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The things u like but.....

Posted by Fira Tirona at 1:31 PM
Have you ever been in this situation? E.g.: u walk in to a shop/boutique and there, u saw a bag/shoe/top or whatever that you fancy and when u look at the price tag and you'll go..."Ala!.habis la allowance aku bulan nk?". I have...dozens of times. Result: u put the thing u like and walk away from the store feeling so sakit hati sgt2 and dalam hati u menjerit2." Bila la nk habis blaja and keje with gaji besar ni?!!!!".Ahha..ok..I'm being emotional.Over betul. I have the tendency to fall in love with things with pricey tags. Can't help it la!.

Well, i really like this charm i saw at Isetan KLCC. Thomas Sabo brings in nice sterling silver charms.I was browsing a few and i fell in love with the number 8 charm.It's so nice!. I thought that the number 8 charm would be appropriate as it resembles my birthdate and birthmonth.Hehe..Hm.I wanna ask mom to get it for me la..heheheh **evil grins**. Anyway, go the website and check it out.

Have few things that i have in mind that i want to get but i got to stick to my resolution which is to only spend end of the year. Yes.i repeat END OF THE YEAR. Harus menjadi pembeli yang bijak.

P/s: Pencinta kasut wants to get that Thomas Sabo charm jugak!..hehe


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