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Of excitement,fun and fear- Part 2

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:52 AM


The trip was memang berbaloi. Go to meet with a new friend, Jan. To Ahmad and Jan, if u girls,.ehh.ooops,guys are reading this, thanks so much for joining Yan and I yesterday. You darlings were real fun!. Next trip Umbai pls?. Oh tak nak la, lets dine at Paris (Jan, get the airline tix for us. Ok over la tu :p)

We were so proud of ourselves as we worked as a team! Macam amazing race ok. We arrived at the place without getting ourselves in into weird,scary dark roads which does not lead to the place we were heading to. Time tu tiba2 i rasa macam takut. *teringat cerita coming soon*..SHOOT!.

Ok, nak dipendekkan cerita. All were excited sebab selamat sampai ke destinasi. Got a place to seat. Ordered our food. Makan, borak (Aku rasa table kita paling kecoh as people kept looking at our table, mungkin sebab aku cantek..Wahaha...lempang kang!). Balik dengan muka happy. :)

It was all worth it!. Me like!

P/s: Pencinta kasut says: Terima kasih kepada Garmin juga kerana menolong kami ke destinasi.
Note: Garmin tu GPS bukan orang. Tq.Ahahahah


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