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Oh Please...Pretty Please!

Posted by Fira Tirona at 4:16 PM
I'm now on the data collection mode. In case u did not know, data collection is where a researcher does his/hers field work (E.g: conducting interviews and assisting the target sample's on how to complete a questionnaire form). It ain't an easy task. As for me, I'll have to get the person's consent to participate in my study and to convince them that the information given by them would be kept confidential (of course they do). It's tiring when I'll have to wait for them to respond to my e-mails as these people are very very busy.But then again, I would be very happy by the end of the day checking through at least 90% of completed of each survey forms that were distributed to these people. Definitely not an easy job.

Hope to get more respondents as i plan to finish up this part so that i could start analyzing and getting results and finally start writing . Guess that i should continue writing for chapter 2. Ahuh! guess i should.

It's the weekend now. I need some relaxation.

Oh God..Oh please, pretty please. Please let my hardwork be a worthy one. AMIN.


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