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Before i say goodbye

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:05 AM
Listening to Adele's rendition of "Lovesong" is mind settling, soul searching. The perfect mood to just relax the mind and start writing down what has been in the mind for so long. I'm at the place where i was at last year. Never knew that I would be here again. Maybe there's a reason for me being here. 4  more days till the end of 2011. While most are busy enjoying xmas and the holiday season or some might be busy listing down all their wish lists and resoulutions for 2012, I on the other hand had the sudden urge to just reflect at all that things that happened thes past months. What have i achieved so far? Did i managed to tick everything on my resolutions lists for this year?. I know that i managed to tick a few. Not an easy task as I've to endure the challenges, twists and turns just to be able to get the resolution or wishlists ticked on that piece of paper. Bitter sweet moments applied as well.

The most important event that happened to me was me submitting my Msc thesis. How I have gone through my 3 1/2 years of postgraduate life just to get it done. Big challenge i must say. I even had to defer 1 semester due family reasons. I even had the thought of just quitting. I was quite amazed on how I managed to get it done, the final writing in 1 month while I was really down with my breakup, while mom and dad was away. Maybe i was blessed enough to have people who really cared about me thoughout the whole ordeal. Got a part time job after that. And 1 week after that, my granny passed away. She went to soon. She has always wanted to be at my wedding day. I remember how she described on how "kecoh2" would my wedding be. What i have now to remind me of her is the memories we had and also the gold bracelet and diamond ring she gave me. You've gone 2 months nenek, may your soul rest in peace. Al-Fatihah. 

In between all that, my running and cycling events and also my short trips to some of the places in the world have always "distracted" me from thinking of the unnecessary. I've also made my short holidays as a "healthful'' one by participating in running events. Even though not as far as a marathon distance, well 10km is also a distance worth running. I've been blessed with understanding parents. Eventhough mom is always "membebe" at me on why do i have to go so far for running events. Hatyai and Singapore seems far ka? Hahaha, dekat border Malaysia je kot those two countries. I have friends and aquaintences that have traveled as far as HK, Berlin, New York and even Paris. Anyway, earlier this year I started my travel adventure to Phuket with a dear friend, (I won this in a some magazine contest, yes it was really worth it). Came back and started participating in various running events. From running the 10km at Hatyai and doing my 3rd half Marathon in Singapore which i managed to get my personal best. In between that was running mostly in KL events.  Oh, Ipoh and Penang too and not the forget my 1st Triathlon relay in Port Dickson. Real fun that one. After the Tri event, i got a road bike for my 26th, eh silap, 27th birthday birthday present. Less then a month of cycling and training, I registered myself in Malakoff's duathlon event. 3km run-13km cycle-3km run. It was a good experience.

As I'm blogging this, I'm still reflecting on what has happened around me and in me in the past months despite already having in mind on what my new resolutions are. I hope and pray that next year will be kinder to me. Looking forward to it. 

p/s: To blog more on my running+cycling+travelling adventures. Resolution #2
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