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Love Him or Hate Him

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:37 PM
Love him or hate him. Oh no no..bukan pasal cerita gaduh saya ngn buah hati saya. I'm taking about Faizal Tahir. My bf thinks he's poyo. I don't. Definitely. Faizal Tahir rocks my world!

Watched AJL last night i thought he did great!. Was happy that he went home with 3 winnings.Great performance, powerful vocals.Err, didn't really like the gothic look on him but anyhow...he had the x-factor in a singer that i really liked! (I've been following him since 'One in a million and still wondering why he didn't emerge as the champion). Ermm..tetiba lagu 'We are the champions' by Queen terngiang2 di telingaku...~~we are the friends..and we'll keep on fighting till the end~~...ahahaha..Ngada tul.

He performed during the new year eve at The curve this year. Got to hear him singing live!. I just like the vibe in him when he's on stage. Nad and I were singing along to his songs although kami macam lupa2 the lyrics. Tho i was happy singing but deep inside my heart i hope that he would not do anything silly by like taking off his shirt and spoil his chance of performing during the AJL finals. But of course..he didn't do it. Thank god for that!

U can say whatever you want about Faizal Tahir. But i'm his fan big time!. Go listen to his songs.Cuba and Sampai syurga.Hmmmmmmmm~~~

P/s: Fira Tirona's initials sama ngan Faizal Tahir..Nasib baik tak Faizal Tirona.Ahaks!.(Jangan marah!)


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