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Posted by Fira Tirona at 2:34 PM
Ok, a friend of mine BBM-ed me yesterday and told me that the visit to PERNIM was canceled due to certain circumstances and he asked me if i would like to join a 7.5km run organized by PTPL KL SENTRAL. So i said yes I've not kick start the year with any running events. It was a last minute invitation and I knew that I'm not so well prepared for this as the last time i trained was on Wednesday and no running since then. But i told myself to just give it a shot.

Seven of my SUPERJUNIORS from MSU also registered themselves for this run. All pun hebat ni. Basically all of them were in the TOP 10. Hebat tak?. D1, kalau you masuk event ni confirm la dapat 1st ;). So yea, my run started pretty fine but sayang la i didn't start running way front. Haih, lesson learnt!. Next time kena stand depan-depan. Oh lupa pulak nak cakap, route running adalah from *dewan DBKL mana entah* kat Little India (Brickfields)- Taman Seputeh and back to the starting point.

Anyway, first 4.5km was fine although kena run hill route. Started feeling dehydrated reaching 5.5km. Weather was already hot and the sun was "smiling" brightly already at that time. Kept running till i reached the 2nd last check point. I was thrilled. I know that 2nd place would be mine. But unfortunately. i got lost along the way, i ran the wrong route. I was frustrated at the point. I realized that i ran 1km more then i was supposed to.  *mungkin terlalu terpesona dengan keadaan kat Little India yang meriah tu kot sampai sesat route. haha * Eventually, i managed to get 4th place due to the confusion. I was really upset.

Anyhow, i took it at the positive side. Takde rezeki dapat 2nd prize money tu and my running mileage was increased by 1km more this week. Haha. *nak sedapkan hati*. But overall, i was happy with my running performance today. Alhamdulillah. Reebok Threadmill Challenge up next!

The RUNNERS and the PRINCESS. ;)


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