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The New Year Eve

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:22 AM
Last night was fun. Was out with sha,nadia,afique,faiz, jepa and yuyu. (later came haziq+gf and qystin). We did the countdown at the curve. Was reluctant to go there at 1st as i was really looking forward to party at mon't kiara with sarah and milia but tak jadi. Nasib baik ada plan B (hm.nasib baik mcm seronok.hahaha). Left the house at 9.15pm

The curve-ikea-ikano 'district' were filled with people. Parking kereta pun jauh gila. But since nak tengok the fireworks and do the 5-4-3-2-1 thingy, i didn't mind at all. So yeah, the place were filled with people. All were excited to usher in the new year. Even the 7-E at the curve was filled with people. That was my 1st time tengok 7-E penuh gila. Good biz for 7-E. Ok, back to the scene.As i was saying, the Curve was filled with people from families, teens, kids, toddlers,indonesian workers (haha). Faiz and I walked around to get a good spot to just lepak and wait but we decided to go to BK 1st since afique and the gang was there to have dinner.

I was glad that i was there..BECAUSE. Faizal Tahir was one of the performers. Aku sampai jer area ikea tu.Tuh dia.Faizal Tahir.*excited gila time tu ok*. He's so HOT HOT although dah kawin and have 2 kids. (2 ker?.or maybe 3.not sure). Oh ya, another Hot guy on stage was Joey-G. He was the host of the night. Oh, Rain also performed. ( u know, that guy in that shampoo commercial.'NAMA SAYA RAIN'.ahaha)..Nadia was so excited to see him on stage.Ahah.Lawak la Nadia.

Fireworks show was just so -so. Sama jer macam last year. While watching the fireworks display, my mind was reminiscing the past, thinking of my sayang, and hoping that 2009 will be good year for me. (Insya-allah.Amin).

I had a nice new year eve with good friends with me. Thanks people. Looking forward for more outings and lepak sessions with ya'll. *hugs hugs*

P/s: Pencinta kasut should be more optimistic in life. To bibik Ina, welcome to blogspot and happy blogging!.. ;)


The Wan And Only on January 2, 2009 at 7:40 PM said...

Happy new year girl! Hope this year will be good for ya! :)

Thanks for the linkage... :)

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