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Yesterday's run

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:18 AM
Yesterday's weather was kinda hot. I almost changed my mind to not go out and run but I told myself that i should so i decided to go out lambat sikit. Did my warm up first while waiting for the sun to go mellow. I started off with a 5 minutes brisk walk before taking my first stride of running. My first 1.5km went smooth. I was surprise to see myself running with no stop for a quick breath, So i continued running till my Nike+ sportsband indicated that I've ran 5.5km. I was really excited about my performance yesterday as not only i managed to run 5.5km without stopping but I also managed to run up a hill with no stop as well. I managed to run 6.12km and it has been a while since i could run that far without giving up early.

I believe that  my running form has been improved (i think). Been watching a lot of videos regarding running methods (pose method especially) lately. Been practicing on the method too as well. Well, I know that i won't be as great as Kara Goucher or Craig Alexander but I guess that with more consistent training I could pick up some of their traits of running. I've also noticed that since I've been practicing the right way of running, i noticed that my calves are less painful that it was before. Maybe because due to the forefoot running method I've been following and less of the heel strike. It does make a huge difference. My breathing, arms and hip movement has been modified accordingly. Not everyone is the same. I've experimented a lot and i guess i know how to control it already. I hope that they way I'm running right now will be maintained or to be improved from time to time.

I've also experimented on my dietary intake yesterday. I think bananas did wonders for me because bananas are packed with potassium, magnesium and minerals which helps prevent fatigue. This is a wonder a food for me as i often get leg cramps really fast while running. I'm the type who sweats a lot. So that explains why the important minerals are loss that fast. Oh, it is also loaded with vitamins B which is good to release energy. I had some as post-run snack yesterday and it worked. So gonna stock up with bananas from now and include them in my daily diet.

Lets see if today's run will be the same as yesterday's. Hope to go 1-2km further. Wish me luck!

1) Having a GOOD pair of running shoe helps too. Make sure you are wearing a pair the best suit your pretty feet ;)
2) Make sure that eat your normal meals. Bananas can be included as a healthy snack/post work run or workout snack. Try banana smoothies ( chopped bananas+ soy milk/ milk+ a bit of brown sugar or honey) ;)


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