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Yang terjadi hari ini

Posted by Fira Tirona at 11:04 PM
My alarm clock woke me up today. As usual i snoozed  it back again. My 5 minutes snooz turned out to be a 20 minute one . Damn i was late. Quickly showered and had 1/2 cup of soy milk and a piece of wholemeal bread smothered with a little of my fav soft cheese. Headed to UPM. Road was jammed. Macam biasala jalan kat KL ni. Jam sana sini. Makan roti ngan jam pun lagi seronok. Haha. Sampai on time anyway.

My meeting with the supervisor started at 11am. I was scheduled to see him at 10am. Maka 1 jam i tunggu yang berhormat tu. Maklumlah supervisor i adalah juga timbalan dekan fakulti. Meeting went fine. Terasa hati macam happy sket as supervisor macam tak banyak kerenah sangat. Terasa seperti kurang beban di bahu. Haha. Meeting lasted for like an hour. Had my lunch with my dear coursemate. Kami sama2 tengah pulun untuk siapkan thesis. Tapi minah ni lagi hardcore sebab kekadang lepak buat keje kat faculty till 12-1am. Takpe, demi masa depan yang cerah. AMIN

Tapi yang paling sengal harini adalah when i found out that i forgot to bring along my running pants. I THOUGHT that i've put it in my bag pack. I was upset definitely. Dah la drive jauh semata2 nak pegi running kat sana *tempat dirahsiakan* hahaha. Weather was great and I even had a great running partner to go for a 6Km run today. Tapi tu la dia, takkan nak lari in my jeans kan? Tak sesuai. Tapi went walking  also la since dah datang . 1 round around the lake. Lepas tu I called up Ruby (another running partner) and asked her if she could lepak with me. Yeay! Dapat gak lepak with her today. Girl-talked and gossiped over coffee. Babe, if you are reading this, thanks for your time today ;).

Today went just fine walaupun tak dapat pegi running. Some how or rather, things do happened for a reason. :)


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