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Hello Liverpool!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 2:26 PM
3 FREEZING weeks

It's 6 plus am here in Minster Court as i blog this. Temperature now might be 2 degrees i think. It's really cold macam duduk dalam freezer. My cousin and I arrived Manchester Airport yesterday around 12pm (around 6pm Malaysian time). My brother waited for us there and we took the train home to his place. It was like 1 1/2 hours ride. Then walked home for another 20 minutes with our luggages. Dah la penat duduk dalam airplane pastu kena nak train plak. Memang rasa macam nak patah pinggang. Dah la sejuk. Anyway, gotta gagahkan diri for 3 freezing weeks here. ;)

We boarded Emirates Airlines to Dubai first then continued our journey to Manchester. I hate long flights la. Kalau naik biz class takpe gak. Heheh. *ngada tul*. Thank god that there were lots of movies to watch and songs to listen. Movies pun banyak yang latest. So i pun watched la the movies yang i tak dapat tgk back in kl like Step Up 3 and Back Up plan. Most of my time was spent sleeping in the plane. Oh the food served pun was not that bad. Yumss jugak la..Haha.


I'm waiting for the boys to get up from sleep. Kinda hungry but i need to some stretches in a bit. Dah ler dah 1 week plus tak run. Speaking of run. Saw a young lady running near the neighbourhood here. pakai shorts lagi. gila gagah betul minah salleh ni. I plan to go runnin here gak but my brother told me that to do so dlm later afternoons la. So yea, gonna experience running in the cold here. Hehehe ;). Will be going to Primark today as well to get some winter clothes and a pair of boots. Nak pegi jalan2 snap2 pics jugak :)

In the train heading to Liverpool

Will update more soon!


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