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rasa macam setahun dah tak blog

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:54 PM
lamanya tak blog..but when i ever log in into my account to blog..then all of a sudden rasa macam dah tak nk blog ape..padahal there are lots in my head to shout about.but i guess sometimes i just like to keep it to myself jer kot...
shoottts!.. june is almost here.well, i kinda excited about june but at the same time really worried bout my thesis.......Waaaaaaaaaaaa!...ok2 i don't want to spoil my mood to blog now. So yea June, can't wait for my perhentian trip with my girls...Now now, Fira...don't get too excited all about it..kang lain plak jadinya....uishhh..CHOi!...hahaha..
I was watching The Ophrah show 2 days back and the topic for that day was "things that women do to make themselves beautiful''.some like that la.. In Japan, women (with money) will consume Collagen (powdered form mixed with green tea) to obtain porcelain-like skin and to the extend of srubbing their face with owl's poop (yes people, burung hantu) ..of course powdered form lathered with pencuci muka to get kulit yang cantik tanpa cacat cela. In Brazil, women weigh between 110-125 pounds. uishh...patut la the women there are so cantek and sexy. In Mauritania on the contrary, men LOVE their women BIG!...(how fascinating, aku kalau ternaik badan sket jer,,,bf aku bising2..haih....typical..ahhaa). Women there also practice force feeding to girls who are growing (normal in rural areas and still practiced in the urban society). Kesian, they are FORCED to be fat. The bigger and fatter you are, the more seductive and desirable you will be...Jgn harap la kat Malaysia ni :p
Aku ingat nk ber-diet untuk menjadi kurus la....hik hik ;)..(hahah..tetiba)
p/s: pencinta kasut wants to shop for new tkde pun yg berkenan


Of excitement,fun and fear- Part 2

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:52 AM


The trip was memang berbaloi. Go to meet with a new friend, Jan. To Ahmad and Jan, if u girls,.ehh.ooops,guys are reading this, thanks so much for joining Yan and I yesterday. You darlings were real fun!. Next trip Umbai pls?. Oh tak nak la, lets dine at Paris (Jan, get the airline tix for us. Ok over la tu :p)

We were so proud of ourselves as we worked as a team! Macam amazing race ok. We arrived at the place without getting ourselves in into weird,scary dark roads which does not lead to the place we were heading to. Time tu tiba2 i rasa macam takut. *teringat cerita coming soon*..SHOOT!.

Ok, nak dipendekkan cerita. All were excited sebab selamat sampai ke destinasi. Got a place to seat. Ordered our food. Makan, borak (Aku rasa table kita paling kecoh as people kept looking at our table, mungkin sebab aku cantek..Wahaha...lempang kang!). Balik dengan muka happy. :)

It was all worth it!. Me like!

P/s: Pencinta kasut says: Terima kasih kepada Garmin juga kerana menolong kami ke destinasi.
Note: Garmin tu GPS bukan orang. Tq.Ahahahah


Of excitement,fun and fear- Part 1

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:21 AM
When your parents say this:

"Don't get too excited nanti you'll be dissappointed"

Confirm disappointed punya la...HAIHHHH

I was so excited to go to this particular warehouse sale at cineleisure. 3 famous brands: Zara,Pull and Bear and Massimo Dutti. All the excitement changed into disappointment. All because there were MILLIONS OF PEOPLE (haha..ok...tipu la tu).ok re-phrase that..RAMAI ORG beratur to get in the sale...Aku tau tahu la nak explain cam mana.. But just look at the pic below and imagine it yourself.Pic taken at 11.30am. (Sale starts at 11am).

The que.Note the people in the warehouse sale.RAMAI OK. Mood time tu: FRUST.Tq pls

I told my bf to just get out from there..Padahal tengah sakit hati. So we decided to have lunch. Headed all the the way to sec13 Shah Alam. Had a bowl of ipoh hor fun.Total bliss.Lupa terus pasal warehouse sale kejap. After that, we headed to the pj to have a peep of Adidas warehouse sale. Another round of disappointment. So i told the ever so patient bf to just leave and we headed to one-utama to get our movie tickets. Oh no, we did not watch "He's just not that into you" but we watched "Coming Soon", the Thai horror film.MMG horror. I refuse to put the coming soon poster pic here....SCARY LA!

Anyhow, to reduce the feeling of takut, my bf, ahmad (our friend that we picked up at the lrt station once getting the tickets) and i went to delicious cafe to have some sweet treat. I ordered, chocolicious sundae with strawberries, bf had that peach frangipane with ice cream and ahmad had tiramisu. oh, we ordered chicken patties too. Yum..all pun sedap..berbaloi-berbaloi.

Ok, time tgk movie seram tu. (tp cerita 'SHUTTER' sumpah lagi seram). I was already equipped with my pashmina.Yela, nak tutup mata dikala scene2 yang menakutkan. All of us were like: 'bodo, sial punya hantu, FCUk!, Babi'. Cursing and swearing tapi yang paling over is when Ahmad menjerit. Sgt macam gadis. Tergelak aku dibuatnya. Hiks, seronok.

Had dinner at Hartamas. NOthing to shout about. Food was so-so. Was really hungry.Bedal jer. Sent Ahmad home. Sleepy but takut nak tido sorang2. Sampai jer rumah. Knocked on my parents' room, mom opened the door. Dengan muka kesian i said.

"Ma, can i sleep in your room?"

P/s: Pencinta kasut is in NEED of new clothes

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