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Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:22 PM
Hey, people. As i'm writing this, i'm still with flu. Had it since Friday and because of that, the flow of my activities for this weekend are all disrupted.Thanks flu. JUST GO AWAY.

Hadeeja- a cafe i went to this afternoon for lunch with my fairygodsister. FGS told me that ths cafe is owned by Deja Moss and Anuar Zain. Loved the deco of the cafe.But sayang, the signage wasn't up yet. *sesat sekejap*.Memang ikutkan hati tak nak ikut as my fever and flu was still embedded in my system. But kerana FGS, i still got up from bed to take her there. *sniffles*.

Ok since Hadeeja cafe specializes on sarawak food. So we ordered Nasi ayam masak hitam (yum yum, walaupun hitam rupanya, but i loved it), Laksa Sarawak (not to my liking as it was too 'berherba' for me) and Mee Kolok. (Quite nice, macam Wantan Mee) and not to forget the kek lapis sarawak (loved the coffee flavored one). Overall, food was ok, but i hope the management could add up more food into the menu!.That would be lovely! ;)

Al-Fatihah to Yasmin Ahmad. I felt sad. A true talent left the entertainment world and as well the fans of her work. I personally think that all of her movies were really good and that no one could ever replace her. No more hari raya adverts from her as well this year. *s0bs*. ikan di laut, asam di darat...... ='(

I'm feeling dizzy, gonna hit the sack now. Till then. Stay tuned. :)

P/s: pencinta kasut says can't wait for august!


The Change

Posted by Fira Tirona at 7:55 PM
Gosh, it has been awhile since i last blogged. I think that my writing skills are getting bad by the day.It's July now and i can't wait for Ramadhan to come by as there will be some changes in my life. Be it on appearance, habits and my current lifestyle.

The reason of this soon coming change was not influenced by anyone but myself. Once you get the calling, you know that you need to make some difference in your life for the better. I did, get the hidayah one fine morning few months back. The 1st person i texted was my dad as i told hime my intention and he replied to me that whatever you do, I'm all for you and there is no forcing for you to do so. He just advised me that if i've decided for that change, he hoped that I'll stick to it forever. From that day onwards, I doa everyday so that my decision and kata hati is right and my Allah lead me to a better path. Insya-Allah.Amin.

I am done with late party nights and getting home wee hours in the morning. Maybe another one more round won't hurt?.. *giggles*. Yes, I am prepared for the change.

P/s: pencinta kasut is stressed with her thesis.wish me luck!
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