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Fortune Cookie

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:20 PM
I like the fortune cookie. You'll get something that reads like ' Accept the opinion of others' or ' You will be properous' once you bite the crispy outer layer of the cookie.

Yesterday was a funny story. My cousin wanted fortune cookies for a function at her office tomorrow. So, she went to the hypermarket nearby but to much dissapointment, this stuff was all sold out. Like Duh!!...CNY dah over kot..OK, nevermind that. She called me up to ask me a favor to find them. So i plak macam kesian kat dia, the whole day mencari tapi tak jumpa. (I even called up the bakery near my house to ask if they have those and my mom wondered where i got the number and i cleverly said 'Kat plastic beg kedai roti tu la").

Pandai kan? ..heheh.. -_-

So, yeah, bakery takde. So sms-ed her and said. Jom pegi Giant kat KD. SURE ADA!. Drove there and 3 of us were praying hard that the FC ada la kan.. (another person was my cuzin Nishta). Ok, long story short of the scene in the hypermarket..FORTUNE COOKIE tu TKDE!. STRESSSS!!!!. So last resort, beli jer la kacang pagoda.

The story didn't end there. As my cuzin was queing up to pay the kacang,i told her that i nak masuk Guardian (one of my favourite store to masuk tgk2 barang)kejap. So i was walking area cokelat2, keropok2, biskut2..sekali tu...hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa...tu dia!.....Aku jumpa FC tu!. Berpeket-peket. Of course la i was excited!..told Nish to run to Donnie and tell her that i found it..She didn't run of course. She just shouted outside Guardian. 'WE FOUND THE FORTUNE COOKIES!".

Ok, pendek kata, we were all excited and happy sgt2!. Each took a small packet each to see what are our fortunes are like. Mind read..."Love will blossom-8911". sweet.AHAHAHAHA

Mission cari FC accomplished!

P/s: Pencinta kasut is thinking to get a new pair of black flats


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