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Bye-bye Futsal

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:22 PM
Was so eager to play futsal last night. Konon-konon nak kick the stress out la ape la. 1st half of the session went fine when suddenly...PRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!..HAAAAAAa..tu dia. My ankle terpele'ot. Siap jatuh terbaring. Deep inside my heart.."Oh NO NO!. this ain't good". True enough i could not get up. Nasib baik my brother and iriz were there to help. I was devastated of what happened. Sprained ankle again???..Aduhh..lemahnya my ankle ni. (FYI, i have sprained my ankle the err..hmm?...**thinking**..lost dah few times). My mom and dad dah pesan to not play anymore futsal..But then again..I'm so degil. So main gak la.I just love the game. Gives me the andrenaline rush. I feels good when you get to score a few goals..Ahahahah..

Now that I'm home. Dad helped me to bandage my ankleJalan pun terjengket-jengket. Adoiii...such injury will only cost my precious time la.Nasib baik la kaki kiri, kalau kaki kanan, I won't be able to drive.

Oh God, I better stop playing futsal for the mo until i finished my study programme. This sprained ankle is really annoying me already. From now on, I'll just head to the gym for a good workout and go jogging during the weekends. Should be sufficient to keep myself fit. Yup, got to lead a healthy living!

P/s:. What will happen to my kasut futsal then?..*sobs*


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