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Jalan-jalan UK-Manchester

Posted by Fira Tirona at 5:18 AM

Manchester Art Gallery-Old Trafford

Mode of transportation

Bus and Tram

Boarded bus from Liverpool, Coach Station, Norton St, Merseyside to Manchester Central Coach Station , Charlton St, Great Manchester, approx 55mins.

Tram ride from St Petersquare, Manchester to Stretford, approx 10mins

Outside the Art Gallery- Free entrance! Me like ;)

Yes, sangat relaxing dalam gallery tu. Too bad we spent so little time there as we had to head to Old Trafford dulu sebab takut the Man Utd Store tutup. I tak puas tengok all the artwork on display. Guess that we didn't plan our journey to Manchester betul2. Yela, kinda alien to the place. Now that we know our way hopefully to go to Manchester again after Christmas, Insya-Allah.

I love the souvenir store. Rasa macam nak beli semua! hahaha.

Next destination- Definitely NOT for MAN UTD supporters. Thanks :p

The tram to Old Trafford. *kenapa la i nampak macam budak kecik dalam pic ni*

My brother was mumbling the whole time when we got here. Maklum la he's not a M.U supporter. Kesian. Sorry dik, you were at the wrong place. Heheh


I swear that my brother was tensed sebab kena lepak sini lama to take pics of us, the Man Utd fans. Oh i pity you dear brother. HAHAH! *nasib baik la dia jenis tak baca blog aku*

We headed back to town at around 4.15pm. Shorter days here during winter. So hari pun dah gelap as if it was already 8pm. Pegi makan kat McD dulu then boarded the 5.30pm bus to Liverpool. Sampai Liverpool Station, we all jalan balik rumah dalam 20mins cam tu. Since, i got here, hari-hari berjalan. Not jalan-jalan makan angin but as in jalan WALKING. Pegi kedai pun berjalan je. Kalau kat KL, nak pegi kedai dekat pun nak naik kereta. Ngada betul.

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