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rasa macam setahun dah tak blog

Posted by Fira Tirona at 8:54 PM
lamanya tak blog..but when i ever log in into my account to blog..then all of a sudden rasa macam dah tak nk blog ape..padahal there are lots in my head to shout about.but i guess sometimes i just like to keep it to myself jer kot...
shoottts!.. june is almost here.well, i kinda excited about june but at the same time really worried bout my thesis.......Waaaaaaaaaaaa!...ok2 i don't want to spoil my mood to blog now. So yea June, can't wait for my perhentian trip with my girls...Now now, Fira...don't get too excited all about it..kang lain plak jadinya....uishhh..CHOi!...hahaha..
I was watching The Ophrah show 2 days back and the topic for that day was "things that women do to make themselves beautiful''.some like that la.. In Japan, women (with money) will consume Collagen (powdered form mixed with green tea) to obtain porcelain-like skin and to the extend of srubbing their face with owl's poop (yes people, burung hantu) ..of course powdered form lathered with pencuci muka to get kulit yang cantik tanpa cacat cela. In Brazil, women weigh between 110-125 pounds. uishh...patut la the women there are so cantek and sexy. In Mauritania on the contrary, men LOVE their women BIG!...(how fascinating, aku kalau ternaik badan sket jer,,,bf aku bising2..haih....typical..ahhaa). Women there also practice force feeding to girls who are growing (normal in rural areas and still practiced in the urban society). Kesian, they are FORCED to be fat. The bigger and fatter you are, the more seductive and desirable you will be...Jgn harap la kat Malaysia ni :p
Aku ingat nk ber-diet untuk menjadi kurus la....hik hik ;)..(hahah..tetiba)
p/s: pencinta kasut wants to shop for new tkde pun yg berkenan


Musang on May 30, 2009 at 3:54 PM said...

so kalau i pegi mauritania, i akan penjadi pujaan lelaki lelaki disana la nie?


that's it fira. i'm migrating. to mauritania. muahahahahaha...

btw, where is mauritania?

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