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UPM- Alamanda- Shah Alam

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:18 PM

Went to Uni today. Had a 1 hour meeting/ discussion with the supervisor. It went well. I was kinda relieved when he said " Your chapter 4 is well written just that you've got to add on some more important info". Ha biasa la tu kan. No such thing as kurang kan info malah kena LEBIH kan ada la. But takpela, dengar jela pada yang pakar. Rasa motivated again to finish up my thesis. Hopefully the motivation stays till the day i officially submit my thesis. Insya-Allah. Amin


Happy birthday Mysara!. I wish you all the best in whatever you do. I and the other "trolls" (that's what we called ourselves) had KFC for lunch. Though it was just a short lunch. But I was just happy to be around them. Love you my TROLLS ;). To Suri if you are reading this, wished you were here to celebrate My's 26th birthday. Balik KL cepat please? Rindu sangat 


Left Uni for Shah Alam at 4.30pm for the Adination program. Drove all the way from Uni to Section 7 Shah Alam for training. Sanggup betul kan?. Even some was also surprised that i drove the distance just for it . It's a once a week training with the best, so i guess tak rugi la kalau join. Besides, since I still have the time to be doing all this. Why not kan?. Nanti when dah start keje nanti, it will be kinda difficult plak kan? Unless i get a job nearby Shah Alam. Heheh. Lots to learn. Lots to observe. More practice to be done as well.

Today went fine. No complaints. Till next post!

To D1, since you are going for a short vacation, have fun! You deserve a break. Jgn lupa ole2 for me kay? ;) . Oh, kasut running jangan lupa bawak! Lain padang lain feeling dia berlari. Hehe.


Surie on February 16, 2011 at 11:36 PM said...

patut pn trgerak nk baca ur blog..rupanye ade org miss me..hehe~
miss u too dear!Oh, I missed the moment =( wish to be there wif trolls

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