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No running for a month

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:17 AM
It has been 1 week since i fell sick and it has been 2 weeks that my left leg (actually the thigh) is causing me pain. Before i went to seek medical advice, i kept on with my training routines and even allowed myself to compete in the Nike KL City 5km run. Hati saya sangat degil ok. I kept on complaining about the pain but what i did was just go see my pharmacist, told her my problem-she gave me some meds-told me NOT to run for at least a month-yada yada-...but yeah i still did. Till today the pain is still here. PADAN MUKA!

Anyway, a day before Mizuno Wave Run, i was feeling rather unwell, i started to get muscle strains on my upper back. I tot it was just like "ala, maybe due to long hours doing work on the laptop kot?".That very night, i suddenly felt a sharp muscle pull on my chest and I know that very moment that I was in DEEP trouble. True enough, i couldn't get up the next day. Bye2 Mizuno run. I was devastated.

Dragged myself the next day to see the doctor (2 kali jumpa). Doctor diagnosed (2nd time jumpa doctor lain, same diagnose also) "over train and over stress, your muscles fibers might be torn. please rest and NO RUNNIN for the TIME BEING.". What can i say? I just kept quiet. Was given painkillers, muscle relaxant tablets and analgesic cream.

Here i am now. at home. resting, hibernating while my friends are all busy gearing up for PowerMan and PBIM. Of course la rasa sedih. hari-hari tengok je my running shoes tapi cannot pakai. :(. But its ok, i hope to recover fast so that i could run again!

Meanwhile, i should just concentrate on my never ending thesis and go dig on other runner's blogs to get some INSPIRATION.hahah

Have a great weekend!


kaki LARI on October 25, 2010 at 7:57 PM said...

haiih get well soon cikforatirona,
jgn degil2 ok! rest3..

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