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Bukan pelari tegar

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:36 AM
I've got to stop running sesuka hati. I felt uncomfortable running this morning. No more fast starts. Well, memang la best run laju2. No more forefoot running as my calves akan rasa sakit after that. From now on, bila pegi easy run, kena rileks je. Oh ya, I've got to stop looking at my Nike+ every 5 minutes while running. Pendek kata, next run kena run rilex2 je. Maklum la, saya ni bukannya la pelari tegar. Oleh itu, from now on, I've got to stop running sesuka hati. I've got to set my pace right and stick to it. Kalau rasa boleh laju then I'll try to push. Got to change every single aspect of the way i run now and yes, I've got to gain my core strength back again.

Current mood: FRUSTRATED

p/s: teringin nak makan vanilla cupcake with butterfrost icing oreo on top yang best. mana la nak dapat?. can someone pls surprise me with this? haha  :p


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