjoy the pics! :)

Muka happy dapat tengok concert. Seee..our sits were kinda new to the stage.

Si dia bersama kelly...

KC with her band

Not only we got to enjoy the show we also got vouchers worth RM100 each by Sembonia and goodies from Hotlink .Thanks Sembonia and Hotlink!

*Yang penting......RM100 untuk beli kasut baru.Haha*


All i ever wanted

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:59 PM
OMG! I can't believe my friend iriz gave me 2 complimentary tickets worth RM338 each to go watch Kelly Clarkson's in action!!!

Gila excited ok. I was dreaming of going for this concert but tu la dia tak mampu nak beli the tix as my allowance given by my parents is just sufficient for my monthly spending.

So yeah, as the title of the song goes...

"All i ever wanted"

is to go see Kelly Clarkson Live in KL! WOOT WOOT!~

Not one....

But 2 complimentary tickets

Thanks to Hotlink/Maxis *senyum lebar*.Hahah

p/s: One of my blogger friend, Wan is going for the concert too..Hope to see u there too :)


Yummy crepes

Posted by Fira Tirona at 7:41 PM
I'm so craving for this now


A little something sweet to perk my day

Fresh strawberry honey syrup with whipped cream crepes.

Was really excited when i saw the kiosk at IKANO few weeks back. It reminded me of Singapore when taking a bit of it. Why you may ask...Coz it was in Singapore that i experienced my first bite of this yummy stuff. (singapore one nicer than Ikano one...hahaha).

Crepe is actually a thin and soft pancake. This version here is filled with whipped cream and fruits such as strawberry, kiwi, banana or peach (tapi kat kiosk ni takde peach)...drizzled with either honey or chocolate syrup. Some have ice cream in it and some may have a slice of butter cake in it..Calories laden i know..But is it so SEDAAAAAAPPPP ok?. *but in singapore one nicer*. But then again since it's now available in Ikano what for to go to Singore right? Save air plane ticket, accomodation and so on.

and yang's only RM7.90 kalau kat Singapore is 6 SING DOLLAR (kalau tak silap la).

Go try it out.. the kiosk it opposite Uncle Lim's Kopitiam..Boleh pulak aku terlupa nama kiosk crepes tu..Hahah.

Weird looking shoes

Posted by Fira Tirona at 5:44 PM
I randomly googled "weird looking shoes". No reason, just for fun. Definitely not for your daily wear.Happy viewing. Heheh

Shoe with wrongly placed heel. Love the color tho

The "don't mess with me" shoe. Bahaya kasut ni.

Shoe with face..not weird to me but kinda unique. would definitely wear it

Eat your heart our pretty women!.ahahah.

The late Alxender McQueen's Spring 2010 collection. Love the one in the middle.

Who said we can't wear heels while snorkling or scuba diving? the heel could be a weapon if a shark would to attack..Think again..Haha ankles still hurts..i can't wear my heels and to make it worse..i can't go for my evening runs...

Have a good weekend people!



Posted by Fira Tirona at 5:33 PM

For the gadget savvy, kindly move your cursor to the ITEMS FOR SALE header on your right.

Current stuff on sale and selling at an affordable price:

1) Mouse (Brand AVF)

2) Ninja Turtle Action Figures

and more......

Happy Shopping!



Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:47 PM
My work station at home. A total mess it is

Books and files everywhere. Printed journal articles are not in order.A bottle of water to keep me hydrated.Bersepah sungguh meja.I think i need bigger table to scatter my things.

Aduhai...mudah-mudahan la jadi orang yang pandai..AMIN


Gatsby Street Fair Report

Posted by Fira Tirona at 4:32 PM
Report? Ahahaha...Macam reporter la plak.

I came home early coz something happened to me. I somehow find it very hilarious and is still wondering why the hell i was so CLUMSY?.

I reached Berjaya Times Square at 10am while my friend budlee was already there waiting for me. We got ourselves registered and all of the bloggers were asked to wear that "Red T-shirt" that was given to us. Kalau Red Mummy was there sure dia suka because she suka color merah. Hope you get well soon Red Mummy :). The Red T-shirt was to represent ourselves as a blogger as the event was exclusively for Nuffnang bloggers and their friends (each blogger was allowed to bring a guest).

Lotsa game and freebies i tell you even the prizes for lucky draw sangat best! Too bad i wasn't one of the lucky people. *was eye-ing for that acer notebook tho...drools*


*brought to you by GATSBY*

The uni mate/blogger

yours truly

my unimates. anna's sister got an IXUS CAMERA during the lucky draw.How lucky!

budlee trying his luck

your truly trying to be a cicak girl? wth? ahahha. Attempt failed! *ishh, gotta work my upper body more supaya lebih kuat dan mantop meletop!.haha*

budlee's attempt to climb.sampai terduduk sebab penat

coconut bowl.

the fishing game. siap promote gatsby lagi

yours truly trying to be mrs woods..ooopps... ;)

We and the other 500+ bloggers and fun during the event. Well i did had fun until i TRIPPED AND FELL and SPRAINED MY ANKLE!. CLUMSY me!. ALa!! i cannot go for my jogging sessions...*nangis*..Hope it heals A.S.A.P... Overall it was great to be at an event full of bloggers..but how come i don't get to see the familiar faces?....ker...korang malu nak tego cik fira ni? heheheh :)


Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:50 PM

See u all there! :)


Bubble Tea

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:07 PM

Yum yum bubble tea

Some may have not heard of it. Some may have seen and wonder how it tastes like and some is big fan of it that it makes you addicted to it (like me). I've noticed this delight ages ago when i was in form 4. I came across this small kiosk near my former tuition center selling this concoction in a variety of flavors. I kept wondering what it tasted like as i see many kids queuing up after their tuition sessions. And boy, they looked so happy slurping up to that stuff with that round black thingy inside it..It made me wonder too what the hell was that..Hahah. It took me awhile to actually experiment it myself. Got hooked to it after since. It was just last year that i started to get addicted to this yummy stuff..ahahah..Agak ketinggalan zaman.

So what is bubble tea?

(no no, its not the real bubbles in your tea la)...hahahah

Bubble tea is actually a sweet flavored tea beverage invented in taiwan. Drink recipes may vary, but most bubble teas contain a tea base mixed with fruit (or fruit syrup) and/or milk. Ice blended versions of the drink are also available, usually in fruit flavors. Non- fruit flavors are also available such as chocolate, mocha, vanilla and cappuccino (to name a few) Bubble teas also usually contain small tapioca balls or pearls called "boba" that black round thingy is actually tapioca. Gummy like texture. Very intriguing you know. Hahah. I personally like flavors like green apple and yogurt with added nata de coco. YUMS!

So yeah to those who have not tried it. Go get it! Sedap ok i tell you.

Nothing can beat a nice cup of ice-blended yoghurt flavored bubble tea with added nata de coco on a hot day!



Kawan or lawan?

Posted by Fira Tirona at 7:59 PM

To me

A friend in need is a friend indeed

In other words that person will be with you through your roughest times and not only your happy times. And he/she should also be there to hear your problems, be very encouraging and the list of good things a friend should have.
Ha, yang paling penting, he/she should always kenang budi kawan dia juga. To me, do not ever lupa kawan yang penah banyak tolong you time you tengah susah. Contohnya macam kau tgh gado dengan gf/bf kau ker or kalau dalam kesusahan duit ker or tak faham cam ner nak buat assignment ker takpun kalau kau tgh mengalami identitiy crisis pikir la sendiri !*tetiba mode macam nabil raja lawak tapi tone lebih ganas*


Have you ever taken a minute to think of how many different "types" of friends there are?

Let me list 4 out of the many for all of you to ponder

1. Kawan makan kawan
Oh!, ni yang paling i tak suka. How could you possibly do that to your very close friend? Lain la kalau korang buat macam tu untuk memang cari pasal or make enemy with them. But why wei? why??. Cik fira penah kena. Memang bengang tahap max! Tapi ni time sekola la..Haihh! kecik2 dah pandai eh!. Ishh

2. Sincere friends
Ni paling best. Telus dan straight forward. Tapi kekadang sakit gak as the TRUTH always hurt. But the "hurt" tu kejap jer once you are back to your senses. BEEN THERE!

3. Interest seeking friends

Pendek kata, kawan yang mengambil kesempatan towards you in all situations. Example: taking advantage of what you have or who you are.

4. Best friends
As the term applies, the is the 1st in your friends list. He or she should know you very well that kalau korang nak tipu dia pun memang TAK BOLEH! coz they know...Kalau korang nak tipu pun eventually korang akan mengaku. And them being the most understanding will just patiently hear your explanation.

So, bijak-bijak la memilih kawan. Bukan la nak mengada but at least you know which is "authentic" and which is not. U agree with me?


Playing up Model

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:39 PM
We both don't have the criteria of being a model


We felt like being one...

So, my other half and i

did this for fun..

Location: Sg Wang Plaza

We exchange turn to take pictures of us.



Ceh ceh si baju merah ni. Siap beli slipper baru color merah sebab nak match dengan baju.

Si pencinta kasut pun tak mahu kalah. Nak gak gambar diambil. Orang yang lalu-lalang pun pandang-pandang. Dalam hati mereka sure berkata "Perasan jer minah pendek ni..konon model la tu". Hahahha.. Yela..aku sedar aku sape. Tapi takpela...NAK PERASAN GAK :P.

*Glads sandal from COTTON ON.RM19 as it was on sale.STEAL!*

Janji Happy. Right? :)

What a date!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:54 AM

What a "date" i had last night!

(bukan date sebenar)

My friend, Iriz msn-ed me yesterday noon to ajak watch "Date Night". I was contemplating at first coz i thought that movie confirm macam "ala...biasa jer cerita dia". Since he said it was funny so i decided to just go la since i really need a dose of laughter as i was seated infront of my lappie the whole day thru. Then i tanya dia ..." sape lagi pegi?" He said " your bro, heikal and his gf dania". Ha ok la tu. Combo yang seronok.Plus, i haven't seen this guy for quite why not la kan.*mamat ni (iriz) artis tau, guitarist band
*promote2..matila aku kalau mamat ni baca blog aku..ahahha*

Anyway, i'm kinda bad at reviewing movies. Bukan bad ape la..just that i'm not good at putting it in words.If you would to asked me verbally, i will definitely pandai story it back to u. Complete with facial expressions and gestures.LOL :p. But pendek kata, the movie was good. Story line..well simple but fun. I didn't expect this movie would made me laugh like nobody's business coz it was SUPER hilarious. Trust me on this one. U GOTTA WATCH IT!

Here's the trailer!

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