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Road Trip-Malacca

Posted by Fira Tirona at 2:13 PM

Thanks to faiz, sha and abu for making the trip a memorable one. The trip was almost got cancelled (boohoo..i was sedih tau) but faiz and sha made it happen! (although Sha was bz with her submission and Faiz cancelled his appointment with his Dr).Sayang korang sangat..Ok2 enough of the cerita sedih.

So we left for Melaka, last Thursday around 12pm. All of us were so so excited. Dalam keter pot pet pot pet je keje..Haha...Tau2 sampai jer Melaka..We went to a few places at Bandar Melaka..Ramai org!.. Was there till 5pm and we headed to Umbai for dinner. All of us saved our tummy for that. Haven't been there for ages. The food was yummy!. We ordered ikan pari bakar, steamed siakap, butter prawns and sotong goreng tepong. The sotong goreng was YUMMY till i didn't care about the other dishes! HAhaha...But yeah..all was good and licin semuanya...**giggles**. Oh yeah we had otak2 as the side dish too. Habis jer dinner. We headed back to Bandar Melaka to meet up a friend of faiz, sha and abu. Melaka town at night sangat happening!.. With the fancy beca and all!. I spotted one with fancy decors and lightings and complete with audio system (ok,most of them had,but the one with the Michael Jackson's song was the best!)

Ok, we suppose to head back for home around 9pm but since all was having fun still we decided to spend 2 more hours. Rasa macam tak nak balik!. So ok. we balik at around 11pm. All of us was singing in the car so that Faiz won't get sleepy while driving.

Pendek kata, the trip was fun and the people i went with was such a sport. Love u all.XOXO. Looking forward for more road trips!


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