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Sometimes goodbyes are good

Posted by Fira Tirona at 9:18 AM
Hello again. I decided yesterday to blog again. I've also decided yesterday to deactivate my Facebook account temporarily. So this morning i clicked onto the 'deactivate' tab and tada! it's deactivated. I'll let it sleep and rest for awhile. LOL :p

Why deactivate? I dunno. I just had that urge to do so. Just to see how my life will be without it. So far still boleh bernafas kot? haha. (ceh ceh, berlagak je. padahal baru je 1/2 jam deactivate invention Mark Zuckerberg tu). But i do have some reasons for it tho. Let me share my 2 cents with you.


Haha, i spend A LOT OF MY TIME mengadap FB ni. That's the first thing that i will do when i start my laptop. Pagi2 je dah sibuk nak tengok status update orang., tengok photo updates., commenting on photos and commenting on others' status updates. Haha. Teruk betul. Not only that, it disrupts my time on doing something else like my THESIS for instance, house chores and more. I think its best that my time is filled with other beneficial activities like blogging for instance. At least blogging tak la take so much of my time sampai berjam2 unless i'm like a celebrity blogger or something. So there you go, TIME IS PRECIOUS

p/s: orang2 berkerja pun suka ber-fb dan lantas membuatkan productivity menurun. I penah nampak la officer kat *tempat dirahsiakan* rancak gila ngadap fb, muka serious gila sampai student kat dpn counter pun dia buat derk je!. Geram betul. Campak pc tu baru tau. Haha :p


Ok, this might be a sensitive issue. Misinterpretation of every single thing can happen in facebook from status updates, tagged post, tagged photos, photo comments and more la. Some may just update anything that's on their mind and tetiba je banyak je comments yang membina/ stupid/ takde kene mengena akan menyusul after that. Ada gak status update yang i rasa poyo/ mengada or "perlu ke ko update status macam tu?" but normally status updates macam tu i akan just buat tak baca je. Haha. Selalunya i will think before i comment coz i rasa certain comments boleh buat certain people terasa when you thing that what you commented to cam takde ape2. Byk kali la i tgk status updated being misinterpreted. Sampai gado2 kat facebook. Tak baik la kan. Nak comment tu biar la berpada2. Kata2 tu biar la disusun dengan baik. Kalau nak komen yang stok pedas/tangkap dalam punya ada caranya.

Ok, dalam fb chat pun misinterpretation can happen. How? contohnya when smiley icons are used. Contohnya la kan: Cik A: kau ok ke wei ngn aku punya suggestion. pastu Cik B reply: ok je kot :). Cik A mungkin interpret that Cik B ok sebab dia kasi smiley icon tu. But note the word KOT before the icon. Haha. Fikir2kan la sendiri. Cara terbaik, telefon je la. Baru u tau kawan you tu ok ker tak. Same applies to you as well.


Well, it is cool to be connecting with your friends on fb. You get to keep in touch with those you dan berzaman tak jumpa, which i think its a good thing. You get to see their again..updates/photos or whatever. But i'm pretty sure that you will just keep on connecting with them and saying things like "eh, kena jumpa doh...dah berzaman dinasour tak jumpa ni". Cakap je kan. It happened to me to and sampai sekarang ni i tak jumpa lagi my friend yang i berzaman dinasour tak jumpa tu. Dah la she still remembers my full name. Haha. Comel betul. I think i should buzz her for real this time. I better do that next week. *promise pada diri sendiri*.
Oh another way of "socializing" yourself with friends is to also 'poke' them. You know, that application that has the jari telunjuk icon. My rendition of "poke' on fb is that macam in real life, you tengah jalan pegi somewhere, pastu ada orang cuit you kat bahu, u pandang pastu u akan angkat tangan or angkat kening tanda you acknowldege kawan you. hahah. Menda la kan. Baik cuit kawan2 you in real life, at least dapat gak diorang tengok muka you, expression you macam mana kan? terkejut ke, marah ke, gelak2 ke? Lagi seronok kot?. So there you go. GO OUT AND SOCIALIZE WITH FRIENDS/NEW FRIENDS. I think it's better to see them in person and have that real conversation and at the same time get the tighten the bonds you all have. Priceless i believe. Oh, kepada yang nak cari pasangan hidup tu. Tak perlu sgt la cari kat fb tu sebab bukan semua dalam fb tu indah. Why not go out with other circle of friends or be introduced to other circle of friend by your current close friends. Mana la tau terjumpa yang berkenan di hati. Tgk face to face to dulu la baru thrill. Then pastu, baru add dia kat fb. Kalau dia interested kat you, he/she will accept your friend request. Kalau tak, tunggu la sampai diorang approve korang.

Overall, i feel that we are too dependent on fb. Well i'm not saying that the site is bad. Well it is a good medium of connecting with people. Even people run their business on fb and even wedding invitations are done just through facebook. Memang practical, fast and efficient. But i believe that certain things are better left the old-fashioned way, old-schooled. If you need to connect with someone, call them/meet up or whatever!. I think i'm gonna do that now. So goodbye facebook (err temporarily, haha), hello again to the real world! ;)


kaki LARI on January 15, 2011 at 3:08 PM said...

tapi kalau bangun2 pagi bukak bog mcm mane? :p

wow, ini betol2 azam baru. hmm..

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