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How la to be an avid blogger like this..

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:51 PM
Hye readers, dah lama i tak feed my blogsite with stories, silly ramblings and more. Well, today i have a bit of time to just update this blog of mine (typing while watching ugly betty on fav). Betty Suarez (ugly betty). Although she has bad sense of fashion but she's smart. Actually, her styles are sometimes unique. :)

Ok, what else?. Oh ya, got a new baby Dell, nokia E71, GRF from upm. No new car and no new bf...LOL. Still driving my 7 yr old CLK (not MERCEDES CLK.but my cute little kelise). I call her ROSE. In my earlier post, i mentioned about getting a DLSR but not now i guess. To tight up with my work and i don't think i have the time to go out and snap picture and and paling malas at this point if i get a DLSR is to learn how to use it..Maybe end of the year.

My research project is going ok. i guess. My Super-V want me to get more respondents. Like are u joking? Most corporate companies are tied up with closing of Quarter 1 (reports, annual appraisals....blah blah blah). Bibik Ina, if you are reading this u will understand what i mean..Ina!. mana nak cari respondents lagi ni?.*stress stress*

Speaking of stress, i think i need to de-stress myself. Going for movies do not..i repeat..DO NO de-stress me. It's just a short distraction from the current workload i have now. Half way through the movie my mind will go astray by thinking of my research paper...NOT HELPING!..i think i need to treat myself by going to the spa...pegi massage ker....Hmmm....sounds blissful...ahahah

I'll be 25 this year. Still working hard to earn my Masters degree. Most of my friends are married with good jobs with fat pay cheques and some dah ada babies. Best betul bunyinya. Sighh...Guess i'll just have to wait for my turn..Pray for me ya...AMIN

I miss my bibiks..

p/s: pencinta kasut is slowly updating her wardrobe


Pwincess Farina on April 19, 2009 at 11:42 AM said...

awww...i miss you too bik..biasela buat research mmg mcm tu...sabar je la..

by the way, dun fuss sgt pasal being 25 and haven't achieve anything bla..bla..bla..u're time will come. Besides, havent you heard the saying "30s is the new 20s" So enjoy your 20s, do all the gila-gila stuff, discover the time you reached your 30s you'll be more settled (hehe pandai je cakap tapi keje xde lagi! muahaha)

Ok biks! take care =)

Anonymous said...

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