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The Polka Dot Baju Kurung

Posted by Fira Tirona at 12:15 PM

No reason. Just Cause.

Me wearing tailor-made baju kurung and shawl purchased online from Shawls Collection


To complete and not to compete

Posted by Fira Tirona at 6:43 PM
I always tell myself this a night before a 10km race "To complete and not to compete, and most importantly is to enjoy each and every step to the finish line and end the race with pride". Kata-kata semangat la kan as I'm still not capable to compete. Definitely not coz there are many runners yang hebat2 out there. I happen to know one of them. And yes, these people are really fast ok!.

Yesterday was my 1st 10km race after a whole month of fasting and a whole week of enjoying glorious yummylicious rich, fat and cholesterol laden raya food and drink. I was in a nervous wreck ok yesterday. My running mate a.k.a "darjah 1" said that my nervous state was clearly expressed from my face. Oh yes, i was NERVOUS. Thank god i made the effort to go for training during the Ramadhan after buka puasa. If not, i don' t think i could make it thru the 10k race yesterday.

Overall, the race went well but the weather that morning was really hot.The race started around 8.20am. Roads were already flooded with cars and lorries. I studied the route 2 days before so that i could imagine where am i suppose to run and where to expect hilly roads..etc. But i was kinda upset as i actually had to stop running and do the brisk walk for like 2-3 times, to get catch my breath for like 3-4 seconds. I also experienced an uncomfortable sensation ony my right rib cage. It was as if as my muscle was pulled. I was in pain but i still kept on running just like Forrest Gump. hahah. At the moment, i vouched myself to go for more trainings on hilly places to build up on my strenght and endurance.

I was not expecting for any top 10 medals or so. I was just planning to complete the race. But i was thrilled i managed to get into the top 10. Ngam2 10th placing ok. Hahah. It was a good experience and being able to finish the race with a placing really made me feel motivated to perform better in my future runs. Insya-Allah.

So yea, i not only complete yesterday's race but i "accidentally" challenged myself to also compete it in too :). This race was my personal best so far.

To D1, i dedicate this post to you. Congratulations on your placing as well :)



Posted by Fira Tirona at 12:19 PM
I decided to click on channel 104 yesterday noon. Yela,i felt that its been a long while since i sat down and watch an entire show/program. But yesterday was different. I was sitted on the chair for 2 1/2 hours to watch SEPI.

I'm not gonna elaborate about the whole story but what i can say is that what ever happens in life especially love happens for a reason. There was the scene whereby Afdlin Shauki (AS) who was really in love with Vanida Imran (VI)but at the same time Nasha Aziz (NA) was REALLY in love with AS that made AS really rimas with NS. VI in that plot was already engaged and about to get married. AS eventually opened his heart for NS. But at the end of that plot, VI tak jadi kawin and akhirnya both VI and AS got together again.

2nd plot of the story. This one i really like. In this scene, Tony Eusoff (TE) had just lost his wife. TE ni tokeh kilang kasut by the way. Since he lost his wife. TE started to run/jog to take his sadness away till one day he met Eja. Eja is married. But macam mana ntah, TE fell for Eja. I assumed that Eja felt the same way for TE but she was married. TE said he will wait for Eja no matter what. Tapi, tu la. takde jodoh. TE died and it was his son Eja met again 3 yrs after he died. TE's son return Eja's hair rubberband that she used to "fixed" TE's broken shoes. Oh lupa plak nk cerita that scene. That was how TE and Eja met. On a bench in the park. I seriously menangis watching this plot. It just felt that it was me. Minus being married la.haha

3rd plot. Cant remember the name of the actress. But i only ingat her name in the movie which was Imaan. Imaan lost her bf as he got into a gang fight. He got stabbed and was pushed into the gombak river. Yeke? Tak igt la plak sungai ape..but for sure its the sungai near central market. Anyway, Imaan is a playwriter. She wrote the play "Sepi". A very emotional soul as she oftens imagining that Pierre Andre (PE) he bf was still alive. She is seen to be talking to the PE's soul. At the same time Sein of Ruffedge has the liking for her but she keeps on avoiding him as Imaan thinks that PE was stilll there. So kesian ok. *sobs sobs*. But paling sedih is when Imaan got hit by a car and she got into a comma. She got up from the comma and realized that PE is actually gone and eventually accepted Sein Ruffedge into her life. I guess not ez being her? And i suppose not all guys would actually be patient enough to wait for a girl to recover from her bitter past?

Msg of the story?. I could conclude it (my way) that yes. cinta itu memang indah.but cinta yang dibina itu tk semestinya dimiliki,cinta yang datang itu tak semestinya pasti. Tapi yang pasti jodoh dah pertemuan itu ditangan Ilahi and whatever happens in life, will definitely be with it's reason. You step forward of backwards, your life might just change. .You might be in a relationship for YEARS and suddenly the feeling changes when you met someone you think is the RIGHT one for you or.. you might be already ENGAGED but eventually u decide NOT to get married to that person. Some may think that it is evil to be doing so or some may just think that kita ni tak fikir pasal perasaan orang lain. But you can't be pleasing everyone right?. My mom always tell me not to lie to myself. not to lie with my feelings.

There's a lot for me to express hereTo express in FB or Twitter would be total NO NO for me. Well, this is a place for me to express. So i shall do it here.

- it was just a common interest that was shared together. but i really thought it was only a common interest and i just thought that it would just be that. but i feel differently now. Is there a reason that we met? Question is. am i the only one feeling it? I guess i am-

Let it be? or Let it go? or Just enjoy the moment and go with the flow. Give me the strength to face all this. Or fly me to Santorini to ease my heart


Running For A Cause 2010

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:25 PM

I registered for this event last month as i thought "Why not" as it only costs RM10 for registration. Well, I'm not planning to compete tho but more like to complete the race. But who knows la kan i might get lucky by obtaining a good placing. But i doubt so la. Sure ramai runners yang hebat2.

Oh anyways, the details of the race are as below:

Date: 18th September 2010, Saturday
Venue: Dataran Timur Petaling Jaya, PJ (Opposite Amcord Mall)
Starting Time: 8.15am
Category and Distance:
Men & Women Open - 10km (18 years old and above)
Men Veteran & Women Veteran - 7.5km (40 years old and above)
Junior Boys & Junior Girls - 7.5km (13 years to 18 years old)
Registration Fee: RM10

Wish me LUCK!. Hiks


Kasut Rayaku

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:35 PM
For the love of shoes, i present to you my kasut raya. Never in history la i beli shoes from Adidas. But this one really made my heart melt.

Mookait Ballerina Shoes, Adidas by Stella McCartney

See the lace details? adoii...sgt comels..

Been using it since the 1st day i bought it and i'm loving it as this pair is made for walking i tell you~



Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:15 AM

It was 2 days before raya. I was out with a friend doing my last shopping raya and also out to "hibur"kan my hati since my family weren't around. We all sempat naik sky brige KLCC lagi. LOL. Normally, i have my mom to go out with to do our last minute raya shopping. But too bad that she, my dad and my bro are in Liverpool. I'm sure they are missing me as much as i'm missing them.

My/Our mission was to get our custom made running shoe in Pavi. Spent like almost 2 hours designing the shoe, trying out the shoe sizes and all. I guess that both of us are kinda fussy when it comes to getting the perfect shoe done right. Planned to get other stuff but as usual la, when you have the funds, nothing looks nice! But there was a shoe that got my attention while i was in the adidas store. i fell in love with it.

Mookait Ballerina Shoes, Adidas by Stella Mccartney

LOVES! I really like the lace detail on it. So feminine. I'm so gonna get it soon!. Either in this color or in Black.Have to kumpul duit raya la like this.Haha

And oh, the final look of my custom made adizero ace 2 running shoe, MY STYLE

Yeay! Can't wait!. To "Darjah 1" thanks so much for making our mission a successful one. "Mission buat custom made running shoe" accomplished :)



Read Properly Please

Posted by Fira Tirona at 5:29 PM
Was chatting with E.J (bukan nama sebenar) on FB.

Me: Wei, E.J, where have u been.....rindu la wei!

E.J: Firaa!! Aku ada je ni.. Semak sket la..Nak pegi potong RUMPUT

OK, that particular moment i read RUMPUT and RAMBUT.


Me: OMG! i pun ingat nk pegi potong rambut ar.but sayang la plak as its long now (the original line was edited coz i think what i really said to E.J was so FUNNY!)


Me: HAHAHAHHAHAAH. kambeng betul la..I'm so sorry. Mamai ni *ceh ceh...alasan nak cover la kan*

E.J: Hahaha...NVM

Moral of the story: read properly before saying or commenting or whatever. It might just get nasty. But in my case, its so FUNNY...



Posted by Fira Tirona at 6:28 AM

10 DECEMBER 2010


The Hari Raya Baju Kurung and The Matching Shoe

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:36 AM
Told my mom earlier this year, lets go green for Hari Raya and she agreed with me. Went to Jalan TAR and got the fabrics we liked and went straight over to our tailor to get it done. Mind you, this was done in Feb and our Hari Raya outfits was ready in June. My mom loves to get our hari raya outfits done as early possible so that her favourite tailor could sew our baju nice2 one.hahah

My baju kurung color is apple green with white polka dots on it. To go with it a matching green pumps i bought from Tangs which i got for 70% off the actual price. I love spending when the sale is on coz u will SAVE a lot ok?

Baju kurung checked, matching tudung and shoes checked and matching handbag checked. But then again, wouldn't be excited that much as my parents and my bro will be celebrating Eid in Liverpool. So no salam mohon maaf di pagi raya, no going for eid prayers together with them. Looks like i've just got to do it on skype! I mean, the salam mohon maaf part only la..LOL

Missing them terribly already. Nonetheless, I'm glad that i have my loving grandparents, my fairygodsister and her 4 kids and my other relatives to cheer me up. Not forgetting my closest friends as well. U know who you are :)

To mama, papa and adik. Kakak rindu u all semua. Hugs and kisses


A place called Fira

Posted by Fira Tirona at 6:21 AM

What was reading bout the place. A really beautiful place. Blue sky, blue sea. Google more about the place. JATUH CINTA ok dengan tempat ni! Read a line that made me felt super excited! And the line went like this

"Exploring Fabulous Fira"

I was like wth? Exploring me?..Read further and got to know that Fira is actually the capital of that GORJES island.

Fira - The capital of Santorini

Fira is the capital city of the island nowadays known as Santorini. This island is part of the archipelago of the Cyclades, in Greece, and one of the most interesting ones from a historic and archaeological point of view. Besides this, Santorini and Fira offer beautiful landscapes and many amazing beaches, turning this destination into an ideal one for tourists of all ages and preferences. And bla bla bla.

Definitely a thing to jot down into my bucketlist.


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