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Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:25 PM

Fuhh!. What a weekend! My weekends had never been this hectic  before but it was all worth it by end of the day. 


I teamed up with my sahabat 8 tahun, Zalekha Yazid to participate in this event. Since I’ve never tried out this type of event so i guess why not just give it a shot. 200 hundred teams were involved in this event.  Even members from the Chap Ayam Community were also there to enjoy the fun. The Explorace kicked-start at the KL Tower.  15 check-points and only 5 hours to finish the race.  We were required to complete the task given at every check points and each task done were given points and a PASS chop to indicate that we’ve successfully completed it and the next clue will be given out.  Check-points were from KL Tower- TM Muzium- Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad (here we were required to the lion dance, kelakar sangat)-Bangunan Dayabumi (complete the puzzle task, this one so kacang haha)- Dataran Merdeka (task failed as we were required to balance up a kayu bendera on our forehead)- Bangunan DBKL (pop quiz)- Jalan Masjid India ( this task susah gila ok, kena ikat bunga melur kat tali. Serious stress. Nasib baik uncle florist tu bagi 8 markah. Hehe)- Wisma Yakin (had to dress up in Baju Melayu complete with sampan and songkok ok!)-Heritage Row (ni senang jer, angkat kacang tanah guna chopstick)-MATTIC (pop quiz and buat tarian ngajat) and FINALLY back to KL Tower for the bonus round which was to do the Abseiling. Nevertheless, our team managed to finish the race before the qualifying time. Tapi macam tak puas hati gak la as i think ramai yang main tipu kot. Haha. Biasa la kan bila dah banyak team yang berkeliaran kat KL tu macam anak2 ayam. Dah ler pakai baju oren kan? Hahah. Pastu dah la start lambat and the weather was REALLY HOT! Anyway, the winning price was RM1000 cash, IPAD and hamper kalau tak silap i. Congrats to Shahrul and Mahirah for getting 7th place. Hebat betul team ni!. Diorang dapat hamper and RM200 cash. Duit diorang menang tu diorang belanja we all (ruby, sab, kak lily, kak ida, aini, Miss E, Wan and team mate (tak ingat nama) and Fairul makan kat Ampang Yong Tau Foo.  Thanks korang! . Semoga murah rezeki. AMIN.
Hm, lepas ni nak try masuk AMAZING RACE ASIA plak la. HAHAHA ;)


Supertired with the explorace event but i had to drag my body out of bed this morning to get ready for the next challenge.  2 hari berturut-turut kot bangun super awal. Mana la taknya kan. Siap2 je, nk start kereta my dad Tanya “ha nk pegi mana plak lagi tu”. “Oh ada treadmill challenge kat OU pa”. Jawabnya “ok, take care”. Ha, tak banyak citer. Sgt supportive papaku. Haha. So sampai sana pun awal although my slot was at 9am. Pegi awal sikit pun sebab nak tengok participant sorang ni. I heard he was really good. DAMN ! he was. He was running at the constant pace of 14.8km/hour for the 1st 45minutes pastu dia paced-up till the end. A friend of mine was already in the lead but unfortunately he lost the challenge to this guy. Didn’t get his name though. Tapi dia memang FIT tahap max. I spoke to his dad and his dad told me this was his 1st time competing on a treadmill. Kalau dah on treadmill laju, kalau on road? Memang macam road-runner la kan? Ala..speedy Gonzalez tu. Hahah
OK. I started 9am sharp. Oh, lupa plak nak cakap, challengers had to wear the zigtech shoes provided by Reebok. I tk berapa suka la. Kinda berat plus the its more suitable for runner with normal to high arched feet. I have flat foot. Flat macam kaki itik. So tak sesuai. Tapi nak tak nak, kena la also follow their rule. Started the run with a 7.0km/hour pace. Pastu naik gradually. Rasa penat. Slowkan sikit. Tak sampai 5 minutes dan berpeluh macam ntah pape. Panas kot. Management OU tak pasang aircond. Memang mental kena kuat. Yela, lari at one place kot. Memang bosan. Dalam my mind dok fikir pasal benda2 and makanan2 best je. Hahaha. 10 minutes left i increased my pace to 8.8km/hour then the final 3 minutes I increased it till 9.8/km hour. That was the maximum speed i went. It was my FIRST time running on a treadmill ½ hour straight. I think I did pretty well.  Oh Zal Yazid was also in this challenge. She did well herself. Congrats bibik!

Pretty tired right now. But the runs/trainings doesn’t stop here. I’m on the runner’s HIGH right now. Haha.Looking forward for next Sunday’s Adination Breakfast run.  But I guess I'll take a day off from running tomorrow. Jangan marah ok D1! hehe ;)

Will upload pics later. Lembab plak internet connection malam ni


Anastasia Krupnik on March 2, 2011 at 6:13 PM said...

i'm bored. at the office. and i googled Zal Yazid. lol. kidding. i'm stalking you. bye

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