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Posted by Fira Tirona at 4:10 PM
Kata ratu hatiku

"You can't have it all in life and you've got to learn how to accommodate with the people or situation around you sebab kakak ni (refer pada diri saya) have a very strong/hard character"

Oh. Tak perasan plak. Baiklah. Akan ku renung-renungkan kata-kata mu wahai ratu hatiku

Yes, sgt strong sampai my arms are sore sebab pegi hiking kat bukit tabur yesterday. Challenging gak la, terasa macam spidergirl la gak bila kena panjat batu2 *sakit woo tangan* to complete the hike. Macam mana pun, I've managed to conquer Bukit Tabur West!
 Time ni serious happy sebab dapat lepas panjat batu yang sgt susah tu

 Ha, masa  attempt to panjat batu yang sgt challenging for me. The picture above nampak muka dah happy kan sebab dah lepas the attemp. Muka i dah cuak gila time kata my friend Ruby. Haha. Ok, lepas ni kena pegi register-kan diri kat shah alam extreme park buat wall climbing

Team wanita-wanita gagah ;)

 Banyak lagi pics sebenarnya. But the rest have not uploaded them up on Facebook yet. So kena la tunggu. 

Oh, total hiking time is about 3 jam i think. 2 hrs and 15mins up and 45mins down. Nak turun tak sesusah nak naik (of course la kan?) Hahah. Bukit Tabur East shall be in the my next to do list!


Anonymous said...

congrats fira..memang hebat..!

saya tengok batu-batu tu pon dah seram.haha :p

Fira Tirona on February 4, 2011 at 10:45 PM said...

Thanks edan. Can't believe I made it thru. I was a real experience for me. Worth every sweat and the pain I'm experiencing now. More adventurs to go insya-allah. You should join me one day too. U seemed to be very active in sports I see. Keep the spirit and motivation running high ok. Don't let others dampen it ok? It's your passion you are living with :)

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