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Posted by Fira Tirona at 10:11 AM
Happy new year all. How was your new year celebration?. Mine was a quiet one. What i did today was just lepak at home, layan dvd, dengar lagu in my ipod, re-arrange songs into my ipod sebab it went "bengong" kejap as it wouldn't sync with my Itunes. Sabar je la. I had to reset it all over again making some of my fav song to hear for running hilang. Now dah ok . Nasib la pandai godek ipod ni. I'm not that IT/ gadget savvy tho.

Me and the boys (my bro and my cuzin) were glued to our chairs practically the whole day. Sorang main game, sorang layan OC. I plak konon nk baca journal. Tapi baca half way je dah malas. Gila demotivated. Nak lari petang sini pukul 4 dah gelap. Orang pun dah takde. Takut pun ada nk kluar running. Kalau ada kawan tkpe. How i miss running back home. Sabar2..few more days nak balik dah. But tomorrow noon i'll be going a park like 45minutes away from home. Last kopek la to run in the cold. Well, the weather is kinda ok now. It's like between 5-6 degrees.

Sighh, feeling rather melancholy now.. Its almost 2.30am and i'm still not asleep. It's so unlike me. There are still things bothering me. I just hope that i'll be tough enough to go through what ever obstacles ahead of me this new year. I wanna be more optimistic, i wanna be back on top of the wheel again. I miss that good feeling. I wanna it back. I wanna it back real bad.

I better get to bed. Gotto get recharged. Dear 2011, please be kind and dear to me. I hope that my journey for this year will be blessed by the Al-Mighty. Insya-Allah. Amin


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