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My first Half Marathon Attempt

Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:44 PM
I'm very nervous about this. My very 1st 1/2 marathon

Energizer Night Run

I'm not following my training schedules well. (Waking up late in the morning/ Weather issues/ Stopped going to the gym)

The race is in April and I'm freaking out already. See how paranoid i can be?. I just hope that I'll be in a good physical (no sprained ankles or watsoever) and mental (i hope i don't back out the very last minute) state. I guess i should just run happily and not think too much about anyone else. So yea, have to indoctrinate my mind to just have fun and be happy while running for my first half :) and most importantly NOT to compare myself with others while running as everyone is different and so am I ;)



Anonymous said...

so wat yr target? finisher or ade specific target timing?

i know u can do it. training consistently. jauh lagi bulan 4..if u training n try to achieve yr target, sure u will cry at finishing line. GUd Luck!

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