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last hours in Liverpool

Posted by Fira Tirona at 3:51 AM
phew...baru je lepas packing barang. penat kot today. the whole day berjalan. maklum la last day berholiday kat Liverpool. Went to the city center again for the last time to get my mom's handbag idaman. Memang rezeki my mom that the bag jual kat sini. Kesian dia mencari the whole KL tapi tk jumpa. I'm sure she will be delighted to see it nanti. Then pegi Tesco beli barang dapur for my brother. Nasib la dah masak earlier. So tak la kelam kabut sangat. Oh, we had spaghetti carbonara today. Budak2 ni makan pun tambah je. No complaints. Sedap la tu. Kalau tak sedap pun makan je la kan sebab sejuk and lapar.

Got home and kept the things dulu. Then we headed to Sefton Park like 1/2 hour walk from our place. Cantek sangat tempat tu. Breathtaking sangat. Sempat gak la i pegi run 3km kat sana. Wanted to run more tapi cam takut sebab banyak dogs kat park tu. Kat sini, dog owners je leave them running around, unleashed. I ni takut anjing, penah experience kena kejar. So cam trauma sket. Dogs here are BIG ok?. Altho they are harmless and tak kacau, but still cam takut. Heheh. And there was one dog that came up to us pastu suruh baling the stick yang dia bawak tu. Comel please. Tapi takkan la nak main throw and fetch kan? Kang satu keje plak nk kena samak semua balik. So the owner came up to and apologize sebab she was afraid that her dog macam made us terkejut. Sangat polite that lady. And yes, people here are polite ok. Even u nak cross the road pun, they will stop dulu and make u cross 1st. Tak macam kat Malaysia, lagi nampak kita nak cross jalan, LAGILA diroang accelerate. Sungguh tak civic minded langsung. OK back to the park story. I just love it there. I bet nanti masa spring and summer lagi LAWA. Haihh, i wish i could come back here again kalau ada rezeki amin.

Overall, I'm happy with my stay here. I feel more calmed and relaxed since i got here. Free from the dramas, hustles and bustles back home. I'm ready to go home now to face whatever that awaits me, be it good or bad. I've got to face every challenge with a positive mind and be strong and tough at the same time. But on the other hand, i wish to come here again. I love it here. I've learned to be more independent during my stay here cuma downside dia is that i malas buat thesis. LOL. Ish, tak boleh jadi ni. Balik ni kena pulun BAIK punya (sebab lepas ni nk pegi Phuket plak. Ni pegi sebab menang contest in SHAPE magazine). So yea, i berdoa' to come with with clear mind, heart and soul.

Gonna miss my adik tho. I know he's kinda sad that i'll be leaving tomorrow. Gotta get some sleep now. More post about my 21 days experience here soon. Till then, have a great year ahead everyone. :)

p/s: Pencinta kasut made someone upset today. She is so at fault and feeling terribly bad about it till now. She is so very sorry :(. You know who you are.


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